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It's amazing what a simple item of clothing such as a pair of socks can tell you, Hugo Weasley mused to himself. In this case, he was looking at a pair of thermal socks that belonged to a girl he happened to know fairly well.

Katy Krum, KK to her friends, was generally regarded as something of an enigma at Hogwarts. Although she was generally regarded as a pretty girl, with her long black hair and dark brown eyes, she wasn't exactly noteworthy for her popularity. In fact, apart from Hugo, she was pretty much a loner.

The fact that she had several pairs of thermal socks were proof that she lived in a cold part of the world.

The fact that the socks were adorned with the Quidditch colours of a Bulgarian team told him that she was a fan of this team and that she was probably from Bulgaria.

But it was the fact that the socks looked as though they had been violently ripped from the inside that really told him what he had already suspected. As he heard Katy come up the stairs, he turned and faced her.

"Katy?" he asked.


"Are you a werewolf?"

The fact that she ran away from him was all the confirmation he needed.