I screamed, pulled at my hair, and threw the letters on the floor.

Bills, bills, bills.

How was I meant to pay them?

Mable quit, I haven't been able to get any gigs, or a second job.

And now I just got a letter from mum in Spain to send her money.

When would it end?

I shivered. It was cold as winter drew near

I headed downstairs to turn the heating up.

Then I remembered. They turned off my electricity and water.

I sighed, and lit a fire the old fashioned way in the fire place.

I looked over the letters, squinting my eyes as I sat close to the fire.

One sentence stuck out like a sore thumb.


I sighed.

Perhaps I could relax in the only place I found comfort.

The café Clive and I met at.

I pulled on a warm jacket, a scarf and other essential winter clothing as made my way down.

Despite having one more day left in my house, I couldn't stay there.

Too many memories.

And not good ones.

I sat in the café, and blew on my coke. Which was pointless, because it wasn't warm.

I sighed, and looked out the window.

A homeless man was asleep on the bench, snow dropping on the red raw face.

Perhaps I would be joining him soon.

I sighed again. Had I sprung a leak? All I seemed to be doing was sighing.


I squealed, and jumped.

The Professor sat down in front of me.

"Sorry to startled you," He said, smiling.

Even though he was my new found friend, I couldn't bring myself to smile back.

"No worries," I said.

"How are you?"

"Been better, you?"

"What's wrong?" The Professor leaned forward, looking me in the eye.

"I'm fine.." I stared at him.

"You neither look nor sound it," He frowned, "What seems to be the problem?"

I paused. Should I tell him? Perhaps he would let me stay at his house.

I shifted, and felt the letter rustle in my pocket.

I frowned slightly.

I didn't know if I should tell him or not.

I wasn't proud.

Just worried. Whatever he did for me, I couldn't pay him back. Not if he loaned me the money. It would be too much for me.

I looked out the window. The homeless man was snoring, his mouth opening and closing.

I didn't want to turn out like him.

I drew the letter out my pocket.

"This," I said shortly, not wanting to go into details.

He took the letter, and with a raised eyebrow read the paper.

He showed no emotion as his eyes skimmed down the page.

I gulped.

He looked up at me.

What was he going to say?

I waited for the worse.

But, his rection utterly surprised me.

"Would you like to stay with me?"

A/N: Hey all! How will Amy get her way out of this one? Don't worry. This won't be based around her. I have an AMAZING plot twist for later on. Actually…I have several.

But anyway, I have a cool idea for this story.

I am going to have 26 chapters, and each on will begin with the letter of the alphabet.

For example, this on is the first chapter, so it is called "Accommodations,"




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