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Summary: When Harry Potter's brother is thought to be the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry is thought to be a squib and left with the Dursleys. But what happens when Harry gets his Hogwarts letter?

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four Privet Drive were very proud to say that they were the perfect family in the entire world. Mr. Vernon Dursley was the director of a popular drill company called Grunnings. Mrs. Petunia Dursley kept a perfect house, although it was very difficult to tell the difference on Privet Drive. The Dursley's son Dudley was their vision of a perfect boy. However, it wasn't Mr. Dursley's job, Mrs. Dursley's house, or their son that made them popular on Privet Drive; it was their nephew Harry James Potter.

Harry Potter was an unusual boy. When he was fifteen months his parents gave him to his aunt and uncle, claiming that they didn't want him, he wasn't up to their standards. This alone was enough for the Potters to earn the hatred of the resident of Privet Drive, but it didn't stop there. Since a young age Harry Potter had set out to prove his parents wrong about him. During his time at school young Harry got straight A's, studied hard, turn in his homework on time, and even helped out the younger kids. His teachers said that he was very likeable and they could find no faults with him.

Also, despite being only ten years old, Harry Potter helped out around the neighborhood as much as he could; moving lawns, pruning and weeding flower beds, washing cars, anything that his neighbor's needed him to do and never with complaint. He also helped his aunt greatly around the house, even assisting in the cooking. Mrs. Dursley could be heard bragging to Mrs. Number-Six about the most delicious apple pie that her nephew had made the other night. It was all this that made the residents of Privet Drive despise the Potters and absolutely love the Dursleys, anyone who raised such a wonderful boy must be the greatest parents in the world.

Despite all of their neighbor's praise, the Dursley's knew something was different about their nephew; weird things always seemed to happen around him. Like that one time when little Sally Davis was being chased by Mr. Number-Eleven's prized bulldog and a nearby fire hydrant suddenly sprayed a large amount of on the dog, making him run away with his tale between his legs. There is also the fact that his hair grew faster than the weeds he removed from his aunt's garden every day. Although the neighbors dismissed these things as accidents, coincident, or tricks of the mind, both Harry and the Dursleys knew that something was up.

We join Harry and the Dursleys on their yearly trip to the zoo for Dudley's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were spoiling Dudley on everything, while he and his friend Piers Polkiss were bored to death. Harry meanwhile was thinking of the strange man he had encountered coming out of the restroom at the zoo restaurant. He was short, bald, had a white beard, and dressed in weird green clothes. When he saw Harry he squeaked and started to shake his hand. When the man took a closer look at Harry he quickly let go, apologized, and left faster than Harry could blink. When Harry tried to get a closer look however, the mysterious man was gone without a trace.

Harry was still thinking about the man when they walked into the reptile house. He was taking out of his thoughts by his uncle rapping on the glass of a cage containing a large boa constrictor. The snake looked asleep so Dudley and his uncle left, bored. Looking at the snake, Harry felt sorry for it, being bothered by various people while trying to sleep. Suddenly, the snake looked up at him and winked. Startled, it took Harry a while to wink back. Staring at Vernon and Dudley the snake said "I get that a lot".

To shocked to respond to a talking snake, Harry almost didn't hear someone yell, "DUDLEY, MR. DURSLEY, COME QUICK! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT THIS SNAKE IS DOING!"

"Move out of the way Harry!" yelled Dudley and he shoved him aside. Falling hard on the floor, Harry glared up at Dudley and was about to respond when both Dudley and Piers jumped away from the glass as it vanished.

The boa constrictor slid out of its cage, on the floor, and out the building, hissing a Thanks on the way out. All three Dursleys and Piers were too shocked to do anything for several minutes before quickly running out of the reptile house. Harry noted that his aunt and uncle snuck a quick glance at him, although Dudley and Piers were too scared to notice.

The moment they got back to number four, while Petunia ran to get his uncle a large brandy, Harry ran up to his room. Sitting on his bed, Harry looked around his room thinking. Shelves of books lined the walls, while some of his best awards hung framed on his walls. Snakes don't talk and glass doesn't just vanish on its own, now Harry had proof that weird things happened around him and he vowed to get to the bottom of it. Little did he know that his answer would arrive a few weeks later and it wasn't the answer he was expecting.

On the Monday a week before Harry's birthday, while his relatives were eating breakfast, Harry went to get the mail when he heard the mail slot. Harry picked up the mail and started to shift thru it. The mail for today was a letter from Aunt Marge, his uncle's sister, a bill, and a letter for Harry. Written on the envelope was:

Mr. H. Potter

The Smallest Bedroom

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


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