AUTHORS NOTE: Well this prompt was obviously always going to be my favourite because I am a Stephen King fan, just not closeted, and that's my opinion at the bottom. I judge you if you haven't seen Shawshank or the Green Mile. They're flawless films.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters or the films/books.

[Inspector's Log #027: Watch Stephen King Films All Day]

Robbie's alarm went off that morning at 0600 and he practically leaped out of bed, not caring that today was his morning off.

Today had been the day on the list that Robbie had been excited the most about. "Watch Stephen King movies all day" because Jamie had always known that his father was a closeted King fan – all the books filled his empty shelves and then the few DVD's he did own were his movies turned into books. It wasn't the fact that he was closeted about his love for the man because everyone in the world had an inner love for Stephen King and could quote, speak or discuss one of his books or movies.

It had also been a very long time since Robbie had managed to find the time to just sit down and enjoy a movie, let alone a movie marathon. He was extremely grateful for this day to be on the list and also kind of loved the idea that maybe one day, hopefully, his love for Stephen King would also be there inside of his son. Despite believing that some of his works weren't that hardcore for Jamie's age, Robbie wasn't looking forward to Gaby skinning him alive because she'd always believed that the works were too mature for anyone never mind her son.

Grabbing his favourite six, he settled back on the couch and was about to deduct a plan on how to watch them – the Green Mile definitely had to go last because no one wanted to continue watching movies after that emotional car wreck – when there was a knock at his door. Who on earth was crazy enough to be up at this time of the morning? Getting up, he moved towards the door and looked through the peep hole before grinning as he took hold of the door handle. "I should have known you'd come over."

"Stephen King and I'm here," Ewan commented lightly as he moved into the living room with bags filled with popcorn, beer and other bits of junk food that was down right necessary for a Stephen King marathon. "So what's the plan of action?" He asked sitting down on the couch, accepted the mug of coffee that Robbie handed to him and taking a drink. Robbie was aware that Ewan would have come here straight for work but that didn't bother the pair of them. Stephen King was worth the lack of sleep.

"Well The Green Mile..."

"has to be last because that's just too much emotion," Ewan finished off for him and Robbie grinned as he nodded his head in agreement. The two men had long since realised that they both shared a secret love for Stephen King and whenever the two of them met up without Jackie or Stuart, their discussions were primarily based on his books or the film adaptations. It was almost as if they were soul mates when it came to this masters work.

"So I was thinking Carrie, It, Misery then it's a toss up between Shawshank and The Shining..." It wasn't a case of getting the rubbish ones out of the way – there is no such thing as a rubbish one when it comes to this man but The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining and The Green Mile were always on the top of everyone's list of all time favourite movies.

"The Shining then Shawshank before we float into the beautiful world of the Green Mile." Robbie smiled over at the man before grabbing hold of Carrie and placing it on to the DVD. "Your son," Ewan said as Robbie came back to sit on the couch, "is a pure genius for giving us the chance to do this." Robbie just silently agreed, his attention fixed on the screen as he took another sip of his coffee.

The credits came up for The Green Mile and both men, who were both man enough to admit it, were sobbing quietly into the tissues that Robbie had subtly placed on the coffee table in between all the food and beer. The credits rolled as they turned to look at each other. "I'm being honest but I completely judge anyone that hasn't sat and watched at least Shawshank and The Green Mile,"

"Oh I know," Robbie agreed with Ewan's statement as he took a drink of his beer, the taste of his tears mixing with the bitterness but he didn't let it show as he used the back of his hand to wipe at his face, "especially when they get to our age. They're not even Stephen King classics, they're basic classics."

"Most definitely a top film to watch before you die," Ewan agreed before smiling over at the man. "This has been fun, Robbie. We should try and do it more often. God knows, Jackie and Stuart hang out doing their stuff all the time. Why can't we bond over movies and beer?"

"I most definitely agree," he laughed as he laid back on the couch, the bottle of beer casually resting against his chest as he yawned. "Good God, I'm too old to be pulling this early morning and drinking all day stunts." He commented with a laugh knowing that Ewan was a good few years younger than the rest of them but the man just snorted.

"You should try having my sleeping pattern, Robbie. I don't even know why I bother sleeping at times." Looking across at the man, he chuckled. "Ronan keeps telling me I can just sleep when I'm dead." He shook his head before looking at his watch, a yawn escaping him as he groaned. "Speaking of lack of sleep, I need to get my rear down to McIntyre's before they think I've taken the night off and haven't given them any warning. They'll be running around like headless chickens." He laughed as he stood up, resting his beer bottle on the table before smiling as Robbie attempted to get up. "I'll let myself out," he promised, "this has been fun. I'll see you again soon."

"It was nice," he agreed, his eyes closing as he heard Ewan leave the apartment and he smiled as he realised that another aim was made through this little day which meant he had something profound to write in his online journal. Through the mutual love of an amazing writer, Robbie had managed to form an even closer friendship to that of a man that he'd always thought he'd been friends with. It seems it took watching Stephen King movies with your heart breaking and tears rolling down your cheeks was most definitely a manly way to bond with friends.