Falling Into Places

by PuppyNoelle

Description: Sequel to Unintended Medicine. Soul, Maka, and Co are finally taking their first steps into life in the big city. They must learn how to survive in the hectic world of college life, part-time jobs, self-doubt, and cunning high-class nemeses. Can they all stay together, even as the tides of change are ripping them apart? SxM, BxT, KxL. Lemons are imminent.

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Chapter 1: Poco a Poco

Maka Albarn quickly discovered that the plane ride to New York City was a disaster.

Her oldest, and most obnoxious friend, Black Star, was incredibly antsy the entire flight. If he was seated, legs twitched around constantly, and if he wasn't seated, he ran up and down the aisles whining and moaning about how bored he was. In total, he had been warned twelve times by the flight attendants to sit down and stop disturbing the other passengers, before the captain himself came out personally. He threatened to land halfway through the journey just to kick the blue-haired assassin off the plane. Eventually Tsubaki convinced her boyfriend to switch seats with her so that he could have the window seat and watch outside.

Maka's other male friend, Death the Kid, behaved just as poorly as Black Star. From the moment everyone boarded the plane, he began shouting and mumbling about the asymmetry of the plane's old, and slightly weathered interior. Though his girlfriend, Liz, and her sister, Patty, had managed to keep him in his seat, his constant mumbles and cries from the fetal position in his seat annoyed the staff and passengers just as much as Black Star's loud outbursts had.

Maka's boyfriend-slash-almost-fiancee, Soul, slouched deep into the seat beside her. His earbuds were buried into his ears, and his iPod blared so loudly that she could hear every word that was sung. He did his very best to drown out everything going on around him. Maka attempted to do the same, but the noise was so jarring that her friends' voices kept yanking her attention away from her novel. She peered over to see that Black Star was now incessantly poking her lover in the shoulder. She closed her book, preparing for a Maka-Chop.

"Soul! Dude! Lemme borrow your PSP! I am sooooo fucking bored!" Black Star whined.

Maka's partner refused to remove his earphones, and futilely tried swatting his best friend's hands away. Finally, the blonde meister gave into her impulse, and her brand new hardcover book crashed into the assassin's skull.

"Ow! Dammit, Maka! I just wanna play some videogames!"

"Black Star, you idiot! Soul's music is too loud, and he can't hear you! He did that because, just like the rest of us, he doesn't want to be bugged by you!"

"Shut up Maka, and just get the damn PSP for me!" He stuck out his tongue at her teasingly, "If I don't get it, I'm gonna starting kicking his fucking seat!"

Maka growled, but reached into the backpack that served as her partner's carry-on luggage. She dug around inside until her fingers met with the hard plastic case that familiar device was encased in. Two crimson eyes warily watched as his meister's delicate fingers withdrew his portable gaming device. In his peripheral vision, Soul watched as she handed it over to the blue-haired young man behind them.

"Black Star," Soul said, not even removing his earphones or turning down his music, "if you break that, you're buying me a new one."

Things on the plane finally quieted down after the ninja began playing his friend's videogame. His ranting had turned into quiet, childish giggles. Even Kid had quieted down. Liz had finally managed that by pulling out Patty's drawing kit, and ordering her boyfriend to draw her portrait in a perfectly symmetrical fashion.

A wave of relief soon swept over the passengers, and people began dozing off. Maka, too, soon joined the ranks of the sleepy, and curled up against Soul's side comfortably.

When the group finally arrived at their destination, they were enthusiastically greeted by Soul's mother, Annabelle, and his elder brother, Wes. Annabelle took turns hugging all of the newcomers, and she also kissed the cheeks of all four girls and her youngest son. Wes greeted each of the boys with high fives, shot all of the girls winks, and greeted Maka with a friendly hug.

As the female meister pulled away from the elder Evan's brother, her eyes flew straight to her partner. Soul's ruby orbs were locked onto another figure that hung back in the shadows a short ways away. Her partner's entire body was stiff and tense, and his face wore a look of powerful mixed emotions. Maka slowly approached her weapon, and gently linked her arm through his.

"Soul, what the matter?" she asked quietly, but before he could answer, the figure slipped into the light.

The man that slinked forward was slightly taller than both Soul and Wes. He had the same bleach white hair as the two brothers. He wore an expensive, probably designer, black suit, with the tie loosened and the top two buttons unhooked. His maroon dress shirt was tucked in, though slightly sloppily. He wore stylish and modern black-rimmed glasses, and was clean shaven, making him appear a bit younger than he probably was. His piercing indigo colored eyes flickered to meet Maka's, and a shiver ran down her spine. He cautiously approached the pair, analyzing every inch of the young blonde woman, frowning all the while. Finally, he turned his attention back to Soul.

"Soul," the man said stiffly, in a gruff baritone voice that very closely resembled Soul's own.

Her partner's crimson eyes narrowed, and he replied gruffly, "Dad."

"I take it this," his father said, nodding his head toward Maka,"is your girl."

Before her partner could respond, Maka smiled brightly at the man in front of her, offering a handshake. "Yes sir, my name is Maka Albarn. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Evans."

He glimpsed briefly at her hand, backing away just a fraction of an inch. He mumbled an incoherent reply, and completely disregarded her outstretched hand. His eye then quickly travelled behind the pair in front of him, and latched onto his wife's back.

"Why is your mother taking so damn long over there? She can chat in the fucking car. She knows I hate crowded places like this."

His son scowled at him. "Then why the hell did you even bother to show up?" Soul's voice was dripping with venom, "You could've stayed locked up in your fucking studio for all I care. C'mon Maka," He then laced their fingers together and dragged her back to where their friends were happily chatting away.

When she glanced back, the older man's face was blank and expressionless, and he began to slink away, leaving the airport terminal. Maka felt a combination of pity and anger begin to simmer inside of her.

"Soul, why did you-"

"Not now, Maka," he growled, cutting her off. She glared at her partner, but deep down she knew that both Soul and his father were responsible for their own behavior and for the animosity between each other.

Finally, their group began to move. Annabelle's loose golden locks swished around as she searched the room for her husband.

"Soul, darling, where did your father go?"

Their friends all appeared confused. Apparently they hadn't even noticed the presence of the eldest Evans man.

The youngest Evans merely shrugged. "I dunno, maybe he left already."

His mother pursed her lips worriedly, and she whipped out her cell phone. Her delicate fingers flitted across the screen of her shiny iPhone as she texted. When the phone buzzed at her a moment later, she smiled with relief.

"He's waiting outside in the limo."

"Wait... did you just say limo?" Black Star asked, his eyes beginning to sparkle with excitement.

Annabelle giggled. "Yes! We wanted to show you kids the town in style before you settled into your new apartments. Are you ready?"

"Hell yeah!" screamed the assassin, as the Thompson sisters cheered gleefully behind him.

When they arrived outside, they immediately spotted the large Hummer limousine, and the three most enthusiastic members of their group immediately bounded towards it. Tsubaki sprinted after them, shouting for them to be careful and watch where they were running. Kid smiled as he calmly strode after them, ready to help them all get their luggage into the back of the car. Maka tugged Soul's hand, and they and Wes walked together, quickly catching up so they could help Kid and the others with the luggage.

In her peripheral vision, Maka noticed that Annabelle had left the group of kids to talk to her husband. He was seated directly behind the driver, and had rolled down his window specifically so he could talk to his wife. Even in her magnificent stilettos, Annabelle had to stand on her tiptoes to reach to the height of her husband's face inside of the vehicle. Her hands were gently woven through one of his on the edge of the door where the window was no longer present, and her crimson eyes stared into his dark blue ones worriedly. Unaware that he was being watched, Mr. Evans leaned out the window just enough to give his wife a quick kiss on the forehead, before retreating back inside and rolling the window up once more.

In that moment, Maka knew that Soul's father wasn't as heartless as her partner seemed to think. She knew that she had done the right thing in choosing to come to New York City. She knew it wouldn't be easy, because Soul still had so much pent up resentment toward his father, but she knew it could be done. Her partner could heal his childhood wounds, and they could all be a family.

Maka's mood lifted, and once all of their luggage was settled into the back of the car, she climbed inside of the tall limousine, with her frowning partner directly behind her. Before allowing him inside, she twirled around, kissing him swiftly on the lips. When she pulled away, she playfully winked at him, and watched as his frown reversed, turning into his trademark toothy smirk.

~end chapter 1

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Poco a poco = little by little, bit by bit