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I exited the room, standing with Susannah and she looked at me with a look on her face, and I knew that look. It was a look that told me something, how she was feeling. She was relieved, yet worried at the same time.

"We can't tell Steven and Jeremiah Con's okay." I said to her.

"Why not?"

"Just tell my mom. It's their fault this happened. They deserve some kind of punishment."

"What do you mean?" She asked her eyes full of wonder.

"We're gonna tell them something bad happened."

Her face was blank when she said,

"Oh, Belly, Belly that's not funny."

"Conrad wants us to do it." I half-devilishly smiled.

"Can we please scare them Suze? Please? Please?" I pleaded.

Trust me, I love Jeremiah and my brother, but it was their fault that Conrad might not be okay in the first place. I mean yeah, they made a mistake and I knew they felt guilty as hell for it already, but they needed an extra something. Something that will make them never ever think about even touching a beer can again.

"They already feel guilty for it." She reminded.

"I know, but that doesn't mean they won't ever drink again. We need to do something to teach them that drinking can really get someone hurt, to keep them sober for a while,"

She looked me, understanding my words and thoughts.

"I'm ready to beat the shit out of Jeremiah for doing that as it is and so is your mom to Steven,"
"So do it," I said, "Do it, with their own fear."

I slowly walked into the house, my head down, facing the ground, tears rolling down my cheeks. I'm not even sure how I pulled the whole 'fake tears' thing off.

"Belly what, what happened?" Jeremiah quickly ran up to me, grabbing my hand and pulling it away from my face so I couldn't wipe the one tear that was falling.

I shook my head.

"No, no you're lying no," He murmured it.

I shook my head again.

He pulled my head up, making me face him.

His face was red with fury, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

His teeth were gritted.

"Belly if this a cruel fucking prank end it, now, what's going on with Conrad."

I didn't speak. One side of me was debating to tell him that Conrad was okay and the other side was telling me to continue with the prank, give him the punishment he deserved, and not just jail. I wasn't sure of the whole deal with that, but I knew he was in a lot of legal trouble with it.

"No! Fuck! No!" He punched the wall creating a whole, and I jumped. I was afraid now. This was a terrible idea. Why did we do this?! I guess he took me not speaking as saying Conrad wasn't okay.

I turned to look back at Susannah, and her eyes were filled with fear as well. The ran up to him fast and grabbed his wrists, and he put his head on her shoulder.

"Conrad's fine, he's okay." She said.

"He is?" He questioned, sounding no bigger than five years old.

She shook her head, "He just woke up,"

"He did?"

"Then why did Belly?" He turned to me.

"Why was she crying?"

"She was happy." Susannah immediately covered for me.

"She didn't look too happy."

"I couldn't speak.. I was too choked up."

"Oh, Belly," He was almost smiling and walked up to me and pulled me into a hug.

I felt really bad at this point. I made Jeremiah so angry over a stupid prank, and now he was hugging me. Guilt filled my head and my heart, and I looked at Susannah. She shrugged.

Laurel walked into the kitchen and immediately noticed the hole in the wall.

"Ugh, what happened?" She came in, and smoothed her hand over the hole. It wasn't small.

She looked at me, then at Jeremiah, then back at me.

"I-I," Jeremiah stuttered, but I kept my mouth shut.

"Jere, did you do this?" Her eyes looked right at him and he blushed and looked at the ground.

"Maybe.." He muttered to himself.

"Ugh, Jeremiah,"

She continued to examine the hole in the wall.

"Laur, it's really fine, it's nothing that we can't fix, I'm sure there's an extra patch we can put on the wall and paint over it."

That's Susannah for you, always looking on the bright side of everything.

"Do we have the same color paint?" Laurel asked.

"I'm sure there's some in the garage, it's really no big deal."

We all pushed off the subject of the hole Jeremiah punched into the wall.

"Well I'm gonna go visit Con, you wanna come Belly?"

I nodded quickly, and made my way to the front door, opening it with ease and waiting for Jeremiah to close it. I looked at my surroundings and didn't see the convertible I always see sitting here in this driveway. That car was shot. Broken, damaged, and I knew I'd never see it here again, I sighed with my own grief knowing I'd kinda miss that car.

Jeremiah hopped into the front seat of his Jeep and I hopped in next to him. Thank god we didn't take this car to April's party.

I watched him shove the key into the slot and turn it, and the car roared as he started it. He pressed his foot on the gas and had both hands on the steering wheel. Whenever Jeremiah and I are in this car, normally, we'd have loud music playing and we'd be screaming to the long song all over town. Some people would look at us like we were the coolest people in the world, others would think we were freaks, but in this car, we were freaks. We'd have the best time, but that's always in Jeremiah's car.

But not now. We didn't look at each other, speak with each other, neither of us dare to touch the radio. This wasn't a fun car ride, it wasn't supposed to be. It can't be.

Jeremiah pulled into the hospital parking lot and into a parking space. The Jeep revved off. He pulled the keys out and leaned back in his seat. He didn't move, so neither did I.

This was the first time he spoke since we got into the car.

I heard him breathe in, "Belly,"

I didn't look in his direction and I didn't answer either.

"So um.. us." He asked.

"What about us?" It almost sounded like a whisper, but it wasn't, my voice was soft, but lightly shaking.

"Belly, do you wanna.." He cut himself off and then I remembered something.

Then something crossed my mind. That note I wrote to Conrad. It's in my pocket right?

I lightly reached into my pocket, but didn't feel the corner of the folded paper. I reached into the other, and still felt nothing, where the fuck is it?!

"Belly, do you wanna go…" He continued with his words, but right now I was more focused on finding that note.

I remembered dropping it in Conrad's room, oh god, no I didn't leave it there, no I couldn't do something so stupid.

"Belly, do you wanna go out with me?" He blurted.

What did he just say?

My heartbeat began to quicken. My hands became clammy. I felt my face get a redish pigment and heat up.

"C'mon Jeremiah, let's go," I said finally, avoiding his question, hopping out of the Jeep.

He looked at me and sighed, probably knowing my answer was no, or just not knowing the answer. That was true. There's a chance Conrad knows I love him now, and Jeremiah just asked me out and I kissed him yesterday, what a fucking joy this is.

I slowly walked into the hospital, Jeremiah walking in front of me, he walked up to the front desk, and it took me a moment to catch up to him.

"Conrad Fisher." He said to the lady at the front desk.

"Guests?" She asked.

"Um… yes." Jeremiah said, questioning his presents there to himself.

She handed us guest passes and asked us to write our names on them, handing us a pen. I quickly squiggled my name, not caring about my handwriting.

I stuck the guest-pass-sticker thing on my shirt as Jeremiah did as well.

He handed her back her pen and gave her a quick "Thank you," and we walked in.

"What room is he?" I asked him.

"28 C." He said.

We walked to wing C, which was only about two seconds from the front desk and we started walking down the wing.

"24 C, 26 C, 28 C." He said, murmuring the room numbers to himself and pointing out Conrad's room.

He pulled the door knob down and pushed the door open. He looked to Conrad's bed. It was like we were back at the house, him sitting in his bed, playing guitar.

"Hey Con," Jeremiah walked in as if nothing was wrong, happiness dwelling his voice.

Conrad looked up, "Oh, Hey."

"Where did you get the guitar?" I said

I switched my brain to begin to think about the note once again. I scanned the floor for it.

"A nurse dropped it off," He said, tuning one of the strings carefully.

"Well that was nice of her." Jeremiah commented.

"Yeah, real nice," He started to play a short tune.

I continued to scan the floor for the note, where the fuck was it?!

I glanced over at the stand next to his bed, and saw a paper, not just any paper either. A paper folded the way I fold papers. A paper with Conrad written in cursive handwriting. My cursive handwriting. No, no he didn't read it, oh god, how could I be so stupid!?

I tried to shake it off and ignore it for now.

"So.. how you been feeling?" Jeremiah spoke to him.

"Alright, when you going to the cellar?" Conrad replied.

"I don't even know if we're going, I thought that people didn't go to jail for underage drinking anymore."

"I don't think so either.." I pitched in on the conversation.

"So.. what? You gotta pay my medical bill little brother?" Conrad joked.

Jeremiah snickered.

"Yeah like I had the money to do that," Jeremiah smiled.

"How much does insurance pay?" I asked.

"About 70%," Conrad said, looking down at his guitar.

"That's good," I asked.

"It's still gonna be a lot of money." Jeremiah pointed out.

"How much?" I asked.

"About $5,000?" I shook out of fear. 30% of the cost for Conrad's operation was $5,000? Why so much? Was it really that serious?

"Well, Con, thank god you're okay."

"It would be your fault if I wasn't," He played a chord.

"Don't make me feel any worse about this, man." Jeremiah wasn't kidding. His voice was filled with seriousness.

"Hey, sorry." Conrad looked sincere, but not too sincere to the point where he actually felt bad. Jeremiah felt nothing other than guilt. I understand why.

"Yeah, okay, sure you are." Sarcasm lingered Jeremiah's voice but there was no joke. He was angry, upset, filled with guilt.

"C'mon Jere, you know I'm just kidding,"

"Well, Conrad I'm not. You know how bad I felt for doing this to you guys, we're lucky Belly got out so fast, but if you weren't okay, you're my brother, you dying would be my fault, and you both did it to protect me, if anyone should have got hurt that night it should've been me. Not even Steven should've got hurt because I provoked it. And you teasing me about it doesn't help." His voice got louder and louder as he shouted, the room was a vast never ending pit of echoes.

Conrad glanced at me quickly then looked back over to Jeremiah.

"I'm really sorry I did that to you, I'll be fine Jere, I'm sorry I made you feel that way…"

"Whatever, I'll- I'll see you later I guess." Jeremiah swung the door open quickly and left Conrad's room.

"Well.. um.. I guess I should go too.."

"Wait, Belly, before you go.." His voice trailed off.

"That little note on the dresser—I believe that belongs to you," He flashed me a quick smile.

"Um.." I had nothing to say.

He didn't stop smiling.

"You're scaring me." I finally spoke.

"Something was written in there." He said.

"I know.." I choked out.

He continued to smile, god those dimples.

"Is it true..?"

"Maybe." I had no breath in my voice.

He continued to smile.

"Stop smiling!" I shouted.

He didn't.

"Stop!" I felt a smile creeping onto my face, but that only made him smile bigger.

"It's….cute." He said.

I snickered inwardly.

"Well I guess I should go catch up with Jere, he's my ride home and he seems pretty pissed."

"Yeah, you should, have a nice night, Belly." He flashed his smile one last time as I walked out of the room.

Well, today was… interesting.

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