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After a marriage takes place, you more than likely sleep in one bed. Some even sleep in two separate beds pushed together, but these two just slept in one. Alphonse and Mei Elric may have slept in one bed, but that also included two pillows and one blanket. A very short blanket. Now, mixing a stubborn girl and a selfless boy with a small blanket can only resort to one thing...a little disagreement.


Alphonse woke up with fluttering eyes and arms crossed over his chest. He shivered and shook, feeling amazingly cold and helpless. He twisted his body around slowly, looking at his wife, Mei, who so kindly hogged the blanket. He softly smiled and took half of the blanket, still leaving Mei an even amount. While falling asleep, he accidentally took all of the blanket instead of just keeping his half.

This caused Mei to wake up. She shot right up as the cold air jolted her system. She shook, looking around the bed for the blanket. When she found Al curled up in it, she went into her stubborn state. She became a bit too angry and flipped him out of it, taking it as her own. Al's eyes bugged out as he fell off the bed and went face-first to the floor! Mei squinted an eye closed and mouthed "Ouch!" as he made a loud "thump" during landing. Mei looked over the bed, biting her lower lip.

"What was that for?" Al queried as he sat up, rubbing his cranium.

"I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed honestly. "You took the whole blanket and I just got angry and-and I wanted it back, but-"

"Mei," Alphonse interrupted, but she kept on.

"But you had it!" Mei insisted. "So I tried to get it-"


"But you flopped right off the bed and now look! I'm so sorry! So, so sorry!"


She quit apologizing and looked down at him. He snickered and kissed her forehead quickly as he got onto the bed. She blinked in disbelief as she backed away to her side of the bed. Al laid right down on his side and turned his head toward her.

"I forgive you, ok?" he laughed.

She smiled back at him sweetly and gave the blanket to him with absolute bliss.

"You deserve it more than me, anyways," she giggled.

"Hmm," he muttered.

Al observed the blanket and a grin crept its way across his face. He wrapped it around himself and pulled Mei in closely. Soon, she found herself trapped in a colossal bear hug. Al snickered lightly as he quickly asked, "Is that any better?"

She looked up at him, smiling in a bubbly way. She cuddled in even closer and listened to his heartbeat, counting each one. Pa-thump! Pa-Thump! She giggled, liking every last bit of it. Mei soon fell asleep to the lullaby that cascaded from Alphonse's chest and into her ears. Al smiled before falling asleep, too. He was proud to have finally found some use in that short blanket. Seriously, the thing was smaller than Ed used to be.

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