Nothing Natsume-ish

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/ Nothing Natsume-ish /

Mikan didn't really understand any of it. Every single object of her room reminded her of someone. Her watch reminded her of Hotaru. Not only was it electronic and technological like the inventor's crazed computer insanity, it reminded her of her best friend's punctuality. Her electronic Hello Kitty fan reminded her of the Hayate boy, the one who would always gracelessly declare his undying love to Hotaru, because of his wind alice. The mirror, for Sumire, her stuffed bear for Bear (obviously). Every single damn thing that she owned reminded her of someone. Except him. Except fire-boy, the great alice of the century. Except Natsume.

Being the kind girl she was, she needed reminders of everyone she knew. It was perhaps her own way of showing her love, although unspoken and unknown. She desperately gazed around her small one-star room. A pen, three sheets of paper, an ice cube and a comb. Of course, she knew who they were. Yuu, Ruka, Nobara-chan and Nonoko, respectively. But nothing… absolutely nothing special was Natsume-ish at all… It was so unfair.

It frustrated her to no end, really.

She knew that her friends ganged up on her, at times, but now house hold objects did too. She sighed, exasperated. So this is what Hotaru meant when she said, "Only money is your ally."

Nothing reminded her of Na –Wait, why am I so caught up on just him? Her heart answered her mind's dangerous accusation, Because he watches out for you. Yes, that was definitely true. Whether it was from Persona and danger or simple math questions that she would stumble upon, he was always there to watch her back. It made her feel relaxed and refreshed at times.

So? Hotaru does that too. Her heart replied wholly, He helps you. Again, Mikan agreed to this. He would always be lending her a hand, listening to her problems, although reluctantly. He didn't say much, but when he did, it was meaningful and always helpful.

Inchou helps you… retorted her mind, who was obviously Anti-Natsume.

This time though, Mikan answered in place of her heart, I love him… and he fights for me…

He makes me feel loved.

Satisfied that there was no more of an argument between her and her mind, and disheartened that all this mental debate took ten minutes, Mikan began to smile. Brown eyes twinkled… and understanding dawned on her. Her watch was also another testimony for his lack of tardiness, Natsume's lack of self-esteem reminded her of the mirror, the ice cube for the opposite of his alice… everything…

The reason why nothing reminded her of him was because everything reminded her of him. It was that simple. Her room, her mind, her whole entity of a being were all Natsume-ish things. Probably even the sky and the earth resembled him.

And that frustrated her even more.

Damn. . .


There are a lot of things worth trying for, but only a few are worth fighting for.


Extra scene: (read if you insist. :) )

How interesting… thought Hotaru. Of all the things Mikan could be doing she was thinking about Hyuuga. Looking up from her Super Security Window, she turned to Natsume's room. And wasn't surprised at what she saw.

Maybe they were a match made in heaven. They were thinking and doing the same thing after all.

Although it was true that polka-dotted underwear and a wedding dress was the main reminders of the idiot.

Of course…


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