Preview and Apology

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Secondly, a little while after chapter 8 went into limbo I started work on a spin-off. I called that spin-off "The First Day". "First Day" focused on the interim between chapters 5 & 6. It's supposed to be about the beginning of the weekend we read about in the opening of chapter 6. Well "First Day" went into limbo, too. But recently I've been planning a few new fan-fics; you can read about them on my profile, and as I begun planning them out my thoughts drifted back to "First Day".

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In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback I've decided to release this currently un-finished "First Day" chapter as a preview to tide fans over till the release of chapter 8 and as a gift to say "Sorry for the wait!" It was partially beta'd by bennet001. For his help, I say yet another round of thanks!

So here it is folks, "Summer Lust: The First Day"!


"You know where we are, and you've got the number; so, you do know what to do if something goes wrong, don't you?" his mother pressed.

"Yes, mom, I know." Ben's tone of voice was almost condescending in his reply. His mother glared at him, rather than lecture. It was hard to lecture a teenage boy who used a condescending tone to his own mother; as she, along with her husband, was already running late for their retreat. Her niece's parents were going too. It was arranged that Gwen would pop in on Ben to make sure that he didn't burn the house down, or throw a party to end all parties while they were gone.

Sandra Tennyson knew that since Gwen had moved back to town, both Ben and she had been spending time together… a lot of time. She didn't really see anything wrong with that, though. She spent loads of time with her cousin when she was a kid. So why did she still feel that something was off about it? She shrugged it off as her husband exited the kitchen with their lunches. She heard Ben shudder in sickness as he caught sight of the food: whole meal sandwiches with couscous filling. Sandra didn't really like the fact that her only child didn't entirely approve of their "hippie" life-style.

Ben never let them know outright that he disliked their lifestyle, he didn't even dislike it that much himself. It was just the diet he had it in for. Night-in and night-out, all that he ever had for dinner was nauseating health food. He always kept relatively silent, though. He didn't want to insult his parents or their beliefs by telling them that the food was gross. That would be plain rude. No; he never told them it was sickening, he just occasionally groaned when a mutant plant was placed in front of him for eats.

"Well that's everything," her husband announced ", all except for us."

"That can be sorted." Sandra said as she strode excitedly to the open door, wiggling her magnificent buttocks for the feasting eyes of her enthralled husband as he followed.


It didn't take ages, but Ben sighed happily when his parents finally left. Their fussiness, his mother's in particular, was aggravating. He hadn't even let them know about the Omnitrix; he shuddered at the thought of what they would do to him if they ever found out. But he put all those troubles aside and began to grin. Gwen was coming over. It would still be a few hours yet, till she came; seeing as they'd both agreed on a two hour wait, so as to preclude the possibility of Ben's parents coming back.

Till then he had to wait. But what could he do in the meantime? He was bored. And with his cousin-cum-girlfriend coming, he couldn't be bothered with most of his usual stuff; he was too horny to think straight.

Wait a minute!, he thought, I've still got Gwen's stockings! That was it! He had found his distraction in the form of her stockings. She'd gifted them to him about one-and-a-half months ago, just after their reunion sex. They were in his room, and THEY were the perfect thing to instrument his release.

He jogged upstairs with his burning lust throbbing against his pants painfully. His fevered mind fixating on the stockings that he had hidden somewhere in his closet, along with a few other things, namely condoms and some other articles of "clothing" Gwen had given him. Those were for during sex. Come to think of it, he thought, I've got lots of Gwen's clothes hidden over my room.

Gwen always kept some of her clothes in his room. Since her return they'd done it five times in addition to the time during her family's welcome back party. She'd slept over on two of those times, and now made sure to keep a spare outfit in his room; along with the garter-belt, stockings, panties and bra she decided to store there. Of course there was also a bikini, as well as a bathing suit that they'd hidden. In total, Gwen had two spare outfits, a sexy outfit, a bathing suit, a bikini, three spare pairs of erotic panties, one pair of regular panties, two normal pairs of stockings, one pair of fishnets, a normal pair of shoes and a sexy pair of heels hidden in his room.

One would be amazed that his parents hadn't seen any of it. But when you've got a watch that allows you to turn into other aliens, and when one of those forms is a super-intelligent mini alien, you come up with some pretty nifty hiding spots. Why Gwen practically had half a wardrobe of stuff in his room.

The door to his room was only closed over when he reached it. He remembered that he'd left his room in a hurry to help his parents leave. He kicked the door open and, with feral eyes, darted towards his closet. He flung the doors of it open and pulled out his "Sumo Slammer" trading card collector's box. He took the padlock off, opened it and pulled out the tray that held the cards. His eyes fell on the prize beneath: Gwen's stockings. "Score!" he yelled, as he threw the tray of cards aside.

Ben walked over to his bed slowly and placed himself on it. His right hand seized the stockings and his left threw the box aside before undoing his belt and jeans. He kicked his shoes off and pushed his pants down to his knees. Next came his shirt; he dropped the stockings into his lap; they caught on his granite-stiff cock, and pulled his shirt off. He leant forward and pushed his pants, under-pants and socks off.

Ben was now naked; naked and ready to wank like hell. He grabbed the soft item in his lap and slowly dragged one leg over his engorged cock, gasping loudly as the material brushed against the exposed bell-end; the other leg went into his mouth. This was the first time he'd actually done this since she gave them to him; it was probably why he could taste sweat as he sucked on the leg.

He tightened his grip on his cock and began pounding furiously. For every suck there was a pound, for every pound there was a suck. Suck, pound, suck, pound, suck, pound, suck and pound: It was five minutes of this before he came savagely. Blast after blast shot into the leg, soaking it, making it darker.


With his body wrecked and worn out, he collapsed onto the bed. Exhausted couldn't even begin to cover it; Ben was wiped. Somehow, during his intense masturbation session, all of the air had vanished from his lungs. Every fresh gulp of air he took in gave him relief. But he knew that it wouldn't be enough. His orgasm had wiped him to the point that he felt his eyelids become heavier, and heavier, and heavier. He felt weak.


BANG! BANG! BANG! His eyes shot open instantly. Looking at the clock on his bedside table, he realized that he'd been asleep for nearly two hours. There could only be one person knocking at his front door like this, at this time. Gwen.

Looking around, he saw that he was naked and that her stockings were wrapped around his cock; well, one leg of them anyway. The other leg had its foot resting on his throat.

BANG! BANG! BANG! There she went again. He didn't really have the time to think of something. He just pulled his pants back on, his shirt, and then his socks and shoes. Her stockings? In his haste, he shoved them into his pants.

Gwen knocked again, BANG! BANG! BANG! , and he raced downstairs, faster than he went up, and opened the door.


She was smiling at him as he swung the door open. Ben's jaw nearly dropped to the floor when he saw her outfit: a very,veryshort skirt that showed off her legs, knee-high leather boots, a dark blue, form hugging top; and above all, he could see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her erect nipples proved it.

"Hi" she purred.

"Um…uh…ah, hi" he stammered nervously. Every molecule of her was practically screaming seduction. Her hungered gaze, her attire; everything was on fire. She had a fair sized bag slung over her shoulder; Ben could only guess at what it contained. "Well?" she asked.


"Are you going to invite me in?"

In all the haste and hunger he'd forgotten to ask her in. Ben had forgotten to ask his cousin/lover/girlfriend to come in. "Well?" she asked again. "Oh, uh yeah, come in" he managed; his arm held up in a feeble greeting. "Thanks." Her hand brushed against his chest softly as she slowly walked in. He took a few steps back, admiring her again, as she closed the door, leaving them alone to themselves.

"I gather, from the look on your face, that I look good."

It was a mere mumble, then Ben came out with in reply. "You look hot" he then added.

"Thanks, Ben."

Before he could think another thought, she pushed him against the door and pressed her mouth against his, deeply. Her soft and wet tongue barged into his mouth; it found his and began to war with it; attacking it, coiling around it like a snake. His hands flew to her shoulders and pulled her in tightly.

It was Gwen that began sucking his saliva out impatiently. He knew that she was swallowing it; he could hear her, so he started to suck her mouth, hoping to swallow hers.

Her left hand was still resting on his chest while her right ghosted over his bulge. It felt softer somehow, almost like he'd stashed something in there. She squeezed him as she sucked his tongue dry.

But he couldn't let this be the only thing they did. His left hand left her shoulder and flew around to the front to grab at her breast.Oh, the flesh felt so good against his hand; especially as he massaged it. A quick pinch of her nipple, and she broke the kiss to gasp loudly. "Ben! Oh, fuck!" Somehow, though, she wasn't satisfied. After all, this weekend wasn't just sex; it was love, sex, and the exploration of forbidden pleasures.

She grabbed both of his hands and shoved them onto her ass. Ben got the idea. His hands slid under her incredibly short skirt and grabbed her ass. The ass-flesh he held was just as exquisite as her tit-flesh; made even better by the fact that she wasn't wearing panties. Her grip on his cock tightened drastically when she felt him slide a finger into her rear hole. She contracted her hole around him as she dove in for another kiss, attacking his mouth with ferocious hunger. Reluctantly, though; she broke the kiss and slowly pulled his hands away from her backside.

The look on his face wasn't a glare, but it sure as hell wasn't a happy one; it was one of those disappointed looks that say "Why?" in a feeble manner. "Ben," she said. ", I've just got here. Why don't we save something for later?" Ben was tempted to say no and persist for sex, but the look of love in her eyes cooled him down. He loved her and she loved him; it was that simple. "Okay. But you'd better make it up to me later."

"Oh, you bet your wonderfully formed ass I will."

"Yours or mine?" he asked.

"Yours or mine, what?" she returned.

"Your perfectly formed ass or mine?"

"Well I can't really see mine, I like yours, so…" she suggested, "Wanna call it a draw?"

"Hell yeah, I've actually been quite fond of my own ass for some time…" he trailed off comically.

Gwen focused her eyes on the bulge in his pants. She knew that he wasn't hard anymore; the bulge looked soft. And she could tell that he was avoiding her gaze now. She knew why. The nervous look she got as their eyes locked was a dead give-away. She remembered how it felt in her hand minutes earlier; very, very soft. "I-I'm sorry" he muttered sheepishly.

"Why?" she asked

"Because it's…It's…Oh, I don't know. I really am sorry."

"Ben" she started. "I might not have left them here if I'd thought you wouldn't do something like that. It's okay."

"You're okay with it?"

"Ben, I remember you doing it before…"

"I'm not on about that, Gwen. I know that you're okay with it."

"What do you mean then?"

"I mean that they're wrapped around my cock."

"I'm okay with that too." And she tongue kissed him to prove it, using the opportunity to shove her left hand into his pants and pull her stockings out. She could see the gooey, still wet Jizz loads in the left leg. The right leg looked damp. That was the clue. Gwen now knew exactly what Ben had been doing to them. "Kinky" she purred, before kissing him again. "Perhaps we'd better wash…" he broke the kiss to say, "Oh, no, you don't Ben. There's plenty more where that came from, remember?" She spat, before breaking off his reply… by kissing him again. He broke the kiss again when a thought crept up. "What are we gonna do with them then?"

Gwen sighed. Bendidhave a point. They could wash them. But to her that seemed like such a waste. Luckily, though, that thought caused an idea. Ben could see that she had an idea. And from the look on her face it was a good one. Because whenever she usually had an idea, he got scared.

"Close your eyes, Ben."


"Justclose them" she breathed into his ear sensually. He complied, and waited for about a second before he was told to open them again. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I want you to take my skirt off, then my boots."

"But, Gwen, the windows…"

Gwen was way ahead of him, and darted around the lower floor of his house quickly, closing every curtain there was before he could say a word. The clicking of the heels on her boots sounded like a type-writer against the kitchen floor. She returned to the living room and sat on the arm of the couch, letting herself fall back onto it. As he approached her, she scooted upwards, letting herself rest fully on the couch, and opened her arms. "Come to me" she said. "Take off my skirt, then my boots." He complied slowly, coming to rest his hips on the arm of the couch, as his face came level with her crotch.

"Do it!" she commanded. Wordlessly, he grabbed the hem of her skirt and dragged it down to just below her vagina. Instantly, his face was hit with her aroma. He breathed her smell in; through his nostrils, through his mouth. Inhaling her smell sent fire through his veins. His pumping heart looked in awe at the plump, glistening mound in-between her legs.

A look of arousal or encouragement from Gwen would've been futile. All of Ben's attentions were focused on her mesmerizing love-pudding. The strain on his rigid member was as painful as it could be: blinding sexual pain, the pleasurable kind. "Fuck!" he groaned, now frozen to the spot; his gaze fixated on her mound.

Gwen was equally frozen in the moment. Both the desire for sex overriding her senses, as-well as her other ideas.

Slowly, moving her hands to the skirt, she slid it down a little more, leaving Ben's hands ghosting over her hips, and the skirt at her knees. It was only then that he noticed the stockings were no-longer in her hands. He didn't have to look far to find them: they were on the floor; right next to the couch. He looked back up at her, her face was telling him to continue where she left off; he nodded in acknowledgement as his hands came to rest against her hips. Taking a few seconds to breathe her in again, he slowly moved his hands to the front of her skirt; grabbed it, and slowly used his knees to push himself off of the couch. The second his knees hit the floor, he began to pull at the skirt gently; easing it off inch-by-inch. As it reached her ankles, she lifted her legs high, and kicked it off herself; leaving her in only her shirt and boots. Ben immediately put the mini skirt on the floor and stood up. The bulge in his pants was blatantly visible and he made no attempt to hide it. He was proud of it. But he knew that sex was still out of the question; he still had to remove her boots, which she was presenting to him. Her outstretched legs directed themselves towards him. A surreptitious smile crossed her face as she lowered her left leg slightly and retracted her right. She extended her left leg, slowly moving it toward him; the tip of it pressing against his gut softly. He let out a guttural groan of lust and moved toward the couch; only stopping when his shins were pressing into the side.

Ben let out another guttural groan, followed by another cry of "Fuck!" when Gwen started dragging the tip of her boot along his stomach; drawing circles on him. The circles slowly travelling upwards over his collar-bone, over his neck, stopping on his chin; the tip brushing against the underside of his bottom lip. He took a whiff of the leather and opened his lips. She gently eased the tip into his mouth; going in till the tip was past his front-teeth. Seconds passed before either of them made so much as a thought. Ben, guided by his lust and love for the sensual creature lying beneath him, with part of her boot in his mouth, closed his lips around her leather covered foot; kissing it, sucking it seconds later.

There were no heights too great for these two. Ben & Gwen Tennyson; the explorers of forbidden pleasure, enjoying everything there was to offer from each other. In the heat of sex there was next-to-nothing that they wouldn't do; locked in the throes of pleasure and orgasm, their souls joined since the age of 12; they knew true pleasure.

Instantly, he sucked more of her boot into his mouth; the sensation of her toes wiggling inside, making him gasp. His tongue now ran along the bottom of it, tasting it; as pretty much the entire thing was in his mouth. The tip of the boot, touching the back of his mouth, nearly gagging him, was ignored as he let his hands creep up towards the rim; his fingers reaching for the zip.

Pinching the zip gently with a finger and thumb, he began to pull it down slowly; easing it down bit-by-bit; his fingers touching her sweaty leg. The instant thought of more untold pleasure hit him and made him drag the zip down the rest of the way, suck the boot more furiously in excitement, and move his hand away from the zip.

Annoyingly, Ben found he couldn't go any further. In order to move on to the next sensation he would have to end the current one: sucking on the leather-covered foot of the sweat bathed beauty beneath him. The call of the next pleasure soon became too great for hesitation; and he pulled back, slowly, and heard the boot come sliding out with a pop. He almost came when he saw the glisten his saliva had left. His hand crept, with its partner, down to Gwen's ankle; as did his face, inhaling her sweaty smell, growing hungry for her.

Gwen's surreptitious, aroused smile encouraged him to go further; to push the limits. His response was to gently pull the boot away from her and gaze at the uncovered sight. Her entire left leg was dripping with sweat, making it match the rest of her. She offered another smile to him. That was the cue to indulge his appetite. He shot forward again; his tongue extended far beyond his lips, and ran it down the sweaty leg, his lips closing over it as he began to suck up her clammy moistness.

Ben was right. It was good. Drinking her sweat was good. It was especially good when he travelled upward and his mouth found the balls of her feet. He sucked hard, not letting anything go to waste.


It was all so much for her. Watching and feeling her lover/cousin suck the sweat from off of her leg, to feeling his mouth on her foot. It would only get better when he sucked her foot. And now it reached breaking point. It was too early for sex, but Dammit she wanted to cum so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o bad. The only option she had at the moment was a good old fashioned finger fuck. Yes! That would suffice till later.

Her aching cunt eagerly accepted her fingers, contracting around them, hugging them tightly. She knew that it was no-where near as good as the real deal, just as Ben had said the same about jacking himself off. But, as she began to pump, she couldn't deny how good it felt: the slow yet deep, and ever so hard thrusts of her fingers.


Ben knew she was fingering herself. He could hear the squelching and gasping coming from her, but his tightly closed eyes prevented him from gazing. And, in all honesty, he didn't really care about watching Gwen finger himself. He was too absorbed in his own ecstatic pleasure to even respond to her. But he did know that she was enjoying the attention his mouth was giving to her left foot, Just as he was enjoying the feeling and taste of it. But sucking on the ball alone was like only eating the cherry off the top of a cake; tasty, but still redundant. There was so much flesh that hadn't been explored, so many pleasures to engage. Ben wanted more than just one of them; he wanted the lot. He wanted the sensations, he wanted the un-told experiences.

Gwen's ecstatic gasps heightened to a scream as his mouth moved from the ball of her foot to the sole. His mouth seal breaking as he ran his tongue across her skin. Instantly, he was hit with a wave of blinding taste he'd only brushed against before. Dripping, tangy saliva coated the bottom of her foot as he reached the end. He pulled her foot against his face; scared he would lose her flesh for good, and retracted his tongue.

His nerves were wrecked. Pure, blinding lust had driven the air from his lungs. Each gasp felt like heaven for his body, especially when he gave her toes a feeble kiss.

Gwen, however, wasn't even thinking of air. Her thoughts were solely about climax. It almost made Ben jealous as he looked at her face. Not a single inch of discomfort could be seen. Her perfect face just radiated satisfaction. The closed eyes and soft smile gave him new life as he watched.


Gwen reached her musical climax with relative ease. All of her initial plans were forgotten in a swirl of carnal delights. Whatever she had planned when she'd asked Ben to take off her boots and skirt, was gone. But she wasn't bothered. There would always be other times to indulge those desires, whatever they were.

But she had a new set of ideas now. A whole new wave of corruption sweeping across her, gave her thoughts of forbidden pleasure she'd never had before, new and tantalizing thoughts to indulge. And from the look on his face; he was having them too. His end-to-end smile and sparkling eyes, devoured her image as his mouth had done her foot not forty seconds ago. He licked his drying lips and gave her toes one last kiss before letting her leg rest back on the arm of the couch.

"Get on the floor," she said. "I've got an idea."

"What?" he asked.

"Just do it, doofus." She commanded, as she sat up and took her top off, revealing bra-less tits. The kind of tits that, a guy like, him found as perfection; not too big, and certainly not too small. The ultimate set, in short.

Ben complied silently; taking slow step after slow step backwards until he stopped at five feet away, and dropped to the ground solidly; waiting for her move. He didn't have to wait long. Her slimy, saliva covered foot fell off of the couch; stopping only a semi-inch from the ground; while her right, still wearing its boot, swung over her left and left a near-enough naked Gwen sitting on the couch.

"What's next?" he asked.

Gwen just smiled; remembering their other times, and how they'd both enjoyed a little pain with their pleasure; pain and pleasure after all, were indivisible at times; and replied with nothing but her own end-to-end grin; licking her lips after.

"Get ready for a mind-blowing orgasm" she said.

"What do you mean?" he inquired.

"I mean this, Ben: Strip!" He knew she was referring to his entire attire. Her wigwagging hand was the biggest clue; it was waving up and down. Ben noiselessly complied, striping to his underwear in seconds; not caring where he threw his clothes.

"Those too," she gestured towards the underwear. "Or do you want me to remove them for you?" she added with a sexy purr.

"Erm," he spoke thoughtfully, excited by her suggestion. "Would you?"

"Well…" she started. It was obvious from the look on her face that she was as excited by the prospect as he was.

Gwen licked her lips slowly. Enough of her mouth was left open for a slow and agonizingly erotic vision as she slid her tongue in slow snaking circles across her glistening lips. "...ok…" she whispered.

Ben's black and green, cotton boxers ached and pulsated as she un-evenly stood up. Her perfect breasts jiggling softly as she hobbled over to him; she was, in every sense of the word, perfect.

Sure, he'd seen porn and various other erotic images of women. But not a single one he'd ever seen could compare to the one he was looking at now; the one that was getting onto her knees and edging closer; the one who he'd known his entire life: his cousin.

Throughout the years, every day, he'd thought about their relationship. He knew the incredible wrongness of pursuing a relationship with his cousin, but the whole incest thing never really bothered him. He loved her. She loved him. It was just that simple. Not even the thought of pregnancy scared him. In fact, he'd wanted to be a dad for a while. But for Gwen to be the mother; he'd be lying if he said that it didn't make him want it more.

She wasn't his cousin. She'd never been his cousin. Gwen was always destined to be his mate, just as he was for her: the perfect couple; the perfect child; the perfect family.

But the perfect family needs making. Ben sure as hell wasn't going to become a father by looking at her gravity-defying tits; he wasn't that lucky. But…who was he to complain? It just meant he got to fuck her all the more; the perfect added bonus.

"Well, Ben…?" she asked, standing before him in all her glory.

He took a breath before he answered. Ben wanted to savour every moment of this as he had done so many times before. "You look great" he answered. ", just as you always do." That was the answer she was waiting for: a simple compliment. She thanked him with a smile, and then dropped to her knees; her breasts made an impressionable slap against his thighs as she landed; a slap that was music to his ears and food for his lust.