This was inspired by my inability to skip rocks, and think of anything other than Wicked :P

And, OH MY OZ! I convinced my grandma to take me to see Wicked in October, if I pay for my own ticket, this will be my second time! Gaahhhh!

So, post-Lion Cub, crush-mode fluff :)

Disclaimer- not mine. Excuse me while I go sob. *runs off*

Elphaba sat near the edge of a small pond on the outskirts of the Shiz campus, avoiding the taunts of her peers, as well as trying to remove a certain Vinkun Prince from her mine. Ever since the day they had released the Lion Cub, he had consumed her thoughts. She could barely sleep, study, or pay attention in class. It was really beginning to irritate her. Was this love? How would she know? every time the thought of love entered her mind, she would push it to the back, immediately try to brush it off, but there it remained.

"Penny for your thoughts?" she was shocked out of her musings, when the subject of said musings interrupted her.

"Oz, Fiyero. don't scare me like that!" she snapped at him.

"Sorry…" he said sheepishly.

She sighed, "What do you want?"

You. "Nothing, I was just walking around, and saw you, thought I'd say 'hi', so… hi…" he said awkwardly. In truth, he just wanted to talk to her, ever since they had released the Lion Cub in the very grove they currently occupied, he hadn't been able to get her out of his head.

She let a small laugh escape her, "Hi." He sat down on the ground with her and jokingly bumped into her side, she laughed again, and bumped him back. It was moments like these that made her believe that she might have the slightest chance with him. But, there was always the little voice inside her head that whispered, menacingly in her ear, 'you're not that girl, he loves Galinda.' It was truly torturous sometimes.

The two lapsed into silence for a moment. The green girl grabbed a small stone from the ground next to her, and attempted to skip it across the pond, it sank as soon as it hit the water.

"You know, you kinda suck at skipping rocks." Fiyero told her.

"Gee, thanks." She replied sarcastically.

He smiled at her, and picked up a stone, and threw it, and it bounced seamlessly across the water. "See? Its easy. Let me show you." He said, picking up another rock. She was about to protest, when he took her hand in his. A rush of warmth crashed over her like a tidal wave, and tingles ran down her spine at his touch. He gently placed the stone in her palm and guided her arm, slowly , in the correct movement, "Now do it faster, and release." she obliged, and the rock skipped twice across the water before sinking. "There! You did it, Fae!"

She smiled at him, "Thanks," her smile became a smirk, "although, I never thought I'd see the day that where you tutored me in something." He laughed, and she joined him. When their laughter subsided, they looked up, and noticed how close they were. Brown eyes met blue, Fiyero's heart raced, and Elphaba's breath hitched. Neither had any idea how long they sat there, just looking into each other's eyes.

Suddenly, Elphaba realized what she was doing, and broke the gaze. She hastily stood, "Um… I should probably… um… get back…" she stuttered, "What is wrong with me?" her mind screamed.

"You're in love." Her heart replied to her head.

"Bye." The green girl said, and quickly ran off, leaving a confused Winkie behind.