I don't own Naruto or any of the characters related to it. Simple Fanfic.

My first Naruto Fanfic, will try to stay as close to O.C. as possible.

Shino Aburame sat upon a boulder that was hidden within the many vines of a willow tree, he liked this spot. Due manly to the privacy that it offered and the many insects that came about from it.

He was inspecting his small friends wondering if they were ever going to calm the angry buzz that released from them. He too, was indeed disappointed but knew it was not his place to try and interfere.

'She's grown so fast. Her determination has gotten so much. Of course she was going to ask him, did I think she would remain hidden about her feelings forever?'

No, he knew this day would come one way or the other, though he had hoped that it wouldn't. He figured after the battle with that Akatsuki member, she would have figured that Naruto wasn't worth it but there she was once more confessing her feelings to the blonde ninja.

He could feel his kikaichu moving under his skin, they could feel every thing he felt, they were the only things that he would allow to see emotions from him.

'I need to stop this before I get to involved, just remove it from yourself Shino. It'd be better if you do.'

He got up and his kikaichu calmed, surrounding him in a flittering haze. There was a snap of a twig, Shino sent his kikaichu to inspect it and was reported that it was Hinata.

'Why here, you have what you want. Why come here.'

He readied himself to move away before she noticed him but he suddenly stopped when he heard a familiar sound come from her, she was hiccuping and murmuring. Shino knew what must have happened as a result of her crying, Naruto had turned her down...

She sat on the opposite side of the willow, her head on her knees. Shino stood there for a moment, pondering if he should leave her or to comfort her, he decided that even if he wasn't going to be the something she wanted, he could still be there for her a her friend. As he had always been.

Hinata was on her own world, taken aback that Naruto had refused her feelings once more, she did not hate him, nor could she. She just wished that he would feel the tiniest of what she felt for him, Naruto ever so polite couldn't come to say what she knew he wanted to say.

'Alone, that is what I have come to terms with. My clan wouldn't want someone like me leading if they were to see how easily I cry.'

Suddenly, she felt a warmth upon her. She knew it, growing up in squad 8, she had gotten the sense of when her comrades where near. He put a strong hand upon her shoulder, her lip trembled as she turned around and embraced Shino-kun as tight as she could.

Shino was taken a bit off guard from this but put his arm around her shuddering shoulders as she began to sob once more.

"Im I-I not g-good enough for a-anything?"

"Hinata, do not let one thing detour you from being the person I know you are. You are strong and capable of anything, don't put yourself down."

Hinata tried to calm herself, she stood there in his arms for a moment and sighed, why was Shino being so compassionate? True he was usually very protective over her and Kiba-kun but this was the first time he embraced her so freely. She felt the humming from under his coats, somehow the sound was so relaxing that she lost track of time listening to the humming and feeling Shino's arm around her.

"Hinata, will you be alright?"

She rubbed her eyes dry, which were still a bit red and puffy but smiled and nodded at him sweetly. Shino found himself so drawn to her at this moment it was hard to keep himself from confessing his own feelings.

"Hai, thank you Shino-kun. You're always there for me."

"We are friends are we not? I will always be there for you."

Hinata blushed, she wasn't quite sure but was there something in his voice that felt like he was being sincere, the little amount of his face that was showing gave away nothing about what he had said but she felt it in her.

Shino released her with a disappointment only he would know and looked to the sky.

"It's getting late, I imagine your father would not want you out at this late hour."

Hinata frowned, "Only because Im an heir..."

"Still, we can't have you having another crying fit can we?"

She sighed and nodded, not really wanting to return to the Hyuga clan but knowing there was no other place she could go.

Shino escorted her home, not wanting her to run into the one that caused her so much pain to begin with, Hinata had already forgiven him, that much he could tell. Shino on the other hand could not. Knowing the girl you had feelings for was turned down by the one person she held close hurt him more then it hurt her.

They said their goodbyes, Hinata blushing again as she thanked him for being there for her. Shino nodded and walked off, destination, his own home.