The Taming of the ADA

This is for Rae's Birthday story competition. I want to thank her for her friendship and support.

Warning: Major Kink later in the story and very Mature, with a very naughty Butch Benson, a Dominant Donnelly, and a Collared Cabot. First chapter is the introduction, later much smut.

Disclaimer: I own nothing... Sigh.

Elizabeth Donnelly smirked as she looked across her desk at her new protégé. 'The girl has potential... but she needs to be brought down to earth. She'll reach so much higher if she crawls her way to the top.'

The sound of Liz's manicured nails drumming on the desk and a telltale gulp from her young attorney shattered the dense silence. 'She can hide her true self under all the riches and class in the world but she is still that curious nervous little girl that her uncle told me about. She is unsure about herself even though she tries to be otherwise. Oh, I have got to introduce her to Olivia, she will eat her up.'

"So tell me Miss Cabot. Why did you request Sex Crimes?" the bureau chief asked.

"Honestly? Rapists disgust me. Anyone who feels that they have a right to take advantage of people sexually needs to be punished to the full extent of the law. I know that I can do more than any other ADA here in getting justice for those victimized," Alex Cabot quoted confidently.

"How long have you practiced that little speech, Miss Cabot?" Liz asked coolly.

"Excuse me?" Alex blurted out, putting up her defensive walls.

The elder blonde rose from her seat and walked around her desk. She circled the youthful attorney like a shark circling her prey. Reaching forward, she pulled out the twist in Alex's tight bun, letting her hair fall down to her shoulders. Alex gasped in surprise, but quickly put up the ice mask she had perfected in law school. Her uncle had warned her about Elizabeth Donnelly and her love of knocking young attorneys to their knees… although Alex had been confused when her uncle put air quotes around knees. It seemed awfully strange, almost like he meant that the bureau chief literally knocked down them to their knees.

She laughed at the thought at first. The DA's office is a political agency run by the government. They had to stick to the letter of the law. No one would tolerate physical abuse here, especially in the sex crimes unit. That kind of stuff was taboo, only for criminals. Alex's mother had made sure to teach her that kink was the first step towards rape after she caught her daughter watching a TV show where a detective cuffed her boyfriend in a bedroom scene and Alex giggled.

Sighing hard in annoyance, Liz stood in front of Alex, making her strain her neck up to look at her. "Miss Cabot, I don't like assumptions. You practiced the company line to sound professional, and don't deny it. First off, you are completely wrong. Second, you are very judgmental. I do not appreciate that, and you have no business in any courtroom. Lastly, you are arrogant. Confidence is a great virtue, but you are arrogant. Now, I am going to deny your request in Sex Crimes, please leave my office."

Alex's eyes bulged out of her head and her jaw dropped. 'Arrogant? Judgmental? And who doesn't practice their answers?' the astonished voice in her head wondered.

"Chief Donnelly, I..." Alex tried to explain.

"Out." Barked the elder blonde.

"If you just give me a…" the young blonde said, starting to panic.

"OUT!" Liz yelled, turning her back and walking to her seat.

"Please…" Alex begged quietly, desperate for a chance to …. What? Explain? A chance to prove herself?

Liz smirked to herself for a moment. 'The first step.' She carefully replaced her smirk with a disgusted look before turning back to the now begging girl.

"Begging? How the mighty have fallen already." The Bureau Chief mocked as she watched Alex blush and fight her instinct to duck her head down. 'She should be crying by now. Maybe there is a chance for her...' The bureau chief made a decision, one she hoped that she would not regret. "Fine, I will give you a chance, but you are on probation. Any screw ups, or if I am not pleased with you at all times, and you will be fired. I will make sure you that the only job you can get is a legal aid to a scum bag ambulance chaser."

Alex's jaw dropped once again. 'Who the hell does she think she is? I am a Cabot. I can get anything I …' She bit her lip to keep from screaming at Elizabeth. 'The whole point of not joining your father's firm is to prove yourself and who am I kidding? The Donnelly name has more power than my family can buy.' Deciding to play Elizabeth's game for now, Alex swallowed her pride.

"Yes, Chief Donnelly."

Liz could tell Alex didn't mean it, that she was just playing the game, but it was a first step. She would be punished the next time. She would learn.

"Your first duty is to meet the Detectives at the 1-6. You will introduce yourself to the Chief there and show respect. Any word I get that you treated them the way you treated me… and your ass is on the curb, but for now it's mine."

A small gasp escaped Alex's lips, and the excited shiver that shot up her spine was not lost on Liz. The elder attorney had been around the block more than once, and she could tell the difference between fear and pleasure.

"Yes Ma'a…. Chief Donnelly." The young blonde waited to be told to leave, just as her parents had trained her. 'You wait until you are dismissed, young lady,' the stern tone of her father echoed in her ears.

'What a strange turn of events… She seemed to like my proclamation of owning her… and Ma'am? Seems there is even more potential in her than just the courtroom. Olivia will definitely eat her up now in more ways than I originally thought. But this girl does have a spine. She will never let Olivia take control.' Liz knew that the arrival of Alexandra Cabot to the DA's office could be Abbie all over again, but for some reason, the bureau chief thought that Cabot had what it took to go all the way. Abbie was not a failure, far from it, but she could have been so much more. Liz wouldn't let that happen again. Besides, Olivia never loved Abbie, just lusted after her...

Olivia was going to need help training this one, and she was just the woman for the job.

Liz returned to her seat, glaring at the young attorney for a moment before sending her on her way. "You are dismissed."

'Thank you, Ma'am,' Alex almost let slip, but she was able to hold it back. Where on earth had that come from? Alex stood and walked out the door as confidently as possible.

Alex spent her entire journey to the 1-6 repairing her ice wall that Liz melted with just one look and word, and trying to figure out what she did wrong. She couldn't have made a worse first impression if she tried. The blonde didn't get it. She hadn't been arrogant... well, maybe a little, but she was a Cabot, damn it, and she had answered her questions just the way her father had told her. What had she done wrong?

As the young blonde clicked her way out of Elizabeth's office, the bureau chief reached for her cell phone.

"Hello, Olivia. I just sent your new ADA over. Believe me, you will just love her..." She paused, laughing. "Blonde, tall, blue eyes, fuck me heels... You know better than anyone what kind of foul mouth I have... Now, the problem is that she does have a stick up her ass that I don't think even you can remove... No, I do not doubt your abilities, Olivia... don't you remember the Carmichael incident? You thought you could tame her, and it literally ending up in a wrestling match. I am just saying this girl will require my touch... No, she is all yours. I just want a little …" The bureau chief ran her tongue over her lips. "Taste. I will train her, and then when she is the perfect pet, you can have her. She does need proper training to be successful in the courtroom and in the bedroom. Okay, call me later with your thoughts. Goodbye, Detective."

Olivia smirked as she heard the sound of those fuck me heels echoing down the hall into the bullpen.

The detective got up, quickly moving away from view. She wanted to see her prey before the prey saw her. Olivia knew that she could get this woman off her game the second they met, she would have her. Watching from the shadows, Olivia lost her focus for a moment when she saw their new ADA. 'Damn that Liz, she didn't give me a good enough warning.' Olivia hadn't felt this way from just looking at a woman since she could remember. Quickly undoing a few buttons on her blouse and rubbing some water on her face, neck, and chest, she walked toward her prey.

"Is this our new ADA? She looks to cute to be a lawyer," Olivia teased.

Turning around to face Olivia, the young blonde glared and prepared to rip this woman a new one... that is, until she set eyes on the Goddess. Doing her best fish out of water impression, she tried to catch her breath. The gorgeous woman was wearing a black leather jacket, but the shirt beneath it showed a lot of cleavage, and a trail of glistening sweat shone over the visible parts of her skin. Alex could not keep her eyes from following a drip trailing towards a pair of perfect breasts.

"The name's Detective Olivia Benson. What's yours, blondie?" the Detective asked with a sexy, crooked smile that came naturally to her.

The blondie comment snapped Alex out of her trance, and she fixed her glare on the smug detective. "My name is Alexandra Cabot, not blondie. I expect to be addressed as such when we work together."

A few laughs escaped Munch before he turned away from Olivia's glare, and a whistle came from Elliott. 'Wow, Liz was right,' Olivia thought, 'the bitch does bark, but I will make sure that I am the only one that bites.'

"Whatever you say, Alex. Stabler, let's do some… work, so I don't get the business from Cabot," Liv teased as she and her partner left the bullpen.

"Alexandra, Detective!" the young attorney yelled in a huff. 'God, that woman… that woman. Alexandra, get it together. Control yourself. Daddy would die if he knew what I was feeling right now.' Turning back to Captain Cragen, she offered him a smile and a handshake, remembering Donnelly's warning about the consequences of failing to show respect.

"Captain Cragen, I believe that we will be able to do some good together, and I cannot wait to start. It was a pleasure to meet you and your… detectives." She swallowed the word awkwardly, her mind still on that Butch Goddess.

Laughing lightly and shaking his head, Donald knew that this girl was in trouble. He knew he had better have a talk with Olivia. He did not care that Liv was a lesbian or anything, but he had warned her to be careful when Abbie started filling in as their ADA, and it still blew up in their faces. He would not tolerate childish flirting and fighting on the job. 'Better call Liz, too…'

"Don't take it personally, Miss Cabot. We get a new ADA every few months, so the detectives have to get their jabs in early."

"Well, I plan on staying here for quite a while. My goal is the DA's chair, between you and me, and I am going to make sure people remember what I do in Special Victims." Alex puffed up her chest confidently.

"We'll see, Counselor. You aren't the first to say those words, and you won't be the last." Cragen walked back into his office.

The young attorney spun on her heels and headed out the door to the elevator. 'What is with everyone? I get it that I am the new girl, but why does everyone think I can't do this job? I will prove them all wrong.' Determination rose in Alex, and she made a silent promise not to quit this job no matter what happened. She would prove how good she was no matter what she had to do. Little did she know how far those words would go.