No Fate but What We Make

I do not own Twilight, no copyright infringement intended.

Post-Breaking Dawn, a thirteen-year-old Renesmee sneaks away after her second senior prom to find Jake, only to find him doing something that shatters her dream of happily ever after. Nessie runs away, only to come across a young bad boy vampire in the forest. Can she find the freedom, love, and understanding she wants? And at what cost?


Chapter One

I do not own Twilight—no copyright infringement intended.

Okay, so all of my friends have disappeared off with their dates and left me. The fact that I have nothing better to do but drink beer from plastic cups is all their fault, and now I'm rolling drunk. I can't handle my booze—they know that.

Not that I'm a dateless wonder. I arrived with Cam, but he's elsewhere. Not that I'm surprised—we're at a senior prom after party and everyone is looking to get off with someone. It's just that Cam has to be more secretive than most.

Everyone should have a gay best friend. No one knows that Cam likes guys, of course—so far as the student body is aware, he is the high school hunk and star quarterback. Girls fall over themselves to talk to him, but for appearances sake, he's my boyfriend. I guessed that he was gay and confronted him after the first time dad gave him a lift home from school and was then perfectly fine with me hanging with him.

Not that Cam knows my dad ismy dad. Dad is pretending to be my older brother—my very protective older brother. I haven't forgotten how he was the last time he went through high school with me, though I think the pretend boyfriend thing keeps him slightly calmer. The act is perfect because it explains my lack of interest in dating anyone else. Plus, I don't have to explain that I've already met the love of my life and that I'm just waiting to reach eighteen before we can be together.

It sucks that we've had to wait this long, but Jake is so worth it. He imprinted on me thirteen years ago, just moments after I was born. I can't remember a time when he wasn't there; he finds it difficult to stay away for too long, and I love that fact. None of my friends' boyfriends could ever be that devoted, and frankly, I'm pretty smug about it.

I've been in love with Jake since my teenage hormones kicked in when I turned five-years-old. One of the downsides of accelerated growth is that I've always felt older than my actual age in years on earth. It's kind of frustrating, because my family prefers to work on my actual age. I'm still thirteen, even though I've just finished high school—again.

My argument is that if I'm old enough to go to school with teens then it should follow that I'm treated like a teenager. After all, my teen and twenty-something year old family don't act their actual ages. Dad, particularly, just doesn't seem to want to allow me to grow up.

Physically, I've been a seventeen year old for a while—just like Dad. I was hoping I might grow a little bit more, maybe fill out in a few selected areas, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I'm the same height as my mom, with my dad's distinctive bronze hair and Mom's brown eyes. Okay, so with my cleavage, I'm not going to be featuring on a centerfold anytime soon, but that's cool. At least I can get away without wearing a bra, right?

Tonight, to help fill out my prom dress, I've had to rely on padding. I'm sure I'm not the only one here, but certainly the only one amongst my friends. Carrie, especially, has an impressive rack. They look awesome.

Once, I tried suggesting surgery to my dad. Never again. Then Grandpa mentioned that implants wouldn't work with my physiology. It's not nice knowing that I'm going to spend eternity in a training bra.

Things could be worse, though. Luckily, being only half-vampire, I can socialize more than the rest of my family, and I get a little separation from them at high school by hanging with the popular crowd. I can pass for a regular human, and although I drink animal blood, I don't freak out the student body. It might have something to do with the fact that I brood less, and I don't stare at others like I want to eat them.

Same as last time I went through this, my various relatives—posing as cousins or siblings, adoptive or otherwise, rather than parents or aunts and uncles—hang around together like a set of stylish losers. Some people think they're spoiled rich kids, and others are just too subconsciously creeped out by the predator vibe they give off.

I get tired of people asking me what's with them. I just blame it on Social Services and the care system. That seems to satisfy my friend's curiosity when it comes to my antisocial family—most of the time.

I tried to explain Uncle Jasper's hungry glares to my friends at my old high school by saying that Aunt Alice had actually taken a vow of chastity. That backfired when my former friend, Demi, had used that as a sign that she might have a chance of stealing him away. She did offer him some kind of relief, but not in the way she'd had in mind.

We had to move away after that. It was a shame as I was hoping we could have stayed for a while, and I could have at least pretended to reach my twenty-first birthday.

Anyway, back to the present. Cam has disappeared off and I'm strongly suspecting that he's not alone. I'm bored, and very, very drunk. An idea comes to me—I can go visit Jake. I'm sure Jake wouldn't mind a little impromptu visit.

He lives in a cottage on the edge of the grounds of the main house. The rest of the pack all have their own places, too—Leah, Seth, Embry, and Quil. Though, Quil spends most of his time back at La Push with Claire.

I prefer this place to our home in Oregon, but it's not as nice as Forks. I miss the old house, where I spent my early childhood, and it's been too long since I went to visit Grandpa Charlie.

Stumbling to my feet, I realize that standing suddenly seems very difficult, and the room is spinning.

"Whoa. Careful, Ness." Some guy whose name I can't remember helps me steady myself, and I giggle before pushing him away and heading to the door, but not before taking a deep lungful. He smells tasty.

Yeah, it's time for me to leave now. Drink does nothing for my willpower.

Once I'm out in the night air, I have to take a few moments before I continue as the alcohol in my system almost gets the better of me. If I have to empty my stomach, then there's going to be questions if I spew up blood diluted with beer. A trip to the hospital isn't exactly advisable with my biology, and Grandpa Carlisle isn't working tonight.

I stumble across the parking lot and hear footsteps behind me. As I swing around, I almost lose my balance but a hand on my shoulder keeps me pretty close to upright.

"Ness, where are you going?"

It's that guy again. I roll my eyes—or maybe it just everything around me that's rolling, I'm not sure.

"I'm going home," I slur.

Before I manage to take more than three steps, the hand is on my shoulder again.

"Haven't you got a ride? You can't walk all the way out to your place."

I scowl and push his hand away. "Don't touch me. It's none of your fucking business how I'm getting home." No doubt he's just pissed because his date has left him at a prom after party, and he's looking for someone else to pair up with. That's not going to be me.

"Wait here. I'll call you a cab. I wanna make sure you get there okay. You shouldn't be wandering around on your own. You can barely even stand."

"What? I can handle myself. And I'm not walking...I'm running home. It'll be quicker that way."

"Right." He pulls out his cell and puts it to his ear. I swipe it away, and it flies up into the air before smashing on the floor some distance away.

"I don't want you to call me a cab. Just leave me alone, okay?"

The boy backs away, and as I turn and reach the bottom of the drive, I hear him mutter, "Stupid rich bitch," under his breath.

Once I reach the road, I check around me to make sure that the coast is clear, and then I break into a run in the direction of home. Well, almost home—Jake's cottage. I only hit two trees, but luckily, it helps sober me up just a little. By the time I break through the tree line, I can at least do a passable impression of a straight line. Breathing deeply, I inhale Jake's familiar scent into my lungs.

I wonder if he'll let me bite him tonight? Even half-vampires get the munchies when they're drunk, and Jake is so much better than elk or even mountain lion.

A second sniff tells me that Leah's been here recently. Leah isn't hugely fond of me, but there again she seems to feel that way about most of my family, so I don't take it personally.

As I get close to the house, I stop to check my reflection in the window of Jake's car.

Wow. I look like crap. I have bits of twig in my hair and I look like I've just sprinted at inhuman speeds through a forest in a prom dress while drunk. Great. Way to make an impression, Ness.

I straighten myself up a little before climbing the steps to the porch. When I try the door, it's locked, so I force it open. I'm sure Jake won't mind fixing it tomorrow.

As I step through the doorway, my eyes widen and I freeze as I see something that takes a few moments for my brain to comprehend.

Jake is lying on the hallway floor…on top of Leah…and they're naked.

I stare at them confused.

"Shit. Ness."

They're having sex. My Jake is having sex. With Leah.