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Karakura was the last place he wanted to be. Seeing the same small buildings of businesses and homes coexisting side by side through the passenger window of the moving car as his father talked like he hadn't talked in years, he regretted ever coming back. There were far too many memories there and he knew that as soon as his friends found out that he was in town, he would have them jumping on him, going off about why he hadn't said a word over a year.

He had left after graduation, unlike his friends that all had decided to go to the local college. He just couldn't stay around them anymore, most of all seeing the two people that had him feeling a mixture of nausea and regret.

Ogichi and Orihime.

The Hollow hadn't completely adapted to human life, but he remained calm as long as Inoue was around him. It was like she was a soft welcomed analgesia that kept his usual killer instinct on hold. And with them being always together, Ichigo had been forced to watch nearly every aspect of their twisted, wrong, relationship.

As if it hadn't been bad enough that he had seen them having sex using his body and also had set Ogichi free in order for Orihime to attain her long delayed happiness.

Yeah, he was an idiot. He told himself that everyday. Understanding what Orihime had been living through for so many years in darkness of having him ignore her, he wondered if he was suffering in a larger scale. She hadn't seen him having sex with Rukia or anything remotely close to that. She hadn't yearned to be one with him or had fought for him...

No. She had fought for Ogichi, had given herself willingly to him and had completely forgotten about Ichigo, not even taking the time to feel anything stronger for him that had been starting to reciprocate her lost sentiments.

When he had been away in Tokyo, he had some peace of mind at not seeing them or talking to any of his friends for that matter. Out of sight, out of mind.

He had forgotten about Karakura and his past... Going to parties, meeting new people at the University where he was studying medicine. Sleeping with random faceless girls that were too similar to her. His body, regardless of how much of a degenerate he had become, was never satiated with any of them because all he could see was her face... Tear streaked and yelling at him about keeping her and Ogichi from each other, about how she wanted and missed him.

Was it love or obsession? Was it because his Hollow that was still somewhat connected to his soul was now enjoying her smiles and body like he wished he was? Or was it that he missed the way she had always looked at him with such sad grey eyes and tagged behind him, desperate for him to look at her, to actually seeher?

He had his chance and wasted it by being too fucking blind.

Because of him wanting to ignore that sordid tragic past chain of events, he had completely pushed all of his friends to the side. No emails, phone calls, or letters. He had no idea what had happened to them and had insisted that his crazy father that was currently bouncing excitedly in his seat probably talking about something absolutely stupid and his sisters that were in the back seat, didn't tell him anything.

Every time they had spoken over the phone and had made the mistake of bringing up one of his friends, he would hurriedly change the subject and say 'maybe some other day'. It didn't take his family long to realize that he just didn't want to hear it.

"Did you know that Orihime-chan got married?"

Wincing as if a bucket of cold water had been dropped on him, he glared at his father that was widely grinning with his eyes focused on the traffic jammed road.

"Just a couple of weeks back! She married some Ogichi fellow!"

If there was an easy way to kill him, the news of Orihime's marriage was a dagger sharp enough. He knew that if he asked further, he would be only torturing himself like the fool he was.

I can't help it..., clenching his fists, he grinded his molars before breathing through his nose.

"Is...," he cleared his throat hating how his voice croaked, "Is that right?" Forcing out a laugh, he stiffened when his father shot him a strange studying glance.

Bastard knows and is shoving it in my face.

"Yeah," that measuring look dissipating, Isshin's eyes returned to the road, "just a couple of weeks ago. Tatsuki-chan came over to ask if she could contact you, but since you," he shrugged, "don't want to know about any of them, she left after she told me."

"Oh. Have... have you met this... Ogichi guy?" He didn't particularly like that thought. Ogichi looked far too much like him to pass off as a mere freak coincidence.

"Nope! But I do know that Orihime-chan and her husband moved out of her apartment and got a bigger one downtown," frowning, wearing a smile, he added, "He does have a weird last name though... What was it...? Hiroshacky... Firosnacky...?"

"His last name is Shirosaki, dad," Karin muttered dryly from behind them, stopping their father from continuing to give Ogichi last names not even remotely similar to his own.

"Yeah! Yeah! That's the name!"

"So I guess...," feeling awkward, Ichigo murmured lowly, once again letting his gaze return to the window beside him, "that she's now Shirosaki Orihime."


Shuddering, he forced himself to pretend that he didn't just hear his father telling him of Orihime's marriage.

Not seeing his turmoil, Isshin said more to himself than him, "A damned shame though... Really sweet girl. Wouldn't have minded it if you had shacked up with her yourself."

Forgetting that he didn't want others to see his misery, he snapped, "Could we please change the subject?" His furious eyes looked at all of his surprised family members.

"Geez, Ichigo! You were the one that kept the conversation going!" Karin kicked the back of his seat to get his attention.

"I know, but...," looking away from them, he slouched in his seat, his vacant eyes going back to looking at the other passing cars and familiar buildings that seemed to never change over the years.

The rest of the ride home was done in silence.

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