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Rei was jolted from her thoughts, the next morning, by the shrill cry of her alarm clock. She had not been able to fall asleep after that night's little escapade so needless to say, she wasn't in the best of moods. And it also wasn't too surprising that she took her grumpiness out on the first thing she saw, which happened to be the still blaring wake up call.

With a half conscious 'thack', the small, white box clattered to the floor, it's glowing numbers disappearing as its plug was ripped from the wall. The exhausted priestess drug herself out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom, surpressing a yawn as she deliberately avoided the mirror. She didn't want to see how she looked at the moment, she had enough to worry about already. Instead of taking a quick shower, she decided on a relaxing bath. She had plenty of time to get to her appointment without having to rush so why do so?

The raven haired princess switched on the radio and began to search for a station while the tub filled. She finally came to a song that sounded promising, it was rather up beat but that didn't really matter to her seeing as it would probably help to wake her up. She listened to the DJ introduce the song as "White Reflections" while she undressed and slipped into the warm water. Rei was pleased to hear Japanese lyrics floating from the small stereo. She always did have a fondness for her culture's music above the others. But then again, there was a lot people here who did, even ones who were not Japanese. It also helped that Japanese was the second major language next to English and almost everyone knew atleast a little bit of it. That was something she had found out through one of her "computer sessions" in which she hacked into history files, over the past couple of years that she had been gone, and caught up with all that had happened, not to mention brush up on things that she had once known. After all, seventeen years is a lot of time for someone to forget. If she was going to be living in this world for the rest of her life she should know everything about it, and that included the war and the gundam pilots.

And, indeed, she had found out quite a bit about them. She found out when they had first been identified as Gundams, their first encounters with OZ forces and all the others that followed, she was even lucky to find a satellite taping of one of the battles. It had been the one where Altron and the others destroyed Libra. Needless to say, she was very proud of Wufei, even after she found out about the Martimaia incident and how he had joined with her she didn't have the heart to blame him. She had, after all, been brainwashed at one point and forced to fight against her friends. She was just sincerely glad that he hadn't been hurt because of it. He had fought courageously against the enemy, put himself in mortal danger to protect the innocent, stood up for what he believed in, and all the while never abandoning his strong beliefs about honor. Why wouldn't she be proud of him?

Twenty minutes later found her singing softly to herself as she rinsed the remaining shampoo from her hair. She felt immensely better after such a calming bath, not to mention cleaner. The day now had a more welcoming appeal to it than it did when she first woke up, which was a good thing seeing as she would need all the optimism she could muster for what she had in store for the day.

"Fighting evil by moon light, winning love by daylight, with the Sailor Scouts to help fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon. She is the one, Sailor Moon!" She laughed softly after finishing their theme, she still couldn't figure out how Minako had come up with something like that.

Rapping herself tightly in a towel, Rei made her way back into her room, intent on finding something comfortable she could wear. After all, it wouldn't do to go to the meeting in a full out business suit now would it, well not this meeting atleast. It was a very good thing she had gone shopping with the girls, otherwise she would still be stuck borrowing clothes from Quatre's sisters and as much as she liked the polite Arabian, none of his sisters seemed to be very athletic, which was a big draw back for her. She quickly pulled out a pair of black, biking pants that had red stripes going down the side and a black tanktop with a small, glittering flame on the front from her drawer.

After she was done getting dressed, the amethyst eyed warrior brushed her hair and pulled it back into a simple braid before making her way downstairs. If all went well, she could get a bite to eat and sneak out into the garage where her new motorcycle was waiting without Rashid or any of the other Macuanats noticing. The Macuanats were a great bunch, always nice and willing to help her, but they were also VERY protective and since they had gotten strict instructions to make sure she didn't get hurt or put in danger, they could be very annoying. And she also didn't want one of them to come with her because they would find out what she intended on doing and go straight to Quatre and tell him, which would be very bad because the blonde would, no doubt, tell her husband and he would try to stop her. And that was something she could NOT let happen. She loved Wufei dearly, more than anything in the universe, but sometimes a senshi has to do what a senshi has to do and she was going to even if against his wishes. Eventually the Chinese boy would calm down and except the outcome, but she didn't want to take a chance on telling him till it was too late for him to try and stop her. She was determined, but she also had a very powerful and nagging conscious that she didn't think she could over come if Wufei asked her straight out to not do something. But as long as he didn't find out she could do it…after all, he only said not to come to the Peacecraft Academy to check up on him…well, she wasn't going to check up on him, she had something different in mind...


Duo sighed loudly to himself as he rested his chin in his hands. This was SO boring! There was absolutely no way he was going to survive an entire day of peace lectures, because was practically all they did here in this school. He suddenly grinned to himself as he thought back on the events a couple of minutes ago.

He and the other gundam pilots had met up outside the science room, which they knew to be their first period of the day. They had had the unfortunate luck to be assigned to be in every class that Relena was in. Needless to say, none of them were really looking forward to it. And Wufei was even more short tempered than usual and waved it off as not getting much sleep, this the braided pilot deduced was because of not having Rei- babe, his new nickname for her, to keep him warm at night. Too bad for him that his dark haired friend did not find his voicing his opinion as humorous as he did. He had bearly escaped the raging dragon with his life, literally this time. He did not even doubt the fact that Wu-man would have really scalped him for that comment, he would have to be more careful with his teasing as long as his friend was away from his raven haired lover. Duo hoped the mission wouldn't last long, for one, the idea of a new war starting made all of them irritable and on edge, and two, he had yet to have time to ask Rei if she had a sister. Sigh. A gundam pilot sacrifices so much for the innocent people of Earth and the colonies.

The stealth soldier turned his attention back to the front of the class where their teacher was going into indepth detail about the workings of the human heart. His mind groaned in protest as he forced himself to listen to her, this was going to be a LONG day. A very long day…or maybe not.

A devious grin crossed his face as he looked down of the back of three of his comrades. What luck! Quatre, Heero, AND Wufei were all in rows below him. The classroom was sloped down, making it ideal for throwing paper wads and spit balls. Trowa had been spared, seeing as he was in the last row and the highest, but the others were all free game. Making it look as though he was getting out paper to write notes, Duo pulled out a writing pad filled with clean, new material just waiting to be turned into miniature weapons of school day war.

Carefully pulling out a sheet, he quickly scribbled a note before beginning to fold it into a hand held football. Fold here, overlap there, tuck in…and it was finished. A work of art to a bored out of his mind teenager. He waited patiently for the blonde teacher to turn around and start writing on the black board to make his move. With tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth in concentration, he held the ammo between his thumb and first finger, taking specific aim at his closest comrade. With a satisfied "thimp," he flicked the paper weapon towards a certain, unknowing Arabian. He watched with a hint of self pride as the object flew steady and true, hitting the small blonde square in the back of the head.

Stifling his chuckles, he quickly turned his head to act as if he was paying attention when Quatre let out a surprised yelp and rubbed his head where the pointed corner had come in contact with it. The poor, confused boy had no idea what had just happened and glanced around in the floor for what had hit him. Upon finding his small attacker he sat back up in his chair…just in time to come face to face with Mrs. Downing.

"Winner-san, I assume you're outburst was a reaction of being so enthusiastic about the working of the heart." She said with a stern voice.

Little Quatre turned about ten shades of red as he nodded quickly.

"H-Hai, Downing-sensei, I promise it won't happen again." He apologized, bowing his head in embarrassment.

Duo couldn't help but snicker at his cherry colored friend. He really envied him on the whole blushing thing, had he been in that same situation the teacher would have given him detention for a week, but none of the female teachers (and most of the males come to think of it) could resist Q's adorable face when he blushed. If he could do that and control it he could have every teacher in the palm of his hands. Oh well, let's just see Q's reaction to the note.

He watched the blonde out of the corner of his eye slowly unfold the paper, trying with all of his might to be inconspicuous, but failing miserably. He had obviously never passed notes in school when he was younger, but then again he had to remember whom he was talking about. Quatre would never have thought to do something like that, it was impolite. He smirked widely as he saw his friend blink before turning a dark scarlet. He didn't say anything TOO bad, only how there was a guy behind him that hadn't taken his eyes off the small Arabian the entire class period. He thought it was a nice warning seeing as how there were few guys at this school and Quatre probably needed to be careful, even if he was making it up, you could never tell with some people. He himself had already been hit on at breakfast by on of the resident guys, it was only fair to warn his good old buddy.

Seeing that Quatre would now be permanently stained a dark candy apple red for the rest of the lesson, he decided to work on his next victim…


Rei let out a deep breath that she had been holding as she slipped out from behind one of the many Winner family cars. She had almost been caught when Abdul and another one of the forty men had come down to do a security check on the alarm system. Thankfully they all thought she was still up in her room sulking about her defeat with Wufei, yeah, right. Oh well, if it worked for her benefit who was she to argue?

Glancing towards the door again to make sure no one was coming, she made her way swiftly over to her brand new, crimson motorcycle with gold flames that flickered down the sides she had insisted on getting. She hadn't wanted to always rely on someone else to get her somewhere, and it was a good thing too because she didn't want to have to steal a car at the moment. She climbed on and pulled the flame decorated helmet over her head and secured it safely. With a push of a button, the garage doors began to open, revealing her escape route. A smirk worked its way across her lips but disappeared as she heard hurried footsteps heading her way. They must have either heard the door, or there was a machine that told them when someone was leaving through the garage. Probably the latter she told herself seeing as how Quatre's mansion had practically everything else security wise, why not for the garage as well? Looking over her shoulder she saw Rashid and a couple more of the desert soldiers rushing towards her. Uh oh, time to go Mars, don't want to stick around and see how intimidating Arabian men can be when angered.

With that she revved the engine and took off toward the still raising metal wall.

"Rei-sama! Please come back! Quatre-sama told us you were to stay on the estate! REI-SAMA!" Rashid exclaimed as she was about to run into the garage door and it take her head off seeing as had yet to finish rising.

Rei ducked just in time to save herself from being decapitated and made her way down the long driveway, through the gates, and away from her earlier prison. YES! She was FREE! She let out an excited laugh before turning her mind back to the road and getting herself to where she wanted to go. She would have to apologize to the Macuanats later.


Heero could bearly hold himself back from turning around and shooting his braided comrade between the eyes. He had seen Quatre get pegged with one of Duo's little footballs so he was ready for him. When he felt the paper contraption flying towards his head he had used his reflexes and caught it. Yes, he had saved himself humiliation from being hit, but there was still a message on the paper. A message he would be sure to stuff down Maxwell's throat after class. To be blunt, Duo had openly stated that Rei was a babe and that if she hadn't been taken by Wufei he was sure they all would be fighting for her. Truthfully, he had no idea that Heero was in love with her, he didn't know how close of a mark he actually made to what really would have happened, nor did he know that after a night of freaked up and weirded out dreams about the raven haired girl, Heero Yuy was not in a mood for games.

The stotic pilot of Wing Zero Custom crumpled the note in his hand and stuffed it into the depths of his pant's pocket. He really did not want to think about what he had seen that night. It was too confusing, too strange, and definitely TOO unrealistic. They had all been about some strange country and Rei, himself, and Wufei. Duo, Trowa, and Quatre had been in them as well, but not very much. Mostly he remembered a lavish ball being held and dancing with Rei. He could still see her smiling face as he twirled her around the dance floor, not to mention how beautiful she had been in it. She had been wearing an amazing, blood red dress that was covered with a layer of sheer, gold fabric that gave the illusion of live fire as it moved in the light. Half of her hair had been pulled up on the top into ringlets that graced the back of her head while the rest hung free and the ends curled into lush spirals. She had been so happy in the dream, it practically radiated from her, but for some reason he felt as if the dream was a sad one, atleast for him. He wasn't sure where they were, only that they were in a giant palace, or why there was a huge party being thrown but something told him that he didn't like the reasons.

The dream hadn't been all that bad till the dance was over and Wufei approached. Rei welcomed him with opened arms and the two began to dance with the next song, leaving him to stand on the sidelines. It had been then that the other pilots had shown up. The three had walked over to him, all dressed in strange, red and gold outfits. They almost looked like old ceremonial knight uniforms he had seen in one of Duo's old movies he had made them watch. They had all seemed as if they felt sorry for him as Quatre offered him a drink and Duo wanted him to come over and meet some of the girls he had attracted during the party. Trowa, although he didn't openly state something, was watching him with regret in his eyes before glancing over the dance floor where Wufei and Rei were dancing. But the strangest of all, to Heero, was that they called him by his real name, "Odin." He had never told the others his true identity, and wasn't planning on doing so, but somehow they had known. But how?

The Perfect Soldier quickly shook off the idea, it was just a dream. A dream created by his own mind as he battled with the new found feelings he was experiencing, for he had long ago stopped trying to deny them. But even though it made sense with that dream…it still didn't explain where the second had come from. Where the first had been sad, almost heart breaking even if he didn't know why, the second was horrifying. Worst that the dreams he used to have about the war, worst than even when the Zero system messed with his mind.

There had been blood, a lot of it. And a battle, a big one. He had watched himself fight along side the others, but with swords. He could remember the blackness of the sky, and the cries of war as what he assumed to be their army and the enemy's clash. Their side had been losing when a woman appeared. He didn't know why but for some reason he had been relieved when she had shown up, like they had a chance in winning. He didn't understand that, how could one woman make him feel so relaxed, but she did. And he soon saw why. He never saw her up close, but the sky had been lit up enough when she suddenly shot fire from her hands that he was able to see that she was wearing a very unusual outfit. It was a skirt and white body suit and a strange sailor collar complete with red high heels and elbow gloves. The next thing he had seen was a flash of the woman, who he know realized was their age, being cradled by Wufei while they gathered around her, a large wound in her side that was allowing precious blood to escape. His logical mind was mad at Wufei for holding someone other than Rei, but in the dream all he had been able to feel was sorrow. A deep sadness that threatened to consume him faster than the hate that was growing. He had looked down and saw that a bloodied sword was held in his hand, but he felt his insides being turned to ice as he somehow knew that the blood dripping from the weapon was the girl's that was in the arms of his comrade. Out of pure shock he had dropped the sword and looked back up to come locked with girl's gaze. They were soft and gentle, filled with emotions, but none having to do with anger or hate. She had managed to say, "I forgive you, Odin." before her eyes had closed forever.

At that point he had jolted up in his bed, tears cascading down his cheeks. He had not cried since his adopted father had been killed all those years ago, but last night he could not stop the tears as they continued to fall and all he could do was curl up under his covers and hope they would cease soon so he could try to forget. Forget the pain in her voice, forget the stabbing pain in his heart when he had seen her deep violet orbs close. He didn't know why he cared, he had never seen her before in his life, but for some reason it hurt as bad as if he had watched Rei die in front of him. And all he wanted to do was forget. Forget…

"Yo, Hee-man! You in there!?"

Heero snapped out of his thoughts and came face to face with Duo, who was centimeters away from his face and waving a hand in front of his eyes. Not even blinking he stood up and grabbed his backpack that was sitting beside his chair, and walked down the stairs to the door. Quatre walked quietly beside him, giving him worried glances every now and then.

"Are you alright, Heero? You fee..seem upset." He asked, trying to coverup his slip of the tongue.


With a sigh, the blonde didn't say anything else and they continued onto their next class and to another hour of torture.


Rei smiled as she stood at the entrance to the large building. Stepping inside she made her way over to a main desk where a young woman was sitting. She had dark, sandy blonde hair that was pulled up into a high bun, bright green eyes shinning from behind a pair of fashionable glasses that suited her still young face. With a kind smile, the woman nodded at her.

"Hello, may I help you?" She asked cheerfully.

"Umm…yes, I have an appointment I think with-" but the woman cut in.

"Ah, yes, she's waiting for you, you can go right in. She's on the fifth floor, all the way to the end of the hall."

Rei nodded with a smile.

"Thank you very much."

"No prob hun, we could use some new blood around here anyway!" She joked lightly before shooing her towards the elevator. "Good luck! Tell me when you come out if you got in!"

Laughing slightly, the raven haired priestess nodded in agreement before pushing the button that would take her to the fifth floor. She hummed softly to herself as she felt the small push of gravity as it started moving up. A few moments later the slight lift told her that it had come to a stop and she stepped in front of the doors, waiting for them to open. A long, dark carpeted hall was revealed as she stepped out and began walking to the pair of double doors at the end. She suddenly began to get nervous but quickly swallowed it. She was a senshi, she had fought demons and youma, and she could definitely handle this.

Taking a deep breath, the fire warrior tightly grasped the doorknob and pushed it open. She smiled at the person waiting for her.

"Hello, Une-sama, I'm here for that assessment to get into the Preventors I talked to you about…"


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