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Belly's P.O.V

Age Sixteen


My feet tapped the floor, and I exited the emergency room. I could see the hunter green jeep from here. But there was no Jeremiah. Where could he have gone?

Maybe I should be worried about Jere. Did he walk home? Or is he wandering around the emergency room? Or maybe just around a couple blocks? I flipping out my phone and messily hit his contact.

It rung twice and went to his voicemail.

"Hey Jere its Belly, where are you?! Answer your phone." I hung up.

I walked over to the jeep and carefully stepped inside it trying not to trip.

I leaned into the seat and closed my eyes. I dialed his number again, and this time, it rung three times before going to voicemail. I left another.

"Jere, I know you're declining me, but please, I know you're upset, please just come to the jeep and come to talk to me."

I hung up. A few moments went by before I received a text message.

I'm so pissed. I'm sorry this is getting taken out on you, be there soon to give you a ride home.

I texted back.

Wait are you going home too?

I waited.


Why? Where are you going?

"I don't even fucking know."

I jumped to the sound of a voice.

"Oh, hi Jeremiah."

"Yeah, hi." He said, obviously annoyed.

"C'mon Jere, Conrad was only kidding, please just come home." I pleaded.

He jumped in the jeep and started it up.

"No, no, I'm pissed. I feel guilty enough and he has to go and make me feel even worse. Dick."

"I know Jere, but please, Conrad's gonna be fine, and that's all that matters." I spoke.


The rest of the car ride was completely silent, with no words, no sounds, it felt like neither of us were even breathing. The silence was worrying me.

He pulled into the driveway and I hopped out.



"Don't do anything stupid."

He shrugged and drove away. This wasn't going to be good and I knew it. But what was I going to do? Chase the car down the road screaming his name? There was nothing I really could do.

I walked slowly into the house and sat on the couch.

"Where's Jere?" Steven's questioning voice asked from the kitchen.

"He went for a ride in the jeep." I answered.

"How's Conrad doing?"

"He woke up.." I told him.

"Yeah Susannah and mom told me."

"Oh, okay.." I replied.

He walked into the living room where I was sitting on the couch.

"You sound upset, Bells, what's wrong?" He said, looking at me.

I shook my head.

"No, nothing's wrong," I leaned back in the couch and reached for the remote.

"You sure?" He asked as I turned the TV on.

I nodded in response to his question.

He sat down on the couch next to me and leaned back crossing his ankles.

"What you wanna watch?" He asked and I shrugged.

I flipped through the channels and finally got to glee, at least there was one show I liked.

As I became intrigued by the show, Steven became disgusted, I was able to tell just by the look on his face.

"Ugh, I hate this show!" He complained.

"Whatever." I shrugged, annoyed with his complaining.

"Put the news on, there may be like a murder mystery or something."

I moaned, and unwillingly flipped to the news channel.

"And breaking news, right here in Cousins, there's been an arrest." The news lady spoke into the microphone.

"Oh, this one's gonna be good," Steven said, and I rolled my eyes.

"A man about 5'11, long blonde hair has been going store to store yelling at managers about how his brother just woke up from a coma, the release fee will be $150 at least."

They showed a picture of the man. But it wasn't a man. It was a boy. A boy I knew. It was Jeremiah.

"Holy shit!" Steven jumped up.

I covered my face with my hands.

"Shit, no!" I screamed past them.

"Belly what the fuck happened?!" Steven yelled at me.

"I-I don't know!" I stuttered.

"C'mon!" He shouted, and ran outside into his car, which was a mustang.

I lifted myself into the passenger seat.

"Where is he?! Where should we go?" I shouted, it didn't even sound like a question.

"I-I don't know, the police station?"

I nodded. "That sounds good."

Jeremiah's P.O.V

"You get to make one phone call, good luck." The man handed me 50 cents.

I put it in the phone and dialed a phone number.

"Hello?" Her voice answered the phone.

"Belly! I'm in the police station, please come and bail me out!"

"Yeah, I know Jere, I saw you on the news, Steven and I are coming right now,"

"I was on the news?"

"Yes," She answered, "I already know the release fee."

"What is it?" I asked.

"$150 dollars or more…" Her voice trailed off.

"Shit," I spoke.

"gimme the phone," I heard in the back and I also heard a bunch of static, signaling Steven was taking the phone from her.

"You asswipe! Conrad's medical bill is enough as it is! You needed to come and make us pay more money, where the fuck are we gonna get $150 dollars from?!" He screamed in the phone.

I leaned against the wall and sighed.

"Before you get here, go to the bank, I'm pretty sure I left my wallet in your car, Steve, and I'm pretty sure my bank account card is in there. Take $200 out of my account." I said to him, unwillingly.

"Fine. But we didn't need anything else," He said and murmured "asshole," under his breath.

I heard Belly's voice again.

"I guess we'll be there soon." She said.

"I'm sorry Belly." I croaked.

"It's alright…" She answered.

"Don't tell Susannah, Laurel, or especially Conrad, please Belly," I pleaded.

"I won't,"

"Give the phone to Steven."

"What do you want?" He said, obviously annoyed with me.

"Don't tell Susannah, Laurel or Conrad, please.." I pleaded.

"Yeah, we'll see about that," His harsh voice said into the phone.

"Please, Steve."

The line went dead.

I looked at the police man.

He shrugged. "C'mon, kid."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me to a cellar. Jail.

Only one tear slipped, and I wiped it away fast so he wouldn't see.

"Have fun." He harshly said and pushed me into the cell.

I sat on the bench, waiting to have my life saved.

Belly's P.O.V

Steven explained to me how we were going to use Jeremiah's own money to bail him out. Luckily, his wallet was in the car like he said and so was his bank card. We withdrew 200 bucks from his account before leaving to get to the police station.

"This is a pain in my ass, you were just with him Belly! How could you not see this coming?!" Steven screamed at me.

"How was I supposed to know he'd be screaming at random people he meets on the fucking street Steven?!" I screamed back.

"You were with him! You had to know something was off!"

That I couldn't deny. He was pissed before, but I thought he would just go for a ride in the jeep to clear his head, not cause all trouble in the fucking town!

"I didn't know he'd scream at people! I thought he just went to clear his head!" I screamed.

"Well obviously not!"

I didn't speak. The rest of the ride was silent. I was so annoyed. How the hell could Steven blame this on me!? It wasn't my fault! If it was anyone's fault it was Conrad's. He was the one that pissed him off like that!

We pulled into the police station parking lot. He pulled into a pretty close parking space and revved the car off. I jumped out, and Steven and I both began running into the station.

"Hey, wait you kids!" A police man stopped us.

"What's wrong, what's going on?" He asked.

"Our friend is here." Steven said.

"We're here to bail him out." I continued.

The police man lost respect for us.

"Oh. Name?"

"Jeremiah Fisher?" Steven answered.

"Oh, follow me."

He led us to a room. A dark room with cells. Tons of cells. Grey, dark, black cells that scared me. I could imagine a guy dressed in completely black clothing lingering in there, and it made me shiver. The thought of Jeremiah in one of these made goose bumps form all over my body.

He led us to the grey metal cell, where I saw the face of a golden-blonde haired boy. He was sitting on a grey bench and looking at the cement ground.

"Jeremiah!" Steven said.

He looked at us and jumped up off the bench and looked up at us.

"Steven, Belly!" He said, running to the bars.

"Boy, you made a good choice in who to call, you're lucky you have friends like them,"

He said something kind of nice, but his tone was completely different.

"I know sir," He said.

"How much is the fee?" Steven asked.


Steven handed the cop $150 in $20 dollar bills.

"You're lucky this time, kid. Get out." They ordered, and we left.

The three of us loaded into the mustang.

"Jere, where's your jeep?" Steven asked.

"Still on the avenue. I was running in each store there." He answered.

"Why the fuck would you do that?!" I screamed, annoyed with him.

"I'm sorry Belly! I was annoyed!"

"I told you not to do anything stupid!" I snapped back at him.

"You did?" Steven said in a low voice.

"Well I was being stupid!"

"Yeah, no shit!" I leaned back in the seat.

"Guys don't argue." Steven tried to separate it.

"You're one to talk, Stevie, you were fighting with me on the way here!"

I was turning against everyone.

"I didn't know you told him not to do anything stupid!" He argued back.

"Well no shit, you think I wanted him to get hurt!?"

Jeremiah sat, listening to our fight, but now he said nothing. Jeremiah went from exploding on me to sitting completely silent.

"No of course not! God, Belly! I'm sorry, is that what you want to hear!"

"Drop me off at the hospital." I said, keeping the volume of my voice under control.

Jeremiah turned and shot me a look. I shrugged.

Steven pulled into the hospital parking lot, about a mile away from the actual hospital.

"Get out."

I rolled my eyes and opened the car door.

I walked to the front of the hospital and inside. I still had my guest pass pasted on my clothes from earlier and walked right in.

Conrad's room was around two corners. I walked to his room.

He was still, playing chords and notes and anything he could think of on that guitar. I walked in the room.

"Hey, Bells!" He said when he first saw me.

"Hey," I sat down in a chair on the side.

"Where's Jeremiah, is he still pissed?"

I shrugged. "I guess he's better.."

"Good, good." He nodded.

I changed the subject.

"What you playing?" I asked

"I'm trying to play 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' By Greenday."

I heard the first couple of chords right of the song, but then he messed up, but very slightly. I barely heard it.

"Dammit," He said.

"No that was good! Keep going!"

He crinkled his eyebrows and looked at me.

"Keep playing." I asked.

"I messed up though, Belly." He smiled.

"But it was good, I love that song,"

He shrugged and looked back down at his guitar and began playing notes. He played them all right, and when Billie Joe Armstrong came into sing, I began singing the song.

"Summer has gone and past, the innocent can never last, wake me up when September Ends,"

I knew I sucked, but I wanted to sing anyway. He looked up and me quickly, still hitting the notes before singing with me.

"Like my father's come to pass, seven years has gone so fast, wake me up when September ends,"

"Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars, drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are, as my memory rests, but never forgets what I lost, wake me up, when September ends,"

He stopped playing. We looked at each other, and smiled. He waited a moment, and continued to sing.

"Summer has come and past,"

I began to sing with him.

"The innocent can never last, wake me up when September ends."

I sat on the side of his bed.

"Bring out the bells again, like we did when spring began, wake me up, when September ends,"

He seemed to have come closer.

"Here comes the rain again."


"Falling from the stars"


"Drenched in my pain again,"


"Becoming who we are."

I wasn't singing anymore. Our faces were so close together I could feel his breath.

The music stopped and something else started. We were kissing. Not like before. It was like magic. This wasn't like Jeremiah's kiss either. I felt something. More than a spark and less than a fire.

It lasted for a wonderful, beautiful moment. Then it was over.

I was looking into his deep, blue eyes that took me away for years.

"Belly, you know, I love you,"

I smiled and began facing the other way, still sitting on his bed, to hide my blushed cheeks and bright smile that naturally formed across my face.

"Hey, turn around," He said, tugging on my hair, trying to get me turn my head.

"I don't wanna." I giggled.

"Why? I want to see your beautiful face."

I slowly turned around revealing my smile and my face, red as ladybug.

"Someone's blushing," He teased.

I continued to smile, maybe even bigger.

"What? I don't get an 'I love you too'?"

But I didn't have to say it. He already knew by my red face and my wide smile.

"I love you too," I said it anyway.

"Good." He said.

I laughed.

We sat in the moment, unsure of what to do next. But there was no awkward tension at all. Comforted by each other's looks and faces, there was nothing wrong.

"So, Bells, the doctor told me I was leaving tonight, so go home, and relax, and we can continue this.. later."

My chest fluttered and my stomach flipped.

"Okay, I'll see you then," I smiled.

"I promise we'll continue." He winked.

I blushed, smiled and nodded. "Okay,"

I walked out of the room and knew I couldn't be happier. Ever.

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