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Amy's POV

'Running, I'm running again I'm always running' She thought

My legs are hurting, but I must keep going this is for the Doctor's sake, I pound every last energy into my legs making them work faster and harder but no matter how hard, or how fast I run they keep gaining on me… I'm losing a lost battle. I ground to a halt, 'he's here, No he can't be he's meant to be on our side'

"What….what's that?, that's a body bag!", 'he's going to show me that im gunna end up in one of those, not If I can help it' she thought

"Very good Miss Pond!, your ever soo observant" as the body bag is rolled out, I clutch my stomach, as if any moment im gunna be sick.

"Why..whyy" I stumble I cant get the words out, but I manage to scream them out, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because you are threat to me and to everybody else on this world, we cant have you, running off and blabbering to everybody what you think you know!" he flicked the safety off and pointed the gun.

"No, NO, NO Canton don't do this"

But it was too late he pulled the trigger, the bullet was hurtling at me at torpedo speed, I know there is no way I can dodge this, I don't know the speed of a bullet but its too fast for me and then I cant see….

The Blackness it surrounded me, I can hear him moving along the ground the stones crunching beneath his feet, he's coming closer so he can finish the job properly, my final thoughts flood my mind ' the Doctor is he safe, Rory, River are they all safe or is he going to hunt them down one by one?'

My eyes just about make out the black figure in front of me, his glasses covering his eyes, showing no mercy, and then he speaks, no mercy or regret tinges his voice

"Ohh shame I just missed your heart", he raises his arm one final time, my breathing falls, its growing shorter by the minute, the blackness is extending more and more, and then I hear it 'click' that one last shot, and there is no more….

Cantons POV

She runs as, its like a game of cat & mouse, I allow her a few minutes of a head start before the chase is on…. Hurdling at her in the car she's moving fast but not fast enough we can easily gain on her!

She's cornered at the valley, 'there's no escape, unless she jumps'

The gun is solid and firm in my grasp, I can hear the fear and adrenaline pumping in her voice as she yells those words I that question everything I know….

It's a shame I missed her heart but I guess its only better as I get one last time to see the life, the shine, the beauty leave her eyes, up close and personal!

I bark orders to the men to place her body in the body bag, so the Doctor can see what he does to everybody he brings along with him, to see that he brings pain and misery to their lives.
'Next stop Arizona'