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Chapter 7

Today was the day. The day his parents came back; Gwen's were coming back too of course, that went without saying. Today was Sunday. They were due back at 5:30pm, that gave them both another chance to fuck. That was, if she wanted to. Ben loved her dearly and was just as concerned for her as she was for him, when they found out about their shared nightmares. Or were they nightmares?

In the "nightmares" a woman approached them. Her name was Kalva, and she was related to an old foe of theirs: Charmcaster. Kalva was a witch just like her younger sister was. But in the "nightmares" Kalva was so much more powerful, and far more vicious. And she wanted them for true-purposes they could only guess.

Hate filled his heart. Hate for his own arrogance and stupidity. He had been warned about Kalva, and he hadn't listened. So somehow, without any hope, he knew that it may already be too late to save him and his love. Kalva's words haunted him still, she said that "Silence Will Fall" whatever that meant. Thinking about it made him wince. But he also remembered something else from his dreams; Kalva hinted that Gwen was pregnant, pregnant with his child. Even though Gwen was his cousin, she, as Kalva said, could be pregnant. Ben could be about to become a father. But could he discuss it with her? Could he discuss the possibility of parenthood at only 17 years?

"You were thinking about the dreams again; weren't you?" Gwen asked. "Yeah. Kinda" he faked. "What aren't you telling me, Ben?" "I don't know what you mean" he faked again. "Bullshit, Ben. I know there's something else up. So tell me what it is. Now!" she demanded.

He sighed. There was no way out of it. She had that way with him. She knew when he was lying. "Kalva said something, Gwen. But since it was a dream, well nightmare, I don't even know if she was right" "Well, what did she say?" "She said that you were pregnant; pregnant with my child". Was she hearing him? Did she just hear him say that he thought she might be pregnant? "Ben. I might be. I mean we both used protection. Various methods of it. But with the Omnitrix accelerating you're healing among other things, the fact is, you might not even be human anymore. Hell with the way I use magic, I might not be. I'm starting to doubt if we're even related anymore"

It hit him then that she might be right. But what if…? "I'm gonna check, Ben. Just in case I am" "What if you are?" "Well we did talk about it. Even if you're against it, I wanna keep it. I always wanted to be a mom one day" "Gwen, I always wanted to be a dad one day. I would be honored if you'd have my kid" "I love you". They kissed long and sweet, their mouths exploring and tasting as they had done so often before. "I'm gonna get a test. You wait here"

"Wait a minute; you've actually got some?"

"Of course, I have. I wasn't so stupid to engage in sex with you without considering the consequences"


She tried five different ones. Never telling him the results; only trying another. How she could piss enough for five, let alone six tests was nothing short of amazing to him. The door opened. Now he would have his answer. Was he gonna be a dad, or what? "Well?" he asked. "I'm pregnant, Ben. You're gonna be a father"

Despite the fact that he should've been jumping for joy, his heart sank into his stomach and burned cold. He felt faint. "I-I-I'm gonna be a daddy?" he trembled. "Yeah, Ben; you're gonna be a father"

What now, he thought, what am I gonna do?

"What now?" he asked. "I don't know, Ben. I honestly don't know. Do we tell our parents?"

Ben was stunned. Could they actually tell their parents? Would their parents freak if told? "We tell 'em. It's the only thing we can do. I mean they're gonna find out you're pregnant eventually. Nobody'll be able to miss "that" when it comes up"

He was right. It was the only thing they could do. If they found out at a later date about "them" they would be all hell to pay; there was no doubt about that. But how could they tell them? "We'll tell them tonight, Ben. We'll sit them down and just tell them straight out that I'm having your kid". She had a way of making things sound more threatening than they actually were; one more thing on the list of her many talents.


They sat down and turned the TV on. Nothing good on; there's never anything good on. But their minds weren't focused on the TV. They were gonna be frigging parents; that was more than distracting.

On came channel 8. "In other news today, Doctor Jasmine Watson, renowned criminal psychiatrist and sister of super hero "Danny Phantom" has given birth to her first child today…" Gwen changed the channel; people having children were the last thing that they needed to hear, even if it was Danny Phantom's sister. Silently she wondered if they would ever see Danny again. The time-travel aspect was a lot more plausible now.

"That's all it ever seems to be; celebrity babies. It makes me sick" she chanted. "I know. What makes them think that we even wanna hear about it?" he replied. "I know. Sick bastards". Idle conversation couldn't mask the fear they both felt; nothing could. "So-o-o-o-o, what do we do till they get here?" he asked. She didn't understand the meaning behind his question. She knew what he meant, but she didn't know why he was even asking it. What could they do? They were royally fucked.

Due to their own stupidity they were about to become parents; at the age of seventeen; and as cousins. In spite of all that, Ben was just bored. He wanted to "pop the question" to her, that was definitely on the top of his list. But he didn't even have a ring. There's that fake gold one, I got from that carnival last year. But she wouldn't accept that would she? Would she? But time was running out. He'd have a better chance of doing it now, than doing it later; a much better chance. Screw it! I'm gonna ask. "Wait here" he said, and darted up to his room.

He came down a minute later, both hands in pockets. "What is it?" she asked. "Nothing, Gwen".


Five minutes passed before she bothered to ask. "Why did you go upstairs?" "Just needed to take a piss" "Really?" "You got a problem with that?" "Yeah. When people go for a piss, they don't usually come downstairs looking like they've stolen something. What did you do upstairs?" Her question was answered by a kiss. "But what about…?" another kiss.

She pushed him down onto the couch and straddled him; beginning to kiss him ravenously as she did so. What did she have to lose? His hands grabbed her ass. One of them slid up her skirt and gave her ass a nice squeeze. Her butt felt good.

Gwen then slid her hands over his chest and gripped his shirt. His free hand in response, pressed against her stomach and slid upwards. He pulled her hands away from his chest. "Don't move for a sec" he said. "Why?"

Something landed in her palm; she got up to look at it. A ring. It was a plastic ring, but a ring none-the-less. She looked at him in shock. "Will you…," he asked ", will you marry me?"

"Be-Be-Be-Ben, Wh-wh-wh-what?"

"I mean it, Gwen. Will you marry me? I know we've only ju…" she kissed him quickly and then shoved the ring on her finger. "I'll get you a real one later. So…is that a yes?"

"Of course it is, Ben. Of course I'll marry you" They kissed again.

In the space of a few hours they had found out that they were going to have a child and gotten engaged. Nothing could ruin it for them now; nothing except a deadly witch who was after them. That could ruin it, if she kept her promise.


8:30. and still no sign of the adults. They could be suffering from traffic problems. But traffic problems couldn't take this many hours could they? "Where the hell are they?" he bemoaned. "I haven't got a clue, Ben. So stop asking"

He knew she was right. He had to stop asking; this was the third time in half an hour. The adults being late were the least of his worries however. What the hell would they do to him when they found out that he'd got his cousin pregnant? They were still late though.

"I'm gonna call them" he announced.

"Yeah, Ben," she said ", you do that. I'm gonna get something to eat"


He dialed them up, but to no avail. He tried again; no answer. Again, again, again, again, and again; but still no answer; Where the hell where they? "I gather you haven't reached them" Gwen chuckled. "What do you think?" "Well, first things first, I don't appreciate you tone. Secondly, I can see on your face that you haven't reached them; and you probably won't. So come and get some spaghetti". She'd made him spaghetti; Gwen had made him supper.


Gwen wasn't the best cook in the world; but her food was certainly a change from the couscous his mother usually made.

He turned the TV on again. "Mrs. Watson has been avoiding our reporters and camera-men. In other news tonight, the super-hero Spider-Man has announced his intentions to leave the "Avengers", his reasons are still unknown; fellow teammate Kim Possible had this to say "Spider-Man has his reasons, and I agree with them. It's his decision to leave the team". And that's all for this evening, I'm Mark Coleman, and you've been watching the evening report".

"That's all it is these days, Gwen; friggin' super-heroes" "Well, Ben, you're a superhero as well, you know" "I know; But I'm not one of those "in your face" ones" "Yeah right. Says you" "What's that mean?" "Have you seen yourself in hero-mode?" "So you're just gonna stand there and be snide; is that it?" "Pretty much"

Finally the phone rang. FINALLY! "Hello?" he answered. The response he got was laughter; feminine laughter. He knew who it was. "What do you want, Kalva?" he growled. "I'm gonna keep good on my promise, Tennyson. I'm gonna get you and your cousin". Gwen took notice when he spoke the witch's voice. "Put me on loudspeaker, Ben. I want both you, and that bitch to hear this. DO IT!" Ben complied, and the room filled with her voice. "Hi, there Gwen; I've got something special belonging to you and Ben" "What've you got?" she growled.

"Stay away, Gwen. Don't listen to anything she…" SMACK! Her father was silenced with what sounded like the most vicious of all punches. Kalva had their parents. "Let them go" Gwen screamed. "Oh, no, Gwen; I will never let them go. You and your beau are gonna suffer before I erase you" "Why? We haven't done anything to you" "Not now you won't. NOW you never will have"

"What do you want?" Ben demanded. "Nothing, Tennyson. I want nothing but silence from the two of you; remember what I said last time: Silence Will Fall" "What did we do to you?" "That's my little secret. Now silence! Silence forever". The line went dead, leaving them to their fear. "I'm scared, Ben" "I know. I am too". They hugged tightly and began to cry.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Somebody was at the door; Ben reacted by grabbing the Omnitrix, Gwen reacted by grabbing a nearby kitchen knife.

It was Gwen who opened the door. Neither she, nor Ben was expecting these visitors: It was a clean shaven, nicely dressed adult Danny Phantom, and much to Gwen's horror, shock and surprise: herself as an adult.

After a period of three seconds, Danny spoke. "Right, kids, this is where it gets complicated"

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