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A young woman stood gazing up at a large building. It was the Sanc Palace, or the Peacecraft Academy as the young "princess" liked to call it. This particular young woman had seen her fair share of royalty in her life…and Relena Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom was not a princess. A princess would fight to protect her country, a princess would die to keep her people safe. No, Relena was not a princess, not one that she herself would be proud to be called. With a heavy sigh, the mysterious girl looked around, half hoping to find who she was looking for, and half dreading what he would say once he saw her. She marveled at how much had changed in the short time she was gone. Students went to a fro around the grounds, getting to class, doing last minute studying or simply talking to one another. This was nothing like the war she had known before.

War. She loathed that word. War had taken her friends from her, it had destroyed the life she had worked so hard to build, it had torn her away from the one man she loved. It was as if Destiny herself was against her. But she couldn't stop now. Not now when she was so close to seeing him again. Of course it had only been about two years here, but it had been an entire lifetime where she had come from. An entire lifetime of living a lie, or at least she felt like it was a lie. She knew her destiny, she knew of what she was suppose to do, but why couldn't she have just one life where she could find true love. Why couldn't the old bag of a Time Guardian just leave her alone and happy in this life? A life where she had found a man that loved her for who she was, and not cared about what others thought. Sure, back in the Silver Millennium she had been told she had found her soul mate, but she never felt it. Everything had been chosen for her, never to let her live her own life.

The others didn't notice, they were princesses that never questioned what they were told to do. They acted as proper ladies and never argued back. She didn't. They had accepted the fact that the men they were to marry had been chosen for them. She refused. They had gone along obediently with what their parents had chosen to arrange for their future. She hadn't. Even the more aggressive of the princesses didn't think twice about the idea of choosing someone to be with out of love. She did.

But none of that mattered anymore. They were gone. All of them, leaving her to be the only survivor. Leaving her to carry the sorrow alone. Sure, she could have stayed there and continued to protect the universe she had pledged her self to, except for the fact that it no longer existed. Being the ONLY survivor means the ONLY survivor. She had failed to protect them, her friends, her family…the entire dimension. And now there was no where to go except back. Back to where she had known true happiness. Back to where she didn't have to be a senshi or princess.

Shaking her head slightly, the young woman cleared her mind of those thoughts. If she was going to do it she had to do it now before she lost her nerve. Otherwise she may never be able to see him again.

Lady Une smiled at all present. The gundam pilots and their associates, including the leader of the Preventors, Milliardo, Noin, Hilde, and of course Relena Peacecraft had assembled for a routine meeting. The Eve's War had been over for almost three months and everything was running smoothly again. She just didn't want to take any chances that something could start up again.

The brunette woman looked around quietly at those present in the room. Sitting beside her was the established Relena Peacecraft, now Vice Foreign Minister Dorlin. She sat chatting merrily with her brother Milliardo Peacecraft and his fiancé Noin. The two seemed to be spending as much time together as possible in order to make up for all the years they were apart. To her right was the navy haired girl Hilde, who had been working with the gundam pilot Duo Maxwell at his scrap yard. She was currently in a deep conversation with the ever polite pilot of Sandrock, Quatre Winner. Sitting beside them were Heero Yuy and the green eyed acrobat Trowa Barton. The two seemed to be quietly talking to one another, neither really doing that much seeing as they were both still slightly reserved. And lastly, Chang Wufei sat with his arms crossed over his chest while his braided annoyance, namely Duo, rambled on about anything and everything.

Lady Une loved to see that they were all being able to act more like the teenagers they should have been. And as much as she hated to break up the happy chatter, they still had a meeting to hold. It was being held at the Peacecraft Academy this time instead of the Preventor headquarters, simply because the brown haired woman needed a change of scenery. She was about to gain everybody's attention so they could begin when there came a knock at the door.

Everyone fell silent as an elderly man by the name of Pagen stepped in. He was a dear friend to Relena and had worked as her chaperone for as long as the young girl could remember.

"I am truly sorry to interrupt, Relena-sama, but something has arisen that concerns you and your party." He said apologetically.

Relena blinked slightly, but then nodded her head in acknowledgment.

"Alright, we are listening."

"Well," He started, quiet unsure of how to explain the situation. "There seems to be a young woman down in the parlor that wishes to see one of the gundam pilots."

A humph came from a certain Chinese boy as he continued to cross his arms. The reaction from the braided American, however, was slightly different.

"REALLY! Is she a babe!?" He exclaimed in his usual manner.

Pagen laughed slightly at the violet eyed teen's response.

"She is very beautiful I would say."

"Who did she want to see?" Heero asked, suspicion lining his voice.

Even if the wars seemed to be over he still had his soldier instincts intact and it was too dangerous to trust just anyone.

"That is the strange thing, Yuy-san, for she didn't say which of you she wished to see. She mearly asked, very politely might I add, if she could speak with "the" gundam pilot. Almost as if she thought there was only one." Came the gray haired man's reply.

They all thought over this for a moment, wondering who would not have heard of the fact that there were five gundam pilots and not just one. It was the blonde Arabian who spoke up first.

"Well, we should see who it is. She may need our assistance." He stated, his gentlemen attitude taking over.

Wufei, however, didn't agree. As he so seldom did anyway, especially when it had to do with a woman.

"If she needs our help she can ask the Preventors, right now we have more important things to do than deal with a weak onna that can't take care of her own problems." He grunted, receiving quite a few glares from the females in the room.

He simply shrugged them off. He was used to this reaction by now and he didn't really let it bother him. If onnas had a problem with being called weak they could just deal with it for all he cared.

"We might as well go see her." Trowa said quietly. "We can atleast find out who she is before we jump to conclusions."

At this Duo nodded violently in agreement, a huge smile plastered across his face.

"YEAH! And if she's a babe I get first dibs!" He declared loudly, making a few of the others groan under their breaths while the rest laughed.

So, in agreement, they all headed towards the parlor. All curious at whom this girl was, except Wufei. He was still rather huffed that he was having to waste valuable time on an onna. When they reached the parlor, Pagen held the door open for them as they entered, then closed it quietly to return to his other duties.

A girl was standing infront of the fireplace, looking at the picture hanging on the mantle piece above. At the sound of someone entering, however, she turned to face them. This simple action left the males of the group speechless while most of the girls were slightly jealous. And indeed they had every right to be. The young woman that was standing before them looked as if she could have been a goddess, angel, or at least royalty with her radiant beauty. She stood at about five foot seven, slightly taller than Relena who was the shortest out of the group, with long, shapely legs that peaked out from under a pleated, dark forest green skirt that fell to her knees. Her eyes were dark violet orbs that held a burning fire and deep wisdom that did not match her age. Long, ebony black tresses hung to slightly past her waist and shone with dark purple highlights that shimmered at the slightest movement while her naturally dark lips contrasted to her ivory skin. Her shirt looked as if it and the skirt were an uniform, with a lighter green vest with four buttons and a white, short sleeve shirt under that. The outfit also possessed a sailor collar that was the same forest green as her skirt, making it resemble something from the twentieth century. The deep violet eyes flashed from happiness to sadness then back again. She looked as if she was holding herself back from rushing towards them.

After the recovering from initial shock of the young woman's elegance, the guys came back to reality. Poor little Quatre blushing profusely while Duo looked as if he was going to soak the carpet with is drool. Relena smiled politely to the girl as she stepped forward slightly.

"I am Relena Dorlin. We were told you wished to see one of us, but sense we were not quite certain whom it was you meant we all came. Would you mind telling us who you are?" She stated in her usual formality.

The girl, however, didn't speak. Her gaze seemed locked as she just continued to look longingly towards them. Heero followed her gaze and found it to be locked with the Chinese pilot, who at the moment was rather angry at the girl's stares. Before he could say anything about it, though, she opened her lips to speak.


All eyes were suddenly shifted to the dragon warrior, he of which simply glared at her.

"Who are you onna, and how do you know me?" He demanded, his eyes burning holes into hers.

The girl didn't seem to register the anger from him, but her eyes betrayed her feelings. Sadness being the main one, that and disappointment. She took in a slight breath as she kept her gaze locked with his, it had been so long since she had seen him. Oh Kami, how she had missed him so. It took all her strength to not race to him and tackle him to the ground with a hug, to tell him she was sorry for what she had been forced to do.

"It's me, Chang…Meiren."


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