Well, this is it everyone. The last chapter, hope you like it.

With the mission over and everyone unwilling to head back to their home village yet, the next day was spent at the Springs that Yu had to offer. Shino didn't see much of Ino or KIba that day, the few minutes he did, Kiba gave him that childish like thumbs up and a wink and headed off with Ino.

Hinata had suggested taken a hot bath together in the joint spring, Shino followed her and sat in the warm hazy water staring up at the darkening sky above them. Hinata moved close to him and laid her head upon his good shoulder, he smiled but was suddenly struck by curiosity.



"Did you ever figure out what the package held within it?"

She giggled and began to fiddle with his hand, he looked at her with his true eyes and gave her a kiss on the temple.

"And what could be so funny about that question?"

"Well, seeing as we are bathing in what was in the package, I find it funny."

Shino looked at the water and then back at her confused. How did that make any sense? Hinata giggled again and pooled some water in her hands.

"Salts my Shino-kun, salts. The purifier of water."

Shino's faced turned serious, all this fighting and hours wasted travailing here for some salt?

"I felt the exact same way, turns out the assassin ninjas were hired by a rival village with natural springs as well. They didn't want the competition to get ahead of them."

That was the last straw, he was ready to get out of this hot spring right now, go straight to the village and give Lady Tsunade a piece of his mind. That was until Hinata kissed him and wrapped his arms around her.

"Now Shino-kun, it wasn't all bad. As you have said before, wasn't us coming together the best part of this mission?"

Shino grinned and tightened his hold on Hinata, she was right and he wouldn't have changed any of this journey with her if he had to. She had been the one to break him in the end, she had indeed grown far from the little girl who fainted at the thought of the boy she admired and was now with a man she cherished more then she could ever imagine possible.

"Once we get back to the village Hinata, we can start a new life together. Would that be alright with you?"

"H-hai, Shino-kun. Always and forever."