"Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

A new year, a new challenge, pitting cast members of "Total Drama," "6teen," and "Stoked" against each other. But this time, one person will not win it all. One team will.

Who will win? Team Vets, made up of people who participated in last year's "Fresh from Canada?" Or Team Groms, which consists of those who... didn't? Let the challenge begin!

Special Note!

Shows: "Total Drama World Tour," "6teen," and Season 1 of "Stoked"
Fanfics: "Fresh from Canada"

Minor spoilers for:
Show: Season 2 of "Stoked"
Fanfics: "Where on Earth is Lauren Ridgemount?" and "24 in 24"

You HAVE been warned!

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Fresh TV, Inc.

Florida Keys

A large tour bus was seen making its way south on the Seven Mile Bridge early on a Friday morning, its final destination unknown. Only the driver knew, and he was not planning on telling the occupants, even though they were quite amazed by the architectural structure they were currently going over.

Half an hour later, the bus pulled off of the highway, approximately 20 miles east of Key West. Soon after, it came to a stop, and the occupants were instructed that they would have to walk the rest of the way to their destination.

Courtney of 'Total Drama' was the first to emerge, followed quickly by fellow castmates Trent, Season 1 winner Owen, and Season 3 winner Heather.

"Follow me!" Courtney ordered, heading towards a small signpost directing them towards a path through some nearby trees.

"WOOOOO!" shouted Owen, raising his arms triumphantly. "Key West, baby! Yes!"

"I don't think we're in Key West yet," Trent told him.

But Owen was not the only enthusiastic one, as some of the cast of 'Stoked' exited the bus... led by the one and only...

"Bow before me, Florida!" Reef declared. "The Reefster, the reigning champion, is HERE!"

"Yeah!" cheered Lo, applauding as she appeared behind him.

Lo got up on her tiptoes and was about to peck Reef on the cheek, but Fin grabbed her and pulled her away.


"That's NOT happenin' here!" Fin shouted.

Reef wanted to voice his displeasure, but then he was elbowed aside by Kelly.

"Out of the way!"

She sauntered past, and Reef grumbled under his breath as he followed her. Next off of the bus was yet another excited person in Caitlin, who was the first of the '6teen' contingent.

"EEEEE! The Florida Keys are as beautiful as the brochures said!"

"Don't relax too much," cautiously warned Jen. "We're here in a competition, remember?"

"Let her dream," Jonesy said with a smirk. "After all, we know that I'M winning this year!"

"We'll see about that!" exclaimed two raspy voices behind them.

The trio turned and saw Darth and Julie stepping off of the bus.

"If anyone's gonna win," Darth declared, "it's us!"

"That's what you think!" fired back Jen.


Jen turned and saw Cody running off the bus, terrified. He made a dive towards her, but was stopped short when his pursuer had grabbed him by the legs.

It was, of course, Sierra.

"Cody! Don't run off like that! You know how dangerous the wild can be!"

Sierra dragged Cody away, and Jen saw him pleading for her to help. But she respectfully declined, especially with the look Sierra was shooting at her when she noticed what was transpiring.

Next off of the bus was power couple Geoff and Bridgette... and for once, they were not in the midst of a make-out session.

"We're getting serious this time!" Geoff proclaimed.

"No making out for the next three weeks!" Bridgette exclaimed.


With that, the pair marched off, intending to keep both of those promises. Following them off of the bus was Ripper, who quickly lived up to his name by passing gas right on the spot.

"Ah, that's the stuff! Hey, Ridgemount... you comin'?"

He was referring to Lo's older brother, Ty, who was about to come off of the bus... but was attempting to pull someone along with him.

"You can't spend the next three weeks hiding on the bus!" Ty shouted.

"Oh, yes, I can!"

"Dude!" Ty turned to his friend. "How about an assist?"

Ripper climbed back on board and helped Ty tug the straggler out. Said person turned out to be Wyatt.

"No!" Wyatt shouted. "I'm not ready to see her!"

"You're here!" Ty told him. "You're seeing her!"

Finally, they had extracted him from the bus, and the duo started pushing him down the path after the others.

"I wish I hadn't signed up for THIS!" Wyatt yelled.

In the foreground, the game's hostess chuckled as the last of the group headed off to whatever awaited them on the shoreline.

"What was all of THAT about? I'm suppose we'll find out soon enough! Join me, Blaineley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran, former co-host of 'Celebrity Manhunt' and ex-competitor on 'Total Drama World Tour,' as these teens fight out in a reality competition we'd like to call, 'Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms!' And this time, there IS an 'I' in team!"

Blaineley frowned, then marched off-camera.

"Somebody fire the guy who wrote my intro!"

20 teens, 3 weeks, $300,000 on the line
And only one team to split the prize

[Cast Intros]
Fin and Lo are in the midst of a staring match
Trent is trying to teach Ty how to play guitar
Sierra hugs Cody to the point his face is turning blue
Jen reaches out to help, but Darth shakes his head
Owen and Ripper produce fart clouds together...
And Kelly and Caitlin cover their noses and run away
Jonesy hands Wyatt a book that says 'How to Score Chicks'
Courtney chats with Bridgette, even though she looks...
Over at Geoff, who is giving Julie an autograph
And Reef snatches a crown off of Heather's head and puts it on his

The twenty competitors then appeared on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, approaching the Florida Keys. Blaineley was shown behind the wheel, driving them to their destination.

Two teams
13 challenges
May the best team win!
This is 'Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms!'

Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms
Episode One - Her Way is the Only Way (06.09.11)


The cast had arrived on the beach, but as their eyes scanned the area, there was no else around. Not even a host.

"Are we in the right place?" asked a confused Caitlin.

"Why don't we ask Miss ex-C.I.T.," suggested Heather, as she glanced over at Courtney.

"Hey!" she defended. "I followed the signs just like we were told!"

"I just hope host dude shows up soon," Reef said, "because I'm ready to defend my title, baby!"

He showed off an Olympic gold medal, which had the words '2010 Winter Olympics Canadian Winner' engraved on it.

"I'm the best that ever was and ever will be! Count on it!"

"I don't remember you being handed a medal at the end of the competition last year!" Trent pointed out.

"How much did it cost ya?" Heather asked. "Ten bucks?"

"IT'S PRICELESS!" yelled Reef. "And eighteen fifty, to be exact."

"That was last year, bro!" Geoff said. "It's a whole new ballgame!"

"HE'S EXACTLY RIGHT!" a voice shouted of nowhere.

The group's heads turned every which way, trying to figure out the source.


Finally, they all set their eyes upward and saw Blaineley parachuting down onto the beach. That was her plan, anyway, but she accidentally steered herself into the ocean, splashing down about 20 feet from the shoreline.

"Is that who I THINK it was?" Geoff asked, fearing the worst.

A few seconds later, Blaineley's head popped up out of the water.

"Note to self," she said, "request that the parachute instructor get fired."

90 minutes later, as the cast started to sweat on the beach, Blaineley appeared before them, having toweled and dried off, changed into a clean dress, and had her hair and make-up redone... just to name a few things.

"Welcome to 'Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms!'" she announced cheerfully.

"I hate her already," grumbled Kelly.

"Why did you keep us waiting?" queried Darth, before pointing to some redness on his left arm. "My skin is highly sensitive!"

"Not my fault you didn't bring enough sunscreen to cover your face!" Blaineley told him.

"You will pay for such an egregious mockery of me!"

Darth reached into his pocket and pulled out his red light saber.

"Rule one..." Blaineley stated.

She reached in and plucked the weapon from Darth's hands before he knew it.

"No weapons!"

Blaineley then saw Lo typing away on her cell phone. The hostess swooped in and took that as well.


"Rule two! No cell phones, PDAs, et cetera..."

Lo seethed. "You COULD have just said please."

Blaineley saw that Lo had typed 'Worst reality host ever,' and she responded to it by chucking the phone into the ocean. Lo was stunned in disbelief.

"Hold on!" Bridgette shouted as she stepped forward to protest. "How are you here? The last time we all saw you, you were working for somebody trying to enshrine a living collection of 'Total Drama' cast members... until we busted you!"

"Meh... work-release program. I've got very GOOD lawyers."

"Item one," Courtney cut in, as she was writing on a notepad, "ask what the going rate is on Blaineley's lawyer team..."

"AND you've tried to KILL ME!" Bridgette stated, point blank. "TWICE!"

Everyone on the '6teen' and 'Stoked' casts gasped, and most of them were already contemplating dropping out in fear and/or protest.

"Water under the bridge, honey! Besides..."

Blaineley pointed off to the side, where two police officers were standing, and then down to her left ankle, where a waterproof monitoring bracelet had been snapped on.

"Oh, and rule three? NO BACKTALK TO THE HOSTESS! Got it?"

Bridgette grumbled as she crossed her arms over her chest, but acknowledged she understood the rule anyway as she nodded her head.

"And that goes for everyone else, too!"

The group nodded in unison, though most were not happy with the arrangement, despite the security measures put in place.

"Now that we've gone over my rules, let's talk about the competition itself, shall we?"

Blaineley snapped her fingers, and instantly an intern ran in, pushing a cart that had folded T-shirts on them, which were in two colors: red and blue.

"Reef and Owen, step forward!"

The two guys did as they were told.

"You two great champions are the first members of your respective teams!"

"Wait!" Heather interrupted. "I'm a champion, too!"

Blaineley ignored Heather as she pulled one of each shirt off of the cart. She then tossed the blue one at Reef, then the red at Owen.

"Alright!" Reef smiled. "The champ's team captain! The way it should be!"

Blaineley chuckled. "Who said anything about YOU being captain?"

"But don't we get to pick our own teams?" asked Owen.

Again, Blaineley laughed. "Who said anything about picking your OWN teams?"

"Now I recall why reality shows are scum," uttered Darth.

"For that comment," Blaineley remarked, "you're on the Red Team. And so is braceface."

She threw two red shirts to Darth and Julie.

"You too, surfer boy!"

She was referring to Ripper, who caught the shirt with his face.

"Courtney, Jen, Fin... blue shirts!"

The trio received theirs, then shared a three-way hi-five.

"We rock!" Fin exclaimed.

"Jonesy and Wyatt," Blaineley said to them, "Blue Team!"

"What?" Wyatt gasped, apparently not too pleased.

"Yeah! Team of superstars!" Jonesy cheered jubilantly.

"Caitlin, red shirt!"

"But red clashes with my..."

"Too late!" Blaineley said as she handed it to her and kept walking.


"Ridgemount brats... Lo, blue, Ty, red!"

They took their shirts, but seemed uncomfortable about being on opposite teams.

"Cody, blue! Sierra..."


"RED! Merry Christmas!"

"WHAT? Cody-kins and I will not stand for being separa-..."

Too late... Cody was already dancing with his new teammates. Sierra was pulled over to her team by Owen and Ty.

"Let's see..." Blaineley said as she came to a stop.

Only five had not been assigned yet: Bridgette, Geoff, Heather, Kelly, and Trent.

"Can't have two villains on the same team..."

Blaineley handed Heather a blue shirt, then Kelly a red one.

"Villain?" objected Kelly. "I'm not a..."

"Word of advice," suggested Heather. "It works better if you just accept it."

Blaineley had one blue and two red shirts left.

"You're not thinking of separating Geoff and me?" Bridgette asked, half-hopeful and half-disgusted.

The hostess smiled, and replied.

"Wouldn't dream of it."

She tossed the two red shirts to the couple, leaving Trent with the last blue one. They joined their newly-completed teams.

"The teams are now complete," Blaineley said as she turned to the screen, "but can they come together quickly? Find out, right after the break!"

[End Act One]

Both teams had changed into their team shirts and Blaineley began describing the competition in detail.

"This entire competition is team-oriented," she told them. "There are 13 challenges in total. Each of the first 12 awards $25,000 to the winning team. Whichever team completes the 13th and final challenge first, wins the competition and splits their team's pot amongst its remaining members. That means that potentially, a share of $300,000 is up for grabs!"

"A SHARE of $300,000?" questioned Heather. "That's IT?"

"Oh, trust me. You'll love every penny of it once you see what challenges we have in store for you in this competition! And you won't be splitting it ten ways... because after every challenge, you all get to go to Castoff Beach!"

"What's that?" asked Ty.

"Good question. One member of each team will face off in a do-or-die challenge. The winner gets to return to his or her team; the LOSER gets a one-way ticket OUTTA HERE!"

A collective audible gasp could be heard from the group.

"And all such challenges are only gal versus gal, or guy versus guy. Let's make the first one feature the girls, and we'll work from there. Oh, and one more thing..."

Blaineley turned to face the team in the blue shirts.

"The Blue Team will be known from this point on as Team Vets, since they are made completely of people who competed in 'Fresh from Canada'..."

And then she looked over at those in the red shirts.

"...while the Red Team is Team Groms... 'cause you're the newbs and all."

"What?" argued Kelly. "I am NO grom, you!"

"And I WAS on 'Fresh from Canada,'" noted Bridgette.

"Rule THREE!" Blaineley harshly struck their arguments down.

Kelly and Bridgette both clammed up.

"Now... onto the first challenge. Why now? Because it makes great TV to send someone off before they've even gotten settled in their new digs."

She pointed out about 200 meters off-shore, where there was a wooden platform floating out in the ocean.

"In today's challenge, the guys will be starting here on shore, with a life preserver tied to their waists via a rope. One at a time, they must swim out to the platform, where the girls will be waiting. One girl will jump into the preserver, and must sit in it as their male partner pulls them back to shore. First team to have its entire team on shore and across the start-finish line, wins!"

Most of the girls were happy to hear all of that, but most of the boys were not.

"You mean we have to do all the work while the betties just sit and look pretty?" questioned Reef, before adding, "Sounds good to me!"

"Ugh!" groaned Fin, before elbowing him in the abs. "Such a pig!"

"Ooh, ooh!" Caitlin raised her hand, asking to speak.

Blaineley rolled her eyes, then nodded.

"We get to choose who rescues us, right?"

"Silly girl. Who said anything about YOU picking your rescuer?"

"Is it just me or does she seem like quite the witch?" Julie asked Ripper.

"The ol' betty's not a peach, that's for sure," he replied.

[Challenge 1: Rescue Mission]

Once the pairings were set and everyone was in position with the proper equipment, the challenge was ready to begin. Though most of the cast decided to ditch the team colors for the challenge, instead dressing down to nothing but their swimsuits.

Reef, for the Vets, and Geoff, for the Groms, stepped up to the start line as their team's respective first legs.

"Prepare to lose to the Reefster," taunted Reef.

"Whatever, bro," Geoff replied in a calm demeanor. "I'm just here to have fun!"

Blaineley raised both arms in the air...

"And... GO!"

...and dropped them, and the two ran past her and into the ocean, both heading for the platform. Cheers aplenty could be heard.

"You can do it!" both Lo and Bridgette shouted at their respective boyfriends.

To Reef's surprise, Geoff was staying with him, stroke for stroke. As a result, they both reached the platform simultaneously. Lo jumped into the water, though Fin did not elicit a reaction either way, while Sierra leaped off for the Groms.

"Yeehaw!" squealed Sierra as she held on tight as Geoff started swimming towards shore.

"You can beat them, Reef!" Lo told her partner. "I know you can!"

Using his girlfriend's confidence to power him, Reef increased his speed, just enough for him to start pulling away from Geoff, albeit slightly. Both teams reached shore, and ran in to tag the next person in line. Reef ran past Wyatt, and right behind him was Lo, who tagged him on the hand.

"Go for it, Wyatt!"

"Say wha?"

Wyatt was so stunned after feeling Lo's soft hand brush against his, that he temporarily forgot what was going on around him... even as Geoff and Sierra ran by, the latter tagging Darth as she did.

"Did she just say..."

"WYATT!" Heather yelled from out at sea. "COME HERE, NOW!"

Heather's screeching snapped Wyatt out of it, and he took off after Darth. Luckily, Darth was one of the weakest male swimmers, if not the worst, so Wyatt was able to catch up to him by the time they got to the platform.

"About time," Heather said, before jumping into the preserver. "Go!"

Wyatt nodded, then started swimming. Darth, with Julie riding behind him, were right on their tail. But not for long, as Wyatt started to pull away... with the help of some motivating words from Heather.

"Stroke! Stroke! C'mon, they should be eating our dust!"

But Wyatt did not even know how far he was ahead until he got back on shore and turned around. Heather ran over the finish line, and Wyatt followed, tagging Trent just as Darth had stood up and turned to help Julie out of the preserver. The two ran in from there and tagged Ty, who had some serious ground to make up.

"Yeah!" Kelly shouted, jumping up excitedly. "Ty's coming!"

Ty closed the deficit somewhat, but was still eight to ten strokes from the platform when Trent arrived and pointed to Fin, leaving Jen and Courtney still waiting.

"Go, Trent and Fin!" both girls cheered.

They headed back just as Ty pulled in. He reluctantly pointed to Kelly, who hopped into her preserver happily.

"See ya later, losers!" she exclaimed, waving goodbye to blondes Bridgette and Caitlin.

"Wha?" Caitlin gasped as she glanced at Bridgette. "We're on the same team!"

Trent and Ty were swimming with all their might, and the latter was continuing to close the gap. But the Vets were still ahead when both teams returned to shore. Trent and Fin tagged Cody; two seconds later, Ty and Kelly tagged Ripper.

"Catch him!" Kelly shouted at Ripper. "He's nothing!"

Ripper picked up where Ty had left off, pulling the Groms closer and closer to the Vets. The gap had shrunk to just under a second upon their arrival at the platform.

"Jen!" Cody shouted at her.

Jen jumped in...

"Uh..." Ripper looked at his two girls, "Bridgette?"

Bridgette slid onto her preserver, and was still getting in position when Cody starting pulling Jen back to sure.

"I know you can do it!" Jen cheered Cody on. "You can do this!"

Ripper and Bridgette gave chase, and they were making up the gap fast. And Cody was starting to get tired.

[End Act Two]

Cody was showing visible signs of exhaustion just about halfway back, while Ripper seemed to be getting stronger as he pulled up alongside of him.

"Dig, Cody!" Jen shouted. "You've got to stay with him!"

Cody was fighting as best he could, but Ripper was too much for him. The Groms took the led for the first time in the challenge and they were pulling away. Ripper and Bridgette reached shore about half a dozen strokes ahead of Cody and Jen. Bridgette was the one to make her team's final tag, sending Owen running for the water.

"BONZAI!" he yelled.

He reached the water just as Jen had hopped off of the preserver and had gone to pull Cody up, who was too tired to stand up.

"You better not be giving up," she told him, "because I refuse to give up on you!"

Sierra groaned in displeasure seeing Jen lift Cody to his feet and help him jog the last few feet in. She tagged her stepbrother as they ran over the line.

"Big guy's goin' down!" Jonesy shouted as he headed for the ocean.

Jonesy swam after Owen, and he used his more athletic body to close the gap. A more than one second lead had completely evaporated by the time both guys reached the platform. Courtney and Caitlin got into the water, and soon, the last pairs were heading back. Both teams cheered for their companions to get back first. Owen was using big strokes to make some waves... most of it flinging back at Caitlin, who tried to shield her eyes and hair. But Jonesy was just too fast for him. He and Courtney reached shore first, and they sprinted across the finish line just as Owen and Caitlin were getting out of the water.

Blaineley ran in out of nowhere to make the result official.

"And Team Vets wins!"

The blue team celebrated, with cheers, high-fives, and hugs all around. The red team, on the other hand, was disgusted and upset with the result.

"Team Vets," Blaineley addressed them. "As the winners of the challenge... $25,000 added to your team pot!"

"YEAH!" Jonesy yelled. "The Vets rule this beach!"

[Team Vets $25,000 - Team Groms $0]

"Now, as a perk for winning, you must now pick one girl from the Groms to go against one girl from your team, for the right to remain in the game. You've got half an hour to deliberate, so hop to it! Team Groms... go goof off somewhere until we need you."

The members of Team Vets, now dry and back in their team shirts, had gathered inside a 'secret' tent that had been pitched on the shore, and were beginning their discussion on who to nominate.

"I definitely think we should try to get rid of the strongest first," suggested Jonesy. "That is, as long as we don't get rid of any of the hotties."

"Well," Courtney piped in. "Look no further than Sierra! I've seen the girl in action, and she's definitely a threat."

"I have to agree," Jen concurred. "I mean, what other strong girls do they have? Caitlin's not one, for sure, and neither's Julie."

"How about Kelly?" interjected Lo. "She's just in this for the money!"

"Aren't all of us?" shot back Jonesy.

"I think that betty, Bridgette, is a bigger threat," hinted Reef. "She practically lives in the water!"

"You only don't like her because she's got a boyfriend," countered Fin.

"And she and Geoff ARE formidable when they're not trying to kiss each other every five minutes!" Heather revealed. "I second nominating Bridgette."

"So... Sierra or Bridgette," Trent concluded. "Shall we vote?"

One minute later, everyone was seen writing a name on a slip of paper and placing it inside a baseball cap someone had. Wyatt was then picked to count the votes.

"Bridgette, six to four."

Most of the team reacted unfavorably to the results, even though some of them must have helped the vote come out the way it did.

"Fine," relented Courtney. "But I'm not going against her. She's a good friend!"

"And she's one of my idols!" added Fin. "I'm out as well."

Lo then opened her mouth to present her argument, but Heather cut her off.

"Don't even think about it! I nominate putting Lo in."


"You're loaded! I don't even know why you're here!"

"Well, Heather, didn't YOU just WIN a million dollars?"

"That money fell into that volcano, AND, might I add, I was never compensated for that! Just in case a certain reality host is seeing this!"

"Alejandro SHOULD have won that money," Courtney argued. "I nominate putting Heather in the challenge!"

Heather was not happy to hear Courtney throw her under the bus like that. Still...

"You know what, Courtney? Fine! I'll do the challenge! Besides, I like it when I'M the one sending someone home!"

[Castoff Beach]

Blaineley and the two teams had switched locations, moving to a different key, one that was only accessible by boat. Right behind the hostess was a fortune wheel, divided equally into six portions.

"Reef," Blaineley pointed him out, "our defending champion..."

"I'm glad you finally noticed," he said as he flashed his fake gold medal at her.

"Please tell us which Grom the Vets are putting in the challenge, and why."

"Well, we thought 'bout it... and decided that we want Bridgette in the challenge."

Bridgette gasped in shock, while a smile became plastered on Blaineley's face.


"She's such a force in the water. Couldn't risk it."

"Very well. Reef, tell us who you guys have picked to go up against Bridgette, and why."

"To face Bridgette... we picked Heather."

A lot of gasps came from the Groms. They were completely surprised by the choice.

"Heather's got a knack for taking people out of reality shows," Reef continued, "so we figure... she can do it again."

"Very well," Blaineley accepted the explanations. "Bridgette and Heather, please step forward."

The two girls stepped out of line and walked over to Blaineley.

"I'm pretty sure they're doing 'Aftermath' shows for this too," Heather told Bridgette, "so why not just save us all the trouble and give up now?"

"I still can't forgive you for everything you've done to me and my friends in the past!" Bridgette shouted. "You're finally gonna pay for all of that!"

"Oooooh!" Blaineley squealed happily. "Unfinished business! This should be great for ratings!"

"Just tell us what challenge we're doing so Surfer Girl can catch the first boat ride off this island!" Heather hissed.

Blaineley stepped aside to reveal the fortune wheel.

"Voila!" the hostess said. "Heather, as the representative of the winning team, you get to spin. Whatever it lands on is the challenge you two will undertake. If it lands on the black 'wild card' spot, you get to pick."

The choices on the wheel were '20 Questions,' 'Ascent to Glory,' 'Hang for Your Life,' 'Remember the Sequence,' and 'Tug of Eternity.' Heather grabbed a hold of the wheel and sent it spinning. It went around several times before finally coming to a stop on 'Hang for Your Life.'

"Oh, that's a GOOD one!" Blaineley said aloud.

[Hang for Your Life]

Heather and Bridgette were standing on platforms facing each other, and in between them was a much larger one, which was five feet above them and had numerous rings suspending from it. It looked similar to the one used on 'American Gladiators,' except outdoors. And, of course, the ocean lied below.

Blaineley was standing on the beach with a megaphone in hand, and the other competitors were on either side of her.

"To win and stay in the game," Blaineley explained, "you must do one of two things. Reach your opponent's platform safely - which isn't much fun - OR force your opponent to fall into the water below! No punching, kicking, or choking is allowed... anything else goes. And if not engaged with your opponent, you must be moving at all times! Failure to do so will result in a warning, then disqualification! Got it?"

The girls nodded, then turned towards each other, ready to take the other out.

"Ready? Set? GO!"

Both sides began cheering as Heather and Bridgette each grabbed the closest ring and swung onto the course. Heather moved as fast as she could, making a beeline for Bridgette. Bridgette, on the other hand, was trying to avoid a confrontation that was not on her terms. But, before she knew it, Heather was two rings away from her. Heather reached for the next ring with her free hand while extending her legs forward to try and grab Bridgette.

And then the unthinkable happened.

The second Heather released her grip on the ring her trailing hand was on, the fingers on the forward ring slipped off.


And, just like that, Heather was in the water. Everyone was in complete shock. Including Bridgette.

"WHOA! Did that JUST happen?"

Sure enough, Heather resurfaced, and she herself was in disbelief as well.

"NO! This can't be! I... LOST?"

Cheers came from not only the Groms, but a few of the Vets as well, as Bridgette raised her free arm in triumph, and then voluntarily let go to fall into the ocean herself.

Confessional Cam - Blaineley

"Bridgette WON? Well, that puts a crimp in my plans. On the other hand, Heather the FIRST OUT? Word-of-mouth ALONE will carry us four or five episodes at least! I can already smell a second-season pick-up."

Back on shore, Blaineley made the result official.

"Bridgette, well... you defied the odds and won the challenge. Go rejoin your team!"

"Woo-hoo!" Bridgette shouted enthusiastically as she ran to her team, who greeted her with hugs and high-fives.

"Heather... time to hit the road."

"Ugh," grumbled Heather. "Whatever. Like I cared about winning this stupid game, anyway."

All of the girls on her team were visibly waving Heather off, all with smiles on their faces. Heather stuck her tongue out at them in return, and... that was it.

"So... how do I get home, you?" she asked Blaineley, sternly.

Blaineley pointed down the beach to a small raft.


Three interns picked Heather up, and despite her vocal protests, she was carried to the raft, tossed on it, and pushed out to sea. The waves quickly pulled her away from shore.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" Heather yelled, shaking her fist at Blaineley threateningly.

"One episode down, twelve to go," narrated Blaineley. "Which cast member will we send adrift next week? Find out next time, on 'Fresh Challenge!'"


End Episode One

Author's Notes:
Yes, that just happened! Heather's the first person eliminated, and she was sent adrift at sea, never to be seen again (well, at least some people HOPE so). And, yes, that's how everyone's gonna be sent 'home,' so you better cheer on your favorite and hope they don't fall prey to a similar fate! Be here next week when the first guy gets the boot!

Next up: Episode 2 - Next Thursday, June 16th, 7 pm EST!