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Two conflicting emotions started a civil war inside Alex's head. On one side a passionate aroused army was charging toward a hunkered down army of regret, worry, and consideration. Though aggressive and determined the aroused army was starting to get mowed down by the guns of regret.

Olivia's face was freaking Alex out. Blood had drained from it and the blonde mistook it for disgust and she had made Olivia sick or something. 'Oh shit… God, way to go Cabot. You fucked up again. Why do you do this? You go from zero to one hundred and freak people out. You swing for the fences and missed so bad you spun in a circle embarrassing yourself in front of everyone showing you don't know how to do anything right.'

On the other side of the room Liv was shell shocked. She wished she could do more than just stare at the blonde siren before her. But sadly with all her blood rushing to her sex left her incapable of anything else. 'Come on little Livy, leave some blood in my head to think. You don't need it all. You already took all the moisture from my mouth that I can't talk.'

"Olivia, I… um, ah," Alex stuttered. The blonde tried to find any way to escape or backtrack. 'God, think girl think! YES!'

"Gotcha!" The blue eyed lawyer shouted scaring Olivia out of her stupor.

"Huh?" The brown eyed detective responded.

"It was a joke Liv. I was just trying to freak you out and I did." Alex hoped her face did not give away the huge lie she was spinning.

Luckily after years of police work that included being undercover, in court, interviewing families, victims, and suspects she knew how to recover from shock much faster than the normal person. Plus she could read people just at a glance. 'Alexandra Cabot was an excellent lawyer and could lie and manipulate and play the game with the best of them in the courtroom. Truth be told, Alex was a great lawyer and would never compromise herself like that. But right now Alexandra is not here, it's just Alex and she just told a whopper.'

"Cut the crap Lex."


"Lex, it's okay. You want a show, and you'll get one. Wouldn't be the first time I gave a show." The brunette smirked.

"What do you mean?" The blonde asked. A weird small knot was forming in her gut.

"What I mean candy clit is that at the club I have done a lot of things." Liv blushed at the memory of the many acts she had to perform as a pet to Liz. Most of the acts were done in private, but some quite public in the viewing area of the club. At first Olivia was extremely hesitant to perform in front of people but Liz explained how the rules and laws of the club protected the members.

As a member nothing done within those walls ever were brought into the light of the world. Like patient doctor confidentiality, those members kept theirs and others identities and activities to each other.

After Elizabeth explained to Olivia that she had nothing to fear, that the club's powerful members and board will always protect its own. Sadly, at times a few will ruin things but those that do end up, shall we say… regretting their transgressions. Those exposed were protected and cleared of scandal while those betrayers are put on the career chopping block so to speak.

Alex wanted to know each and everything Olivia ever done, sexually and otherwise. But hearing from her sexy detective that she had done those sexual things in front of others, had really bothered Alex. The blue eyed girl's eyes turned green in jealousy. 'I know I have no right to be jealous of Olivia's past relationships and also her sex life or anything before. But why am I? Why am I so bothered by this?'

"Don't worry your little blonde head Kitten. Don't over think things. Just enjoy ok Lex?" Oliva could tell her lawyer was bothered to hear just a hint of her sex life. She understood how hard it is to know your lover had past lovers. And also took some time for Liv to get over sharing other's and herself. She was extremely jealous that Liz was getting to have her pet first, but she knew in her heart that in time Alexandra Cabot would be hers alone and she would be Alex's.

"Enjoy learning others got to see you?" Alex grumbled quietly.

"No, enjoy that you are going to get to see me now." Olivia said as she slide her ninja turtle top off revealing her olive skin and pert breasts to the blonde. Her brown nipples pebbled from the air and her arousal. As she dropped the shirt to the floor she looked directly at her future pet. "Now be a good girl and sit there and enjoy the show."

"God," Alex gasped. The blonde's jaw dropped and her blue eyes bugged out. 'They are as beautiful as I imagined them to be. They are just perfect.' She licked her lips looking at the nipples of her future owner and clenched her fingers wanting to touch and taste the breasts of the beautiful brunette.

"Alex please, Olivia will do, but soon maybe Mistress…" Olivia winked as she tweaked her own nipple.

A whimper escaped the ruby lips of the blonde. Alex should protest and stop Olivia before this went any further. She was afraid this was moving too fast, but she wanted this so badly. The sight before her was just too delicious and tempting to deny her the pleasure of this moment.

'Mistress Olivia? Oh fuck… that's hot.'

Olivia pulled on both of her nipples and moaned as she closed her eyes a moment. Liv loved when her lovers played with her breasts. She had extra sensitive nipples and not to sound arrogant, impressive tits.

'It's never as good when you play by yourself… with yourself… but Christ this is hot even to me.' The brunette cupped her breasts letting her nipples go and started to massage rolling her breasts and kneading them another groan escaping her lips.

Olivia let her breasts bounce back down after letting them go. She rose her ass off the ground and started to slide her pajama pants down to her ankles. Glad she shaved her legs earlier, she could not help but get a little ego boast as Alex ogled first her breasts and now her toned, smooth legs.

Alex could still not believe what she was seeing. Inch by inch the goddess before her was revealing her perfect skin and body to the blue eyed blonde. She desperately wanted to push Olivia's hands aside and touch her with her own finger tips but she would obey her future Mistress and just watch and enjoy this moment of bliss.

The bottoms soon joined the top on the floor. That left the olive skinned beauty just in her little black boy shorts. Though acting cocky and confident, Olivia was very nervous. She was nude in front of dozens and dozens at the club with Liz, but she never felt this exposed before. This was not the first time she played with herself with an audience watching but this was Alex. This was different.

Olivia toyed with the hem of her panties and would slip a fingertip inside before pulling out not getting close to her pussy, but enough to get Alex to react. She smiled through half lidded eyes as the blonde in front of her whimpered and bit her lip. Liv could tell that Lex was having an extremely hard time just sitting there but she knew from talks with Liz that their little pet would obey and stay put no matter what until ordered.

Finally Olivia decided to ante up and started to slide the boy shorts off. As sexy as she could she lifted her legs knees close and slide the little scrap of cloth past her ankles and sling shot them at Alex. The shot could not have been better. There is a reason Olivia was first in her class at the shooting range. The boy shorts hit Alex right in the face.

'Did she really just do that? Did Olivia Benson just fling her panties in my face?' Alex was stunned and was a bit peeved. 'Her freaking panties! Her, wet dirty panties… her west, dirty, arousal soaked panties. Fucking God…' Alex Cabot slowly took hold of the boy shorts between her fingers and slid them from her face, but not before taking a deep whiff and embarrassingly taste of Olivia's arousal.

Fireworks sparked in Alex's mind as Olivia Benson's flavor touched her tongue. She could not help herself. The blonde had to taste. Now that she has she was addicted. The smell was just as intoxicating. But it was not enough. They were mere hints. A scent on the wind or licking your lips clean from a far gone meal. Alex Cabot wanted more.

Olivia could see her future pet's body shudder. She hoped it was a good shudder and not annoyance and disgust. The tell tale moan though told her it was a good shudder. Olivia suspected that Alex smelled her scent. Truth be told, Olivia was positively dripping she was so horny.

One thing that had worried Olivia growing up was that she was always thinking about sex. After she learned of her conception and rapist father she was worried she was a monster waiting to pounce. And so she resisted her urge to be sexual or kinky. After joining the police force she came across a certain lawyer. Elizabeth Donnelly healed her. Helped her admit she was an overly sexual woman, and that is nothing to be ashamed at. To be honest, Olivia was almost always horny especially with Alex around or anywhere but at work.

'Thank God that I do not get aroused at SVU. Some cases maybe toe the line of things I like or interested in, but rape is so much different and evil. Those involve rape, this does not. I still never told anyone, even Liz I am worried that I might one day look at a case and become aroused by the urge of rape. If it does… I won't be able to live with myself…'

Alex finally focused on her Liv. The black boy shorts fell from her fingers when she saw what was there before her. The blonde squirmed and felt a sudden gush rushing to her sex and ruining her own panties. I have seen a pussy before. My own, pictures from cases… porn, but in person like this… Olivia's cunt…'

Olivia slide down a bit laying her back against the couch angled with her breasts heaving with breath as holds it as she spreads her legs open revealing her sex to the blonde. Olivia bent her knees and inched her ass out a bit and pulling her legs further apart exposing everything to the young woman before her.

The brunette at first hated being shaved smooth by Liz Donnelly during her training but she grew too really like it, well sort of. Olivia still felt a pet's pussy is smooth and clean of all hair. A Dominant does not have to be bald so to speak, so she compromised. She kept most of her pussy smooth except for the small downy landing strip of brown curls.

The young woman was not surprised by the small strip Olivia had, but what surprised her was the small tattoo near low on her hip. It was hard to really tell much detail because of the position of Olivia's leg but Alex could tell it was pretty ornate. The blonde never expected Olivia to have a tattoo and will have to ask the older woman about it later, because right now nothing in the world would cause Alex to interrupt Olivia.

Olivia stayed in that exposed position as one hand returned to hear breast. She continued her slightly rough groping as her other hand slide down her tummy. Watching her blonde's blue eyes, Liv traced her landing strip with a single finger daring to go lower but then slowly trace back up causing the young woman in front of her to whimper and groan.

"Something wrong peeping tom?" The brunette teased.

"Yes…" Alex husked.

The older woman's hands stilled one still grasping her breast hard the other ghosting near her pussy. Olivia now worried she pushed to far or that Lex had finally hit her quota of kink and sexiness for the night.

"Lex, I…" Liv tried to ask before being interrupted.

"Stop teasing. Please," The blonde plead.

The dominant woman breathed a sigh of relief. She smirked at the horny sub in front of her and continued pawing at her breast as her fingertips of her other hand finally hit the velvet folds of her moist but quickly becoming soaked pussy lips. With a sharp intake of breath Olivia could not believe how in heat she was right now. She would not have been surprised if her cunt was bright red shining a beacon of how horny she was.

"Ooooo," Alex groaned as her lips parted and her tongue darted out wetting her lips.

"Llllleeeexxxx…" The brown eyed woman moaned in return as she pinched and pulled at an already abused and puffy nipple. Olivia Benson could not tease anymore, little Livvy needed to be touched badly. She used two fingers to start rubbing her folds in a circular motion ending each rotation with a flick to her swollen clit. "Fuck…"

"Christ Liv," Alex panted and squirmed in seat. Her panties now soaked and ruined, her own sex crying out for the same attention Olivia was giving her own sex.

Olivia bit a snarky comment back as she was too far gone, usually her brown eyes would be closed shut and imagining the blonde was with her when she would play. But right now Olivia dared not blink. She was worried that she would and when her eyes opened Alex would be gone and all this was an amazing dream. Anxiety and shyness now completely beaten by arousal and need Liv slowly spread her pussy open revealing her opening to Alex's ice blue eyes.

"So beautiful." The young woman stated. Alex never in her life had seen something as erotic, sexy, beautiful, and sensual in her life then Olivia was right now.

Lex's statement caused Olivia to tear up and she quickly closed her eyes to recoup. 'Alex Cabot just called me beautiful…'

"Please Olivia stop teasing me." Alex begged.

"Huh?" Olivia snapped to attention after losing herself in her future pet's words.

"Do it." Alex said.

Liv smirked. "Do what pet?"

Biting her lip Alex could not say out loud what she wanted Liv to do. Blushing she tried to look away but seriously, who could honestly pull their eyes from this by choice? Once again that amazing voice questioned the blonde again.

"Do. What. My Pet?"


"Say it." Liv spread herself further with her fingers as her hand dropped her breast and toward her pussy.

"I can't." Alex stalled.

"SAY IT Alex!" Olivia ordered.

"FUCK YOUR PUSSY OLIVIA! FINGER YOUR CUNT NOW! RIGHT NOW!" The blonde yelled, begging the brunette.

Without warning to the young woman, Olivia plunged two fingers inside herself and moaned. It was quite the challenge to keep her eyes open as her sex felt her fingers enter and her muscles clenched around them. Using the fingers that she kept her lips open, Liv fingered for her clit and started to assault it as her other hand fucked herself.

Olivia's body started to heave and her toes started to curl. Moving her hips in a circular motion the olive skinned woman rose her as and pushed up on her toes as she pumped her fingers slowly almost pulling out before ramming them back into her pussy. So much of Liv's arousal had gathered that the sound of her wetness filled Alex's ears.

"Oh fuck… Lex, god… aaaaa, ooo, yes…" Olivia bucked her hips and threw her head back causing her breasts to bounce. Liv now started a rhythm of not just fucking herself but also riding her fingers. The older woman's tongue escaped her mouth as she panted. 'Gonna cum, oh fuck, gonna cum. SHIT!'

Alex Cabot was hypnotized. She rolled her hips in a mirror image with the Goddess before her. Alex bit her lip when her body shivered and the realization hit her. 'Oh god, gonna cum! I am not even touching myself!'

Sparks went off at the corner of Olivia's eyes. Arching her back she let out a silent scream as she felt an unstoppable flood rushing to her sex. 'What the fuck is happening?!' Without warning Olivia Benson's orgasm rocked her core and her sex started to squirt uncontrollably.



Both women chorused in a duet of matching orgasms. Alex could not believe she had cummed without being touched and just watching someone get off. While Olivia's body rocked with spasms and her sex clenched her fingers and twitched around them as her clit throbbed. 'I… I never… did that before…'

'I wished I was a sculptor or maybe a painter. I would able to save this moment in stone or on canvas to record this Goddess for the ages, of the beauty displayed before me. The perfection of Olivia's body in the moment of orgasm, her glorious body arched and tensed. Froze in time, she rivals any piece of art I've seen in all of the museums I have visited around the world. She belongs in the Louvre but then others would get to see her nude and in perfect bliss, and that is unacceptable. No one will ever see her like this again if I have my way. She… is… all… MINE.'

Alexandra Cabot surprised herself. She had never thought herself to be this possessive. She got jealous of girls in the past that she had lusted after and could not have. She really did not have any friends to share toys with as a child, so she never had the bout of selfishness of telling someone an item was hers and hers alone.

This new feeling of selfishness and greed was intoxicating. It confused the submissive woman especially since she found out she preferred to be the possessed and not the possessor.

*Halls of Montezuma plays in the background*

The music pierces the post orgasmic haze that Olivia Benson is floating through. Alex Cabot was too high from her climax, as well as from Olivia's scent for anything to clear her lust filled mind. Her glazed over blue eyes were locked onto the nude statuesque beauty before her to let the interruption ruin the moment.

"Fuck!" The flushed olive skinned brunette yelled as she reached for her cell.

"Huh?" The blushing blonde questioned.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me! I told him not to bother me this weekend." Olivia's eyes narrowed at the face occupying her cell phone's screen.

Finally aware of what was happening in the apartment and not in the sexual paradise the two women shared a few moments ago, the blonde's brow furrowed. "Liv, why is the Marine theme song playing on your phone?"

Olivia was to pissed off to answer her soon to be pet as her sex coated fingers swiped on the screen of her phone, leaving a streak of cum on it.

"What the fuck do you want Stabler!?" Olivia Benson growled.

After a moment Alexandra Cabot watched anger turn to blushing horror, then to shame pass on Olivia's face. Realization soon dawned on the blonde's features. They had forgotten about calling Elliott to explain things before Dickey got home. They did not know it was his last stop on his shift and Olivia thought she had time to warn El.

The blue eyed detective ripped the phone from his ear. Hopefully he won't lose the hearing in it after the blood curdling scream exploded from the phone. Dickey's eyebrow rose as he watched his dad smirk. Elliott only smiled like that when he knew he had broken a perp, or had the winning hand at poker. He knew that yell. Many times that loud scream was directed at him or his partner. Now he had ammo next time either of those voices stood up against him. He had Olivia and Alex.

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