Chapter 7:

Of course everyone had to make a big deal out of this… It was amazing how word seemed to fly fast. Misaki had his bags packed within three hours and had been planning on walking alone to Akihiko's house, but his brother insisted on coming along and driving him. That wasn't too bad, besides the fact the boy knew his lover could be a bit frisky when left a long time by himself and he didn't want Takahiro to see that.

It got worse, though. When he knocked on the door to the apartment with Takahiro right behind him, it wasn't Akihiko that answered the door. Instead it was a very tall, dark haired man with an easy smile. Misaki stared up at him in silent confusion while he turned and said, "He's here!"

"Well then move away from the door so he can come in!" a familiar voice snapped.

Oh god… Misaki's face when white. That voice was his Literature professor's, Kamijou Hiroki! His suspicions were only confirmed when the dark haired man smiled and stepped away with a happy, "Of course, Hiro-san!" Wait, wasn't he the man from the flower shop? Very confused, Misaki stepped inside with his brother right behind him, only to stop dead and stare at the house.

It was all decked out with streamers and balloons. Hiroki was on the couch, a beer in his hand, looking perfectly relaxed as he sat across from Akihiko. On the table was a big cake that read, "Welcome Home, Misaki!" Shocked beyond words, the boy slipped off his shoes and walked inside, mouth hanging open. Akihiko stood and came to embrace him tightly. Despite all eyes being on the two, Misaki dismissed his pride and sank into the embrace with a small sob. It was so good to feel the man's strong arms around him. He inhaled the familiar scent of soap and cigarettes, something he had missed dearly, and buried his face in Akihiko's broad chest.

"Misaki…" the rumbling voice was low and gentle, just like always, and it only made the brunette start crying harder.

Altogether, it was a touching moment that made the three onlookers smile. Even stiff Hiroki, but his smile might have had something to do with the tall man coming to sit next to him and wrapping his arms around him. Takahiro smiled and slipped passed them to go sit on the couch with the others, whispering, "Isn't this nice…? I didn't think he had a whole party planned."

Hiroki shrugged. "That's Akihiko for you. He really goes all out for this kid." Of course he ruined the kind statement by snorting and rolling his eyes, leaning back against his own lover and adding, "Of course, I'm just glad he won't be spending the rest of his life sitting in my office, whining to me about his broken heart. I can finally get all my work down and be home at a reasonable hour."

The dark haired man laughed softly. "You won't be the only one happy about that, Hiro-san."

Finally the two at the door let go, Misaki wiping his eyes and Akihiko smiling happily. He didn't want to let go, however, and he quickly put an arm around the boy and led him over to the others. "Ah… This is Kusama Nowaki," he introduced first, pointing out the man. Smiling kindly, he waved and Misaki waved back. Then Akihiko sat down and pulled the brunette into his lap, earning himself a blush. "How about we have some cake? And then you three need to leave. Quickly." The only one that got an answer to their questioning looks was Misaki as Akihiko leaned down and whispered, "I'll make you scream my name tonight. There's no way you're getting away."

Misaki turned a dark red, but he didn't dare say anything about it with other people around.

The cake was good, and of course Misaki didn't miss Akihiko bolting it down like he hadn't eaten in three days. Looks like that was no exaggeration. The boy sighed but he felt relaxed in the other's arms. He didn't even care that throughout the whole time, everyone was staring at him. At one point he must have dozed off, finding Akihiko's embrace to be too warm and comforting to resist the temptation of sleep.

Once the cake was gone, the trio that didn't belong stood up and gave their goodbyes. Takahiro was the first to leave, giving Akihiko a stern but friendly request to take care of his brother. Then Hiroki sighed. "C'mon, Nowaki. I have papers to grade and Fs to write on papers. No doubt Misaki's being one of them."

"But Hiro-san, they're cute!" He allowed himself to be dragged off, sending one last wave to a happy looking Akihiko. A happy and… Slightly predatory looking Akihiko as he looked down at a peacefully sleeping Misaki curled up against his side.

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