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Nano-second/astrosecond - .498 seconds
- 1 second
- 1.2 minutes
- 8.3 minutes
- 1 hour and 15 minutes
- 6.5 hours
- 1 day
- 13 days
- 3 weeks
- 13 months
- 83 years

It was a stressed and worn out Sam that got off shift. Despite his attempts at not thinking about it, he still ended up thinking about it, and had gotten himself a processorache. He knew his mood was affecting Soundwave too, but he couldn't bring himself to cheer up, so the sparkling quickly became rather irritable and their game of Focus started slipping. Sam shuttered his optics, wishing, not for the first time, that he had a human face. Or at least a more human-like nose...olfactory sensor, he reminded himself sternly.

As always, leaving the Delta Sector and entering the Iacon Gamma Sector was a shock to the senses. The differences between the two sectors was astounding-it was like entering a completely different world. Delta was cleaner, obviously maintained better, more like the average low-income neighborhoods on Earth, and Gamma was like a village from a war zone in a third world country that had been turned into a garbage dump.

The two sectors were separated by gates in all the entry points. The bigger, more popular gates that were used by the upper classes to visit the slums for cheap Energon and entertainment, were guarded by Enforcers. The smaller, more obscure and out of the way gates had next to no security. Despite that, it was a rare kind of Gamma that would leave the sector. If a Gamma was found out of bounds, the Enforcers were called. And the Enforcers did not treat wayward Gammas kindly. Some gates were built into support pillars, accessed by a lift of sorts, some were through buildings, some were staircases of sorts. Others just seamlessly melted the Gamma Sector into the Delta Sector. Cybertron was a labyrinth of bridges, passages, tunnels, pillars, buildings, towers, stairs, and ramps, one level built on top of another on top of the next. The Gamma level rarely saw the sky.

A servo latched onto his arm, yanking him out of his internal steaming.

"Jvanna buyzom red looper?"

Sam stopped and pinned the bot with a glare. He had no idea what 'red looper' was, but he knew he most definitely did not want to buy it. Especially not from a femme that looked high. "No," he bit out. "Now kindly remove your personage from mine."

A slow optic shutter. She had three optics. One of them was cracked. "Jydunno vathat meansss...jyvanna red looper. Red looper makezit all go avay. Like circuit circulz." She giggled. "Jygot red looper, zveetzpark, come'n 'ave zome. It'll makeit feel good."

Sam gripped her servo and pried her digits off before practically tossing her aside and stalking away. "I like my br-processor unscrambled, thank you very much!" he snapped over his shoulder, the 'educational' video he'd had to watch once upon a time coming to mind. This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Even if she wasn't selling drugs, and it sure sounded like it, he still didn't want it. Whatever it was. He had enough problems already without a melted processor.

Her high-pitched giggle ran out behind him as he left. "Jygonna vannit soon."

Barely two streets and one breem later, he was accosted yet again. This time it meant he doubled over in pain, both servos clutching at his helm as the Allspark screamed through his mind like a thousand sirens going off all at the same time with the same pulsing sensation of indescribable, gut wrenching alarm. And behind it, crushing Soundwave's wails as their bond flooded over, was a terrified plea.

Primus, save me!

Magnesia had grown up all her life serving as a Dedicate in the Allspark temple. The underground temple, that is. That cold, brutal life was all she'd known and all she ever wanted to know. Let the pretentious up-dwellers have their grand ceremonies and luxurious living. The Kiandron Dedicates needed nothing more than to protect the Allspark. This was their reward, this was everything they trained for. Life as a Kiandron Dedicate was hard. Brutal. Unforgiving. But it was so worth it.

They protected the Allspark. The Allspark protected them.

Magnesia was one of the lucky ones. She'd been sparked in Kaon, and while her carrier was a pleasurebot, her mercenary creator had held ties to Kiandron. Barely an orn after his deactivation, she'd been approached, just in her fourth frame, and offered Initiation. The Allspark had seen something in her. She didn't know what, but it was there and after her first taste of the Kiandron life she'd taken to it like she'd been sparked into it.

Now she waited, so far from home base, spark pulsing wildly in her chassis as she waited for her target to make a move. It wasn't her first solo mission, but despite the monotony of trailing a suspected illegal trader, it managed to make her Energon thrum in her lines with excitement.

Her optics refocused as she realized she'd lost track of her target.

She was just a nano-klik too late as an Energon blade slammed through her lower chassis.

"Did you really think I wouldn't notice you? You really are a fool."

And the world explodes in black static.