It was a late summer evening. I was three years old and stuck in a hospital bed. I had been lying there day after day waiting for the doctor's test results on my ear infection. It was the Fourth of July weekend and I wanted to go home to see my family. However, I couldn't move. I was too tired from all the medication I was taking.

After the doctor had given me my eardrops, he led my dad into the room. He looked slightly frightened when he saw me lying there. There wasn't much I could do but smile beautifully. When he smiled all I could see was depressed streaks upon his face. The room was still, so still it felt like the earth had stopped spinning. I broke the silence by saying, nervously "Daddy, am I going to be okay?" He just stared at me not knowing how to tell a three year old about her condition. After he found the words, he stood up slowly. He took my hand and with is gleaming hazel eyes said, "You are going to be just fine".

Suddenly the door opened, which startled me. The doctor stood there with a clipboard in hand, while talking to my father. I just sat there trying to comprehend what they were talking about. As the doctor left the room, my dad had all smiles and was jumping with glee. There could only be one reason why, I was going home. I began to clap with joy; knowing that I was going home.

With the exciting news Dad and I talked for hours on end. Suddenly, before I knew it, night had fallen. Dad looked at me with a smile and said, "Kaitlyn, I got you a get well soon gift". I didn't need to reply I just clapped my hands because I love surprises. To me surprises are like puzzle pieces you try to figure out. He handed me a blue bag with aqua – colored tissue paper. I began to dig into the bag as if I were looking for a treasure. I pulled out a stuffed animal. Not just any stuffed animal, it was Elmo. Elmo was always my favorite television character. With excitement and love I cuddled Elmo in my arms.

I saw my dad stand up and turn my hospital bed. I watched with fascination wondering what he was doing. I finally got the nerve to ask, "Daddy, what are you doing?" "I wanted you to see the fireworks," he said as he continued to rearrange the furniture. I have never seen fireworks. I waited until my dad said something else. Instantly, I heard a sudden BOOM! From the outside the window. To my wondering eyes, I saw streams of color in the sky. I watched with interest as high streams of color soared through the air. It felt like everyone and everything was screaming with joy. Later on, Dad filled out some paper work dealing with medical, and prescriptions I needed to take. Once that small step was finished, my father helped me into the truck. We drove home.

After that night, I loved fireworks. They fascinated me with their colors and loud thunder claps. To this day I don't know what happened to my little Elmo, but ever since then, I've been closer to my dad than anyone else.