A/N: Just a short one shot about Finnick.

IN THIS STORY: Mild sexual themes


Finnick sees the disgusted look on Katniss' face as she watches the Capitol gluttons force themselves to throw up just so they can keep eating. It disgusts Finnick too. Every time he finishes with a client he has to shower for thirty minutes just to feel clean again after spending the night intertwined with one of them. But the alluring smile is pasted on his face from the moment he leaves District Four to the moment he returns. Those feelings are kept hidden.

Finnick hears the angry words laced with curses that spew out of Johanna's mouth as she rants about how she wants to overthrow President Snow and the Capitol. Finnick wants to overthrow them too. That's why he works with the rebels in secret. But Finnick has a reputation to uphold and a girl who will be hurt if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. So those feelings are kept hidden.

Finnick holds one of Peeta's paintings in his hands. It's a scene from the 74th Games, Katniss decorating Rue's lifeless body with flowers. Katniss defying the Capitol, and Peeta defying the Capitol by painting the scene. Finnick defies the Capitol too. Every secret spread throughout the Rebels is another moment of defiance. But for the sake of his own life and the girl those actions are kept hidden.

Finnick tastes the blood and sweat of the woman as he kisses her. The bubble-headed Capitol b*tch who is in bed with him. He hated her, hated her insolence, hated her ignorance, hated her voice, hated the way her skin felt because of the dyes used to make it dark purple. But that was his job. And if he didn't do it, the girl would be killed. So he did it. And those feelings were kept hidden.

Finnick smells it. The lady at the apothecary was right, it smells like bitter almonds. Cyanide. Deadly poison that can kill in two to three minutes if ingested. President Snow was trying to kill him. But he knows, from the secrets. He knows what Snow does and how he does it. But if anyone found out, Snow would arrange a "fatal accident" for him. So that knowledge is kept hidden.

His Feelings. His Actions. His Knowledge.


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