"Tell Her You Love Her"

Ch. 4

A/N: Ok ok ok…shoot me I haven't worked on ANY of my stories! I am so sorry! But I'll start now!

Rory rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she slowly woke up from possibly the nicest dream she has had in a long time. Logan with her, holding her, saving her from her nightmare. She realized she was the only person in her bed.

No. She thought as she jumped out of her bed and ran to the door. This is actually happening….Logan left. I knew it. Rory opened her bedroom door and stormed into the kitchen preparing herself for an empty house but the sight before her made her stop in her tracks:

Logan. Cooking. In her kitchen. Wearing her mother's "Kiss the sexy cook" apron that she never wears but Rory got it for her as a joke for Christmas.

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty," Logan said as he pulled out a chair for Rory at the table, "Sit. I'm making waffles."

"With chocolate chips?" Rory asked after kissing Logan's cheek and sitting down.

"No! That's blasphemy! How could I do that to a perfect waffle?" Logan chuckled as he placed a plate with waffles on it in front of Rory. "Here, I'm not one to get in between a Gilmore Girl and her food." Logan grabbed an unopened bag of chocolate chips and tossed them onto the table.

"Yay!" Rory attacked the bag pouring a quarter of it on her waffles.

"Geez, Ace. Want some waffles with your chocolate chips?" Logan shook his head and sat down across from Rory who was currently drowning her concoction in syrup.

"Nope, I'm good." Rory said sticking out her tongue and smiling to herself as she took the first bite of waffle.

Logan sat across from her happily munching on his waffle, "Y'know Ace, I could get used to this. Waking up with you, eating breakfast with you…Ace? What's wrong?" Rory stood up and silently walked to the living room.

"Ace?" Logan followed her.

"Logan…did you really mean that?" she asked with her back to him.

"Yeah, Ace, I did. Rory," Logan came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, "I love you, I've never stopped. If this is too much too fast for you, tell me. I won't push you like last time. When you're ready for moving forward, so am I. "

"Logan, I should tell you… I would love to take another step in our relationship but… it's just too much right now. I don't want to rush into anything, I just want to slowly take this further, I'm sorry Logan…"

"Rory, don't be sorry. I'm glad you don't want to rush things. As much as I want to go at whatever pace you want I'd be scarred shitless to take another step right now, I don't want to lose you again."

Rory turned to face him and smiled , "well then, limo boy, let's get ready for our road trip. Where to?"

Logan kissed her forehead, "well why don't we start our trip with a coffee stop at Luke's then we will drive to Boston?"

"Sounds good, I'll go get dressed." Rory hurried to her room and grabbed a pair of jeans from her suitcase.

"You haven't even unpacked yet?" Logan asked with his famous smirk on his face.

"Logan, I got home on Monday," Rory pulled out a pale blue sweater and got a thoughtful look on her face.

"What is it, Ace?" Logan prompted.

"I have to shower . . ."

"Then shower, Ace, we have all day. We have three weeks. Feel free to shower," Logan picked up Rory's new copy of Gone With the Wind and sat on her bed to begin reading. Rory shook her head and walked off to the bathroom.

Shortly afterward Rory and Logan were sitting in his car in front of Luke's diner.

"No, Logan, I'll go in grab some coffee to go and meet you back in the car. If you come in with me everyone's going to see, and there's so many questions we don't quite know how to answer yet. Just stay here," Rory exited the car and walked into the diner.

Logan waited for a few seconds. He watched as she entered the diner and bantered with Luke. Logan got out of the car and followed her into the diner.

"Oh, Logan! You're back! I didn't think I'd ever see your handsome face around here," Miss Patty walked over to Logan and enveloped him in a hug, "how are you, dear?"

"I'm great, Miss Patty, but Rory and I have to get going, we have plans today, excuse me," Logan snuck up behind Rory and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Logan!" Rory gasped and turned to face him, her face happy but her eyes stern, "I told you to wait in the car."

"Here's your coffee Rory, oh, hello Logan," Lane had a shocked expression on her face.

"Hey, Lane. Thanks for the coffee," Logan smiled as he took the coffee from Lane and handed it to Rory so he could pull out his wallet to pay.

"Oh no, it's on the house," Lane smiled and headed to the kitchen to get Kirk's pancakes.

Rory glared at Logan and stomped off to the car.

Logan sat in the driver's seat and started the car, "I'm sorry, Ace."

"Logan when I explained why I didn't want anyone to see you, did you even hear me? Were you even paying attention?" Rory was exasperated.

"Ace, I promise I heard you. I understood what you said. I just didn't understand why people can't know that we are talking again. I mean, we are working on getting back together aren't we?"

"yes, but-"

"then why can't people start getting used to seeing us together again?" Logan gave Rory his best puppy dog look which he knew always melted her resolve.

"Just drive…" Rory huffed and leaned back in her chair.

"Yes, ma'am." Logan chuckled and proceeded to drive.

"Where are you taking me, anyway?" Rory ordered.

"Uh uh. That's a surprise," Logan winked at Rory. He knew she hated surprises, but he also knew that she loved New York City. And that's exactly where he is heading.