The retelling of the Second move from Kovu's point of view

My name is Kovu. Ever since I was born I was told by my mother to hate the Pridelanders because it's there fault for banishing us to the Outlands. sure the Outlands were dry but it wasn't so bad.

I crept quietly on a bug, watching and waiting i leaped pouncing on it, I caught it! looking into my paws i can see it still buzzing, it's a good thing I didn't kill it, seeing no harm I let it fly away.

" KOVU!" I heard my name being called, looking up my mother glared down at me " don't let it go" she scolded, she grabbed the little bug out of the air and killed it. then she leaped down to me angry as can be, what did I do wrong.

" What the matter with you" she asked me.

" but mother " I argued " he wasn't hurting any one". My mother snarled at me for defending the little bug

" there is not room here for weakness my son" she reminded me, next thing I knew she reached out with her giant pw and took me into her side " remember" she started " Scar took you in and accepted you as his own son".

" but he wasn't my father" I reminded her. she knows that but it's still confusing to me

" no" she told me " but he chose you to be come the next King" she let go of me " when you rule we shall no long have to live in these" I watched her walked over to a termite mound " dry barre3n disgusting" I could see my mother was about to lose her temper and I know better to stay out of the way

" Termite infested" she hit the Termite mound, i felt sorry for the little guys having here home destroyed " UGL-LAND!", I could see she was about to calm down but seeing that it confused me even more, what was right and what was wrong. Soon I heard my brother and sister coming home from the Pridelands

" mother" I can hear my brother and sister calling, soon Nuka and Vitani were fighting over who gets to deliver the News, Nuka pushed Vitani aide but she got back up

" we saw Simba's cub" the both said. now I was interested, I've heard about Simba and he was responsible for the death of Scar but i just couldn't imagine him having a cub.

" Simba's cub is a girl" my sister said, I stuck my tongue out, yuck a girl, my mother begun to cackle, it was creepy to me but it was the way my mother laughed

" Scar did you hear that this couldn't be more perfect" I heard my mother calling up to Scar, Nuka begun to panic think Scar was really here with us, I rolled my eyes, can my brother be any more of an idiot

" Scars dead genus" Vitani reminded him

" Yes' my mother was right by my side again " if it wasn't for Simba Scar would still be king" the next thing I knew mother drew me closer to her again "and I Zira his loving devoted Queen" Mother? Queen? King of Crazy yes but I kept that to my self.

" you know speaking of kings" my older brother spoke, " since I am the oldest maybe I should be king" he suggested right there I just wanted to laugh at him but with my mother by my side I didn't

" don't be a fool Nuka" mother scolded, My brother laughed saying it was just a though, them she reminded him I was scar's chosen heir and I had to be king, Nuka said he could do that but when mother wasn't looking my brother gave me a death glare, I knew he didn't like it but it wasn't my fault.

what do you think , did I get Kovu's Character down? I've seen the deleted scene so many times I know it by heart