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Nano-second/astrosecond - .498 seconds
- 1 second
- 1.2 minutes
- 8.3 minutes
- 1 hour and 15 minutes
- 6.5 hours
- 1 day
- 13 days
- 3 weeks
- 13 months
- 83 years

The problem with having the Allspark in your human mind was that the Allspark didn't quite understand the human mentality. The Allspark, Sam realized, was operating on the idea that Sam was part of it. It wasn't teaching him anything, it was merely recalling information.

This, as Sam now knew, made things really difficult when the Allspark wanted him to do something but thought he should already know what it was when he had no clue.

Like now.

Every single sensor was telling him he was immersed in black static. He couldn't hear Soundwave through his audios or through the bond, he couldn't even sense the sparkling. This should have made him panic.

Some part of him was panicking.

The rest of him had tuned, perfectly calm, to the blaring klaxon that was the Allspark's presence. Tell me where I need to go.

A blue line suddenly flickered into his vision, like a 3D version of GPS. The line was pulsing rapidly, like a frantic heartbeat. Follow.

He started to take a step but stopped, the protector part of him recalling Soundwave's agonized wails. He would not leave his sparkling.

Give me back my bond with Soundwave first.

Their bond snapped back abruptly, appearing through the static like a purple rope that disappeared into his chest plates. He felt Soundwave quieten and sent out a reassuring pulse to the sparkling, receiving a fierce mental hug in response.


I am.

The line led him on a blind chase through many twists and turns, climbing up and over things, leading him deeper and deeper into the heart of the Gamma Sector. He didn't know how he knew that, it was merely instinctive knowledge, nor did he know how long it took to get there, to the spark on the other end of the line.

A spark that was rapidly fading.

'I don't want to terminate.' The thought struck her with agonizing clarity as she futilely clawed at the Energon blade, trying to keep him from pulling it out. If he pulled it out she was- 'I don't want to. I want to live. I haven't even done anything with my life yet. Primus, Allspark, I want to live! Somebody save me!'

"Did you honestly think I would let you get away, to run back to those smelt-rejects and blabber all my activities? But I won't offline you...yet. I think I'll have some fun."

Magnesia had all of a nano-klik to realize what he meant before he ripped her data ports open and slammed his cables in, initiating a hardline processor hack. She'd heard stories of how painful a forced connection could be, but this-he was tearing through her firewalls like they weren't even there, aiming for her memory core.

He was going to wipe her memory core.

In that instant she forgot every gigabyte of training she'd ever received and threw everything into panicking.

'Primus, save me!'

Soundwave was scared. He knew Creator was right there, still holding him, but for a while Creator had disappeared, and the pain was back. The pain was back and it was so loud. But then Creator was back-distant, but back-and the pain was gone. There was a lot of pain.

The pain wasn't supposed to be there anymore.

Creator made the pain go away. But...

Creator hurt? He glared at the blazing mass in his Creator's processors and sent it an irritated poke. Hurt bad. No more hurt.


Soundwave poked at it again with a fierce scowl. BAD.


Stop hurt.


Soundwave paused for a moment before countering with all his logic. Creator play Focus better when no hurt. Hurt bad. Hurt hurting Creator. Hurt Creator no play Focus.

...Conceding point. Pain impedes processing capabilities.

The blazing mass subsided a little and he felt a rush of gratitude from Creator. Now content, Soundwave cuddled in closer through the bond and drifted off into a light recharge, a bit smug that he'd won that argument.