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Shit like this happens all the time where I come from. Probably not the incest part, but certainly kids as young, maybe younger than 12 are having sex. Some even get pregnant.

I frown upon youth today. I really do.

Chapter 2

Two weeks ago it happened. Two weeks ago Ben had lost his virginity, and two days after that; his & Gwen's birthdays arrived. Of course they had sex then. Gwen was his girlfriend after all. What kind of couple would they be if they didn't have sex on their birthdays? A bad couple? Most probably.

All Ben could think about though was those two weeks ago. That night their lives changed in a steaming, frenzied act of passion and love. But since then, they had only had sex one other time; their shared birthday. In almost two weeks they hadn't had sex. And now the lust was reaching unbearable levels. Ben's hard-on's were constant and Gwen had resorted to placing a layer of tissues over her vagina in order to soak up her wetness. Ben let his head hit the pillow, and himself drift into sleep. Tonight he would dream; dream about their birthday sex.

Max was surprised to say the least, when they decided to share their birthday. He hadn't expected that. Not in the least. But none-the-less it was a pleasant change from watching them fight. Sure it was a little unnerving when they sat by each other constantly, but he just assumed that they had finally gotten past the fighting. 'Bout time, he thought.

"I'm going across the road to get the rest of your surprise," he said, ", so no fighting while I'm gone."

"Grandpa, we're past all that" Gwen said.

Max chuckled, "Well I won't be long. Only about ten minutes".

"That's fine" Ben said.

He left to tend to the surprise, leaving them alone. They liked that he had just left. Their gaze was locked as they both knew what was happening; what they wanted. Ben was sitting in the driver's seat, breaking her gaze to look at her legs. She wasn't wearing pants today, she was wearing a short skirt that came to mid thigh and, in his thoughts, she probably didn't have panties on. Now his erection hurt.

She crossed her legs, showing no small bit of leg. He didn't think that he could get any harder. "Well, Ben?". "What?". "Are we gonna do it or not?" "I thought you'd never ask".

Five seconds passed. "Well?" she asked again. "Oh, right" he stammered as he leapt up and sprinted for the bathroom. She followed, seconds after.

When Gwen entered the small bathroom, Ben was already sitting on the toilet, completely naked from the waist down; his erect cock standing to attention proudly. "Are you wearing panties, Gwen?"


"I asked if you were wearing any panties, Gwen" he said. "Oh, actually I am" her words stung him. Well bang goes that dream, he thought. "But I can soon remedy that" she added, as she slid them off. Ben could see that the panties were sopping wet. He was surprised when, after she stepped out of them, she picked them up and shoved them in his right pocket. That's hot. "Happy birthday" her sultry words breathed into his ear.

He noticed that a little piece of her panties was still sticking out of his pocket. He also noticed that Grandpa Max had been gone for three minutes. Yes they had a clock in the bathroom. So they needed to have sex now. Gwen, of course, was way ahead of him. She backed up, until her backside was rubbing against his chest, not that he minded, and grabbed his erection. She took her time; slowly rubbing it over her cunt-lips, before she sat down on it, gasping in ecstasy as he entered her.

Her cunt contracted around his meat. She was so slick, so tight, and so hot in every sense of the word. He grunted in pleasure as she contracted again, and again, and again. Finally, she rose up, leaving only the tip inside of her, then slammed herself down HARD. They both yelped in pleasure. "Oh, Jesus, Gwen". After she contracted again, she began to bounce up-and-down on him. Ben simply enjoyed her thrusts. She was taking control this time.

Ben however didn't want her to be the only active participant. He wanted a role in their release as well. One idea appealed to him; with Gwen bouncing on his cock like a jackhammer, her clit was free; free for him to play with. She groaned as she felt his ministrations on her. It made her contract again. He knew he would cum soon. Only one thing left to do. He pulled his hand from her pussy, and pulled her top off. She wasn't wearing a bra, good girl. His hands flew to her tits and tightly clasped them.

Gwen came first, covering him, not just his dick, in her juices. Ben came second, blowing his top, spraying her insides with his seed.

They separated after he had finished cumming in her, and kissed; passionately, tongues-and-all.

"That was fucking amazing" he breathed. Gwen agreed, "I know. But we'd better tidy ourselves up". She sat down on his lap for a second to catch her breath. When she did, his limp dick wedged itself in her crack.

"That feels nice, Gwen"

"I know it does. But grandpa's gonna be back any second. So we really need to tidy ourselves up".


They were wrong. It took a further three minutes for Max to arrive with their surprise; a large chocolate cake. Max knew them all too well. Kids, well teenagers now, loved chocolate. The cake was followed by soda and ice-cream. All three treats were eagerly devoured. Presents followed next. Standard gifts really.

8:30pm now; and Ben had woken up from his sleep, from his dream about the last time that he and Gwen had fucked; his hard-on standing to attention as he sat up. Lucky, Max had gone for supper, 'cause Ben couldn't afford to be caught likes this. He didn't want Max to ask questions. Gwen was here. He could ask her for a blowjob, or perhaps more sex.

Would she even want more sex? Was it just a quickie affair? Two short fucks? Did they actually love each other, or was it just hormones? Ben's mind teamed with questions aplenty. He wanted their answers. But how could he get them?

"Ben? You still awake?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I'm waiting for you"


He heard her giggle. It sent blood straight to his cock. "I'm naked Ben. Are you gonna join me or not?"

She was naked. Gwen was naked. She still wanted it; and he certainly wasn't going to pass that chance up. He still wanted it, too. Lucky the blinds were closed. "Well?" she asked. Ben was silent as he got off of his bed and silent as he faced hers. She was on her side with the blanket pulled back revealing her body to him; her perfect bodacious body. Silently he stripped and silently he joined her in her bed. She swung the blanket over him; entrapping him. Her prey.

He could feel her warmth. So hot. He could feel her soft skin. So soft. He could feel her curves. So smooth. He could feel her wetness against his leg. So-o-o-o-o-o-o wet.

Gwen pulled him into a deep kiss, eagerly accepting the tongue that he inserted into her mouth. It had been a while. They had so much to give, and so much to receive. His cock brushed against her leg; brushing her with pre-cum.

She gasped. "It's been t-too long-g"

"Ah, f-fuck," he spat; close to cumming ", Gwen, it has been too long. We need to fuck now. Or else I'm gonna cum". Gwen knew he was about to cum, but this time she wanted to try something new. She wanted to try something that she knew he would love.

She threw the blanket off of them both. "W-what…Gwen, what are you?" he started. "You'll see, Ben. You will see" she said as she got off of the bed. He reveled in her naked glory.

"Sit up" she commanded. He followed. "No. Sit on the edge doofus". He followed. Good boy, she thought.

Ben stared at her as she dropped to her knees. It hit him; what she wanted to do. Now he was excited. His very first blowjob. She hobbled over to him and took his meat, greedily, into her mouth. Shit, oh god, OH fuck, his mind incoherently babbled over and over again.

She brushed her tongue forcefully against the underside of his dick. To Ben it felt like a wet snake. Then it happened; then she sucked. Oh, F… Oh, J… Oh, M, he couldn't even think straight now, this is so cool. Gwen rose up… and then slammed down on him, taking his entire length in her mouth. "Oh…Oh, Gwen, th…th-that's so good. I love it". Even with her mouth full of cock, she could still smile.

In the midst of the pleasure, she rose up to lick the tip. Lick it like an ice-pop. Another moan exited Ben's mouth as she vigorously licked it. But licking can only satisfy for so long. She dove down again. Nothing could compare to the ecstatic pleasure he was feeling. NOTHING! Well, maybe their first time together. Yes, that was the best thing he had ever felt: their first fuck. "Gwen, you are so fucking good"

While she was sucking him, she had been frigging herself.

Ben gave it 10 seconds, 20 max, before he came. "I-I'm gonna cum". She wanted him to. She wanted to drink it. She wanted to feel it running down her throat, so she replied; albeit with a mouth full of cock, "mph…Go afead baby, I wonk you koo. I wonk koo grink ik. Fo cum". To emphasize her point, she lightly bit his dick, causing him to lose control and cum wildly into her mouth. Gwen sucked and sucked as it came out, sucking up the multiple bursts, drinking it like milkshake. Seeing her drink it only made him cum more.

"Oh, Gwen. Oh, god. I love you, Gwen"

After finishing her drink she stood up and looked at him; poor thing, he's collapsed. Sweat covered them both. Ben was speechless; looking at her with glazed over eyes. Well, grandpa could be back any second, she thought, but what the hell. She straddled him and kissed him. It was then that Ben knew for that she hadn't swallowed all the jizz. Then that his cum-remnants trickled down her tongue and onto his. He didn't hate his taste. Of course she played with his now limp dick while she kissed him.

They separated.

"Let's get dressed" Ben croaked. Dry throat; nice. "Way ahead of ya, limp-noodle". Oh, she's gonna pay for that.

Like last time it took three minutes for Max to arrive; something in Ben told that it wasn't a coincidence, that Max didn't take three extra minutes both times by accident, but Ben dismissed it as paranoia.

Unlike last-time though, in their hurry getting dressed, they "accidently" put each other's underpants on. They realized instantly, but decided to leave it be. They would change them back at the next opportunity. Whenever that was.

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