Please Note: This is not a chapter update.

This is merely a notice to inform my readers of my most popular, currently running stories that I am in the process of migrating my fanfiction from FF(.)net to DeviantArt.

This change is due to FF(.)net's recent decision to 'purge' all M rated, including all sexual and violent, content from the site.

This decision has been in the works for months, as I have exhibited by posting all of my recent Final Fantasy XIII-2 works on dA before posting them here, however, FF(.)net's decision has only solidified my personal decision to leave the community.

My account will remain active, and readers will still be able to access all of my stories that survive the 'purge' however, I will no longer post updates nor will I reply to any messages or reviews sent to this account.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to you all, and hope that you will follow me over to my dA account.

Love to all,