Misaki, for the third time that morning, took a glance at the clock worriedly. It was ten after seven, and usually Usami Akihiko would have been out of bed at seven, glaring at anything that dared to move before he had breakfast. Actually, despite his love of sleep and his habit of staying up nights at a time to meet a deadline, Akihiko was very strict with his morning schedule. He loved eating with Misaki… And of course, he knew Aikawa was coming over to pick up his manuscript. All the more reason for him to be up earlier. The brunette sighed softly, glancing at the food he had laid out. This wasn't like Akihiko…

"That damn rabbit…"

Finally he saw no choice but to get up and check on the man. It was too odd for him to be so late to breakfast. Masking his concern for annoyance, Misaki got up from the table and stalked upstairs, very literally kicking open the door to Akihiko's room. "Get your lazy butt out of bed, Usagi-san! You know Aikawa's going to be here this morning, so you better have your manuscript ready or she's going to kill you!" He huffed and crossed his arms from the doorway, nose up in the air. "And this time I won't help you."

His haughty attitude quickly died down, however, when he saw Akihiko raise his head from the pillow and glare. The dark circles and murderous look in his eyes told the story of a man running on very little sleep and who wasn't in the mood for anyone's bullshit. Misaki let out a small, nervous laugh.

"Just kidding!" he quickly exclaimed, turning his heels to flee the room. "Have a nice rest, Usagi-san~"

He wasn't quick enough, though. Even in his half-asleep state, Akihiko was the master at trapping young nineteen year old boys name Misaki. The brunette felt an arm around his waist, halting his retreat before he was thrown backwards onto the bed with a small, "Omf…" He took only half a second to analyze the shirtless and very pissed looking Akihiko in front of him before he rolled over and attempted to crawl away with a small cry of, "Geez, learn to take a joke, Usagi-san! I'm leaving, I'm leaving!"

"You're not going anyway," the author replied calmly as he creeped onto the bed just fast enough to wrap his arm around Misaki's waist again, keeping him in place. Misaki shuddered as he felt a large, warm hand slip up his shirt, rubbing his stomach while lips touched the shell of his ear, whispering, "You woke me up and now you need to take responsibility. Besides… It's been too long since I've had any nourishment."

For a moment, that low seductive voice made Misaki pause in his struggles. It was voice that was very, very hard to resist. But the words being said, on the other hand… "Stupid! If you're hungry then go eat the breakfast I cooked for you, not me!" He started struggling again, but it seemed that was only a minor inconvenience for Akihiko. The silver haired man merely held him tighter as his hand travelled further up, capturing one of Misaki's nipples between his fingers and tweaking it, making the boy squeak. It was worse when his free hand worked on the brunettes pants before slipping down there, grabbing an already heated body part and pumping it. It was always the same… Misaki didn't stop struggling, but his writhing grew weaker and his protesting stuttered as heat flooded his body.

Akihiko's touch always made him lose his will to object. Especially when that damn rabbit nibbled on his ear like that…

Aikawa whistled as she walked down the hallway to Akihiko's penthouse apartment. She loved her job and though he was very stubborn, she loved working with Akihiko. His stories were always so interesting… Especially the BL novels. And of course, seeing him with Misaki was always sweet. He was a good boy and seemed to be one of the only people that could stand living with the temperamental author. Not to mention the inspirations he gave the man! She was really looking forward to reading the next installment.

"Hmm?" She paused in the hall, noticing someone else standing in front of Akihiko's door. He had dark hair, glasses, and almost the same face as Misaki. He was standing there patiently with his arms clasped in front of him, as if he had just knocked and was waiting for someone. Cheerful as usual, Aikawa smiled. "Usami-sensei might not be in," she said, making the man jump a bit before looking at her with a blank expression. It was kinda cute, to be honest. She giggled and walked forward to unlock the door. "He likes to take his housemate to school sometimes, but you can wait inside with me, if you want. I'm Aikawa, his editor." She didn't bother with the fact if was Sunday and thus no school.

The blank expression cleared as the man nodded and gave her a small bow. "Ah… I'm Takahashi Takahiro." Obvious this woman new his brother as well, so he smiled and added, "Misaki's older brother. I thought I would visit to see how they both are."

"Misaki's older brother?" she repeated as she led him inside and shut the door behind him with a small click. "Ah! He's such a cute boy, you're lucky to have him! He's so sweet, too. So I take it you met Usami-sensei through Misaki?"

Takahiro laughed and shook his head as he glanced around the penthouse apartment. It seemed Aikawa knew just what she was doing, because she made a bee-line for the computer, booted it up, and start going through files in an attempt to find Akihiko's manuscript. "No, no. It's the other way around. I met Usagi in high school and then my brother met him. It seems they've been getting alone though. Ah! I think they are in." He noticed breakfast laid out over the kitchen table, not a bite touched yet. "They must be getting ready to eat."

Aikawa didn't answer at first, too busy speed-reading through the manuscript. But then her right eye twitched and she growled a short, "He better be in… This is just half!" It always pissed her off when Akihiko did things like that. The man was notorious for missing deadlines or only completing bits and pieces of manuscripts. It was her job to make sure everything was finished. Takahiro blinked at the woman's sudden anger as she jumped from the rolling chair she had been sitting in in front of the desk and stormed upstairs. "Usami-sensei! I want the other half of that manuscript and I want it now! Get your lazy ass down here! I don't care if you're sleeping or what you're doing!"

Having known Akihiko for years, Takahiro knew how crabby the man was first thing in the morning, especially when getting a rude awakening. "I-I don't think you really—" he started, following after her with an outstretched hand.

But the woman ignored him as she threw open the door and clicked on the bedroom light. For a moment, everything was illuminated in a blinding light. Toys lined every wall, from stuffed bears to rabbits beating drums. There was a train set stretched across the floor and an aquarium of marimo shoved in one corner. For any child, it was a toy paradise.

Except for the two people on the bed, whose actions weren't anything for children to see. Misaki was completely naked, on all fours with his face flushed and body trembling. Akihiko was posed over him, in nothing but his pants as he bit at the boy's ear, neck, and shoulder. One hand was wrapped around the younger's obviously throbbing member while the other was gently caressing his chest. At Aikawa's appearance, Misaki turned a brighter shade of red while Akihiko ignored it. After all, it wasn't the first time his editor had walked in on them.

But then the worst happened. Takahiro, who had been right behind Aikawa, peered over her shoulder to see just what his best friend was doing with his brother. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped at the sight. "M-Misaki…? Usagi…?"

It was the quickest Akihiko had ever moved away from his young lover. It was like he had been electrically shocked as he jerked away from the brunette's body, quickly flipping over the blanket to his bed to cover Misaki's body. "T-Takahiro…"

Misaki had frozen as well at his brother's voice before his vision darkened. But he heard Akihiko mutter the name and with eyes as wide as his brother's, he poked his head out from the covers. "Nii-chan…?"

His heart practically stopped beating at the scene. Takahiro's face as he looked between Akihiko and his brother. Akihiko looking blankly stunned. Aikawa's confused expression before things finally clicked in her head. She could sense this was a dangerous situation, and her anger faded. Instead of mentioning the manuscript, she muttered a hasty, "I'll see if I can get the deadline moved back, Usami-sensei," before she fled from the room.

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