Harry Marcus Soleil, Charms professor and Head of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, stepped out of the fireplace and into the Soleil Family home. He had finished a long day of teaching and happy to finally be back home. As he exited the floo, he heard the voice of his mother.

"…set off down the hill together, arm in arm, and all four led long and happy lives, and none of them ever knew or suspected that the Fountain's waters carried no enchantment at all."

Harry smiled at her voice. Walking into the living room, Harry jokingly said, "Am I interrupting a good story?"


Harry was suddenly assaulted by two bushy haired missiles, nearly knocking him over. Looking down, Harry smiled at his two daughters. Eight year old Lily Rose and Violet Jean Soleil looked just like their mother with long bushy brown hair. The only trait the twins got from their father was his emerald green eyes, a symbol of the Soleil family trait. The girl's laughing grandmother stood from the sofa where she had been reading the girls the tale of The Fountain of Fair Fortune, a story neither of the girls' parents had heard growing up.

Lily Soleil I still looked as beautiful as she did from her Hogwarts days. The only difference was that her hair was cut much shorter due to her time working full-time as the Hogwarts Potions Mistress. Lily had taken the position two years after the final battle when Slughorn decided he wanted to get back to his grand luxuries outside of Hogwarts. She had retired herself four years ago, being replaced by Ernie McMillian. Severus Snape had also refused the position. He had retired from teaching before Harry's seventh year. Finally free of Voldemort, he had gone to do what he always wanted, potions research. He had been very successful in the past couple of years and was currently working on a better formula for the Wolfsbane Potion.

"Girls, behave. Your father has just gotten home, he doesn't need you knocking him over the moment he enters the house."

The girl's mother entered the living room from the kitchen, carrying her and Harry's youngest child and only son, two year old Marcus Harry Soleil. Marcus was the spitting image of his father with his mother's deep brown eyes. After having the twins, Hermione Soleil had sworn that they would have no more children, but had been happy enough to discover that she had been pregnant with Marcus. Hermione walked over to her husband and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Welcome home Harry. Go wash your hands girls, it's almost time for diner."

The girls giggled and ran into the kitchen. Upon seeing his father, Marcus reached out, begging for him to be picked up. Smiling, Harry took the two year old from his mother. The three adults then went into the kitchen to eat the diner Floppy had made. As Harry was required to stay at Hogwarts every other night, the girls filled him in on what had happened to them over the past couple of days. Hermione had the Wizengamot finally pass the new House-elf Bill she had been working on. After they had returned from their world travel, Hermione went to work in the Ministry, working towards a high position in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. There were many rumors that she would follow in Amelia Bones' footsteps and become the next Minister for Magic. Harry meanwhile had become Professor Flitwick's apprentice for three years before taking over for the aged wizard.

"Did Neville tell you how excited Ginny was over her victory over the Canon's?"

Neville was now the Herbology professor at Hogwarts, teaching what he loved the most. Unlike Harry and Hermione, he had stayed in England and studied magical plants for a couple of years before starting to teach. He was married to Ginny Weasley, who was now finishing her final season as star Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies. They both were debating about children. Ginny's excitement against the Chudley Cannons was because she was flying against her brother and Daniel Potter, Keeper and Seeker for the Cannons respectively. Neither had married.

"I believe he said she talked about it two hours before taking a breath and then went at it again for another three."

Everyone laughed at that. Both of his girls were Harpies fans and given a lot of merchandize by their Aunt Ginny because of it. Consequently, she was their favorite player as well. Their other aunt, Luna, was the Care of Magical Creatures professor at Hogwarts, and often made the class really entertaining. Attendance in that class had almost doubled because of her. Lily then spoke up.

"How's Teddy doing? Not getting into trouble I hope."

Teddy Remus Lupin was Remus and Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin's oldest child, he had just started Hogwarts this year.

"No, Teddy's doing fine. I think he's holding off on the mischief as his mother is one of his teachers. Nothing could be more embarrassing for an eleven year old than getting yelled at, given detention, and grounded by one of your teachers."

Lily and Hermione laughed while Violet and her sister shared a frightened look. Nymphadora had become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teach in Harry and Hermione's seventh year, though it wouldn't be until two years after they graduated that she had broken the curse on the position. Many times in her first two years of teaching she had Remus sub for her because of her pregnancy.

"You wouldn't give us detention, would you Daddy?" Lily Rose asked, making her face the cutest and most innocent as possible.

"You girls don't have to worry about me." Both sighed in relief. "It's your mother you need to be scared of." Both girls faces turned to looks of horror before turning towards their mother, she sent them a sly smirk. Lily laughed at the look on her granddaughters' faces while Harry just smiled and leaned back in his chair. Life was good, he thought.

That's the end of my very first story; I hope you all enjoyed it. I took the lines directly from my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Coming Soon: Harry Potter has died one too many times and his Grim Reaper isn't happy. He is then sent back in time to the summer before his fifth year to correct everything that went wrong and to finally defeat Lord Voldemort once and for all. To do this, he must get the help from his soul mate Tracey Davis, but will she help him? Dumbledore is good and Ron and Mrs. Weasley are bad. Watch out for Half-bloods Rule.