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Carmen Cortez was currently nineteen years old and a complete member of the O.S.S. no longer a spy "kid." She was currently on a date with a guy she had met at the library.

His name was Jack and they had been going out for a couple months. He was a nice enough guy that was in college and wanted to be a doctor. Carmen had agreed to go out with him and had a nice enough time, but there had been no sparks. She continued going out with him in hopes that something would spark but she knew it wouldn't happen. She realized it wouldn't happen because she had feeling for her long time friend and flirt, Gary Giggles.

They were currently eating dinner in Carmen's apartment. It was there six month anniversary and, though Carmen wanted to end things with him, didn't have the heart to do it on their anniversary. Jack was talking about her and what he felt for her but she just couldn't make herself pay attention; her thought on Gary.

"Carmen, Carmen, are you listening to anything I'm saying?" Jack said angrily, waving his hands in front of her face.

"I'm sorry, what?" Carmen asked, jumping back into reality.

"I was just telling you that I lo-" Jack started, but never got to finish.

"Carmen," a voice that Carmen would know anywhere said and she whipped her head around.

"Gary! What are you doing here?" Carmen said, her mood turning happy as she got up and jumped into his arms. Gary grabbed her and held onto her tightly and kissed her cheek and laughing lightly.

"Well, I just got back from my…ya know, and it's been a couple weeks since I saw you and I thought I'd come see my favorite girl. That's ok, right? I mean…you did give me a key…." Gary asked, holding her closer.

"Of course! You know I'm always happy to see you! I've missed you so much. How'd the…job go?" Carmen asked, carefully avoiding saying "mission" as Gary had.

"I'll tell you all about it later," Gary asked, smiling at her.

"You better! Why don't you stay here and we talk about-" Carmen said before she was cut off by a loud throat clearing.

"Excuse me," Jack said, angrily.

"Oh, Jack, sorry I, uh…" Carmen started, unsure of what to say.

"You forgot about me, like you always do when he's around. He has a key, but not me. You asked him to stay, but you've never asked me to say. And on our damn anniversary," Jack said, his face turning red.

"Jack, I'm sorry, it's just…Gary and I have known each other for a long time- Gary, what is that," Carmen started explaining before she saw a big purple mark on his arm.

"Relax, love, it's just a bruise. I've had worse, as have you. You should have seen what I did to the other guy though," Gary said an arrogant smile forming on his face as Carmen rolled her eyes.

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