Unfortunately, I will not be continuing The Master of Death.

1. Predictability - Come on, don't kid yourself. You know exactly how it's going to turn out - the super!Harry formula has already past, and the brightest gem I had of an idea - oh wait. It wasn't even entirely my idea, tbh. Go read Retsu's Folly and tell me it's not several hundred times better. D:

2. Writing Standard - It's crap, compared to what I know I'm capable of. At some point, I might give this a spin again, but it'll probably be a one shot, and it'll probably end up being more artsy and dark like D Minor than sprawling and faux-epic like Kaleidoscope.

3. I might pull this from ffn entirely, or not. Anyone is free to adopt it. Please, make it better than it is... D8

Thanks for reviewing, favoriting and following. I do feel really bad about this...