Ok not only can Kiara not hunt but she can't be quiet, I can hear her whining about every little thing hitting her and I can here her say ouch, I rolled my eyes

" three..two..one" and right on cue Kiara tried to get me but I ducked making her miss and she tumbled on her back I walked over to her looking down at her

" you can hear me huh?" she asked

" only alot" I told her getting out of her way so she could get up " your breathing to hard" I pointed out " relax, feel the earth underneath your paws so it doesn't shift or make noise" I extended my claws out scratching the ground I saw Kiara do the same thing, the my ears picked up on a flock of birds flying up on a hill, this will be good to show off my skills

" shh" I said " watch the master and learn" first I take 3 quieted steps then I went for the Charge, leaping ready to make the kill I came in contact with a meerkat, who screamed, some how this Meerkat look very familiar and I stopped my self

" don't eat me" the meerkat said " I've realy met you Tyrant..uh i mean Scar, Scar" he kept talking and Getting me confused with Scar " oh one heck of a guy Alittle moody but" Then Kiara came over, she was not happy to see the Meerkat

" Timon" she called " What are you doing here?"

" Kiara thank goodness" Timon started to act like he was worried about her " Hey for one were not following you" he added . Wait following her? I didn't understand what he was going on about.

" this just happens to be the best smorgasbord in the pridelands" then look up i see the flock of bird happily eating worms and bugs from the dirt " BUGS EVERY WHERE" Timon cried, then he said something about a reservation and he tried to make the bird leave only he got his nose pecked. His warthog froind was trying to drive the birds away only to fail, Kiara was laughing at the pigs attempt then he complained about being tired.

Kiara and I trotted down seeing if we can do anything.

" hey maybe he can help Ya think" the warhog said, Timon first told him it was a stupid idea but then he got the idea said that I can help, the poor warhong just relized that Timon took his idea.

I couldn't understands what Timon was aking me, hew ever pretended to growl and demand I roar, I looked at Kiara and she demonstrated by giving out a roar. Suddenly some of the birds started to fly away. Now I roared and more birds flew, Timon getting on his warthog friend's back they took off, me and Kiara started to following them.

" what are we doing?" I asked " what the point of this training?" seriously was there a goal to reach in this pridlands training that I could give to the other outsiders

" Training?" Kiara laughed " this is just for fun"

" fun?" I asked, I've never heard of that word before. Timon who got a hold of one of the birds was carried up, he told me to loosen up and have fun, then he say a weird word I've never heard before " Yee-haa" he said letting go of the bird, Pumbaa who's named I finally remembered from the day I met Kiara ran up catching Timon.

" Yee-haa" I said unsure, then as me and Kiara really started running I tried again " Yee-Haw!" I really liked that word. Soon we caught up to Timon and Pumbba

" YEE-HAA!" I cried out, I've never had fun in my life soon we skidded to halt because we were facing some angry Rhino's, The bird who we chased off were sicking there tongues out making raspberry noises, the Rhino snorted, quickly we turned around running for our lives. I don't know bout them but I was enjoying the chase, quickly we found a small cave in hid from the stampede.

Laughing off our near death experience I quickly caught my breath " WHAT A BLAST!" I cried. Pumbba looked up at me

" oops sorry" he said. we all laughed at the warhogs silliness until Timon gave me a noogie, I told him to stop and he did which was good I don't like to mess up my mane. I felt out cramp space getting tighter as Pumbaa tried to get out, as they got out me and Kiara's noses touched quickly we pulled away but we kept looking into each others eyes until Timon asked if we were coming. Kiara did get out and we started to follow them.

I hope you like this chapter