"Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

More than six months after the conclusion of "Fresh Challenge," the cast finally reunites to talk about what happened. Sort of.

Note: Heads up, one semi-big spoiler from Season 2 of "Stoked" is included, just so you know!

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Fresh TV, Inc.

20 teens, 3 weeks, $300,000 on the line
And only one team to split the prize

[Cast Intros]
Fin and Lo are in the midst of a staring match
Trent is trying to teach Ty how to play guitar
Sierra hugs Cody to the point his face is turning blue
Jen reaches out to help, but Darth shakes his head
Owen and Ripper produce fart clouds together...

And Kelly and Caitlin cover their noses and run away
Jonesy hands Wyatt a book that says 'How to Score Chicks'

Courtney chats with Bridgette, even though she looks...
Over at Geoff, who is giving Julie an autograph
And Reef snatches a crown off of Heather's head and puts it on his

The twenty competitors then appeared on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, approaching the Florida Keys. Blaineley was shown behind the wheel, driving them to their destination.

Two teams 13 challenges
May the best team win!
This is 'Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms!'

Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms
The Extremely Belated Reunion Special (03.15.12)


The crowd applauded as the lights went up in the small theater, and they were greeted by their hosts... Trent and Emma?

"Hi, everybody, what's up?" Trent asked.

"We're here tonight to reunite the cast of last summer's hit reality series, 'Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms!'" stated Emma.

"Um, Emma, right? About that..."

"Oh, where are our manners? We forgot to introduce ourselves! I'm Emma!"

"And I'm Trent. But, back to reuniting the cast."

"We've got a super, super show planned for you all tonight, and only a short time to do it!"


"Let's welcome all of our guests! Come on out, guys!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, entering first, the Vets!"

Attention turned stage left. But this time, a few people did emerge. And by few, it was actually just a couple.

"Yeah, baby!" Jonesy exclaimed. "The Jones-meister is in tha house!"

The audience cheered as Jonesy walked over to the hosts, and those who had gotten out of their seats quickly scrambled back to them. Tagging along with him was Cody, and upon his appearance, a loud squeal went up among a small group of girls a few rows back. Cody acknowledged with a simple wave, but did not do much more than that. He had an anxious look on his face.

"So, including you, just three of the Vets are here?" Emma was shocked. "And not even a single girl? That... that doesn't make any sense!"

"Oh," Jonesy spoke up. "You talkin' 'bout rich girl, right? Don't know. She went to use the bathroom 15 minutes ago."

"Oh! I'd better go find her!"

With that, Emma ran off the stage to get Lo. That left Trent to emcee alone as Jonesy and Cody took their seats.

"Um, okay, so what was I supposed to do now? Oh, right... now introducing... the Groms!"


Sierra sprinted out like a cheetah and she tackled Cody to the floor, taking the chair he was sitting on - and a few others as well - with him. Once the two were on the ground, Sierra started rubbing the side of her face against his.

"Didn't I get enough of this backstage?"

"It's never enough, Cody-wody!"

Meanwhile, the spotlight shined on Caitlin, who was on the receiving end of some wolf whistled and catcalls as she strutted onto the stage. She had a big smile on her face as she blew a kiss to the audience. She stopped halfway to her seat to address them.

"Oh, thank you, thank you! You love me! You really love meEEEEE..."

She was cut off by Kelly, who pushed Caitlin out of her way. That drew a chorus of boos from the majority of the theater. She ignored them as she picked up one of the chairs Sierra had knocked over so that she could sit down. She crossed her arms and her legs and waited for everyone else to get to their seats.

Once everyone was settled, including Cody prying himself from Sierra's tight grip, Trent could finally begin to ask questions.

"So, where should we start?"

Cody raised his hand.

"Not for nothing, but you look a bit nervous to be hosting this. What happened to Geoff and Bridgette? Isn't this their gig?"

Trent opened his mouth to answer, but Sierra beat him to it.

"Thanks to Blaineley, Bridgette refused to come. She was very upset over Blaineley trying to screw her out of the game at every turn! She felt that she'd do something unlike her if she ever had to be face to face with that woman again. And as for Geoff, well, you know he has to be supportive of his girl!"

"That's... Sierra, how did you know about that?"

"How else, Trent? I heard it through the grapevine! And the IRC. And perhaps via carrier pigeon. At least I THINK that was a pigeon."

"And what about Blaineley?" queried Kelly. "The Queen of Mean couldn't be bothered to show up?"

Again, Trent went to answer, but...

"She's behind bars and they threw away the key! Well, not really threw away, per se, but she's gonna be locked up for a long, long, long, long, long, LONG time."

"Ahem," coughed Trent. "Sierra, would YOU like to host the show?"

Sierra gasped, then screamed with glee. "Really? Yes, I'd love to!"

"What? Wait, I was joking!"

Sierra stood up and shouted, "Somebody mic me!"

Kristen and Kirsten, aka 'The Clones,' ran in from stage right. Kristen had an earpiece in hand, while Kirsten had the actual mic. Once Sierra was set, the two blondes exited the stage.

"Alright," Sierra said, ready to begin, "let's do this!"

Cody raised his hand once more. "Um, can I object?"


Now Kelly raised hers. "If he can't, then I do! I didn't agree to this!"

"Maybe not, but perhaps you would once I force you to explain you being the new NEW Heather!"

"One, I did a few 'bad' things, but I am NOT evil like Heather..."

A few boos and cries of 'liar, liar' came from the audience.

"And, two... I withdraw my objection."

She lowered her hand. Without any further objections, Sierra began her unofficial hosting duties.

"So, Cody. What do you think is my best feature?"

Cody began to sweat. "Um..."

"Uh, Sierra?" Trent cut in. "If you're gonna do this hosting thing, you have to actually ask him about something that happened on the show."

"Oh, right! I get it! So, Cody."

Cody gulped.

"What happened after I left? Did Jen try to sink her claws into you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"A-HA! Classic case of 'Stockholm Syndrome!'"

"I don't even know what that means!"

"What did she do to you that made you want to empathize with her?"

"Jen would never do that," Caitlin shouted. "At least, not without me knowing."

"Nobody asked you! Cody, answer the question!"

"Nothing! She did nothing!"

"Sticking with your story, huh? Well, I have ways of making you talk!"

She tackled Cody once again, and this time, she grabbed his left shoe and tried to pull it off. He struggled to get away.

"Ha ha ha!" laughed Jonesy. "Go get 'em, tiger!"

"Maybe we should help him," suggested Caitlin, shooting a glance over at Kelly.

"And tangle with Crazy Pants? No thank you!"

Trent tried to keep the show going despite it deteriorating before his eyes.

"Well. Let's check in with the co-host I started this show with, Emma! Emma?"

The video screen behind the competitors, none of which had realized was there before now, turned on. Emma was shown in one of the dressing room.

"Trent? It's Emma! Can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear. Last we checked, you were searching for Lo! Any luck?"

"No! And I'm worried! I've gone through all of the dressing rooms and she wasn't in any of them!"

"That's not good."

Emma was genuinely concerned for the whereabouts of her friend, but her mind became sidetracked when she noticed what was going on with Sierra and Cody.

"Um, what are they doing?"

"I wish I knew myself. Hey, Sierra, what are-"

"WHY ARE YOU TUGGING AT MY PANTS?" screamed Cody, off-screen.

"Guys!" cried Emma. "I don't think we can show that on TV!"

Emma ran away from the camera, assumedly heading back to the stage. Trent, meanwhile, moved to get Sierra dislodged from Cody before he lost more than just a shoe. The camera operator on the stage swung the camera around to Kristen and Kirsten, who were together in one of the aisles, about ten or twelve rows back.

"The camera's on us, Kirsten! What do we do?"

"No! Kristen, it can't be! Doesn't the camera add, like, ten pounds? Quick, does it look like I've gained weight?"

Kristen squinted as she stared at Kirsten's stomach.

"Not sure. Perhaps you shouldn't have had that taco in the green room?"

"Taco? I thought that was a giant eggroll!"

"TELL THEM WE'RE GOING TO BREAK!" Trent shouted from the stage.

The camera cut to static.

[End Act One]

Things were back under control just in time for the show to resume. Emma was back on stage, Sierra was no longer trying to do unmentionable things to Cody in public, and Cody was just relieved that he kept all of his clothes on.

"We're back, with the 'Fresh Challenge: Vets vs. Groms: The Extremely Belated Reunion Special,'" announced Trent.

"With things under control and the production crew looking for Lo," stated Emma, "we can finally get to what you want to hear! Us asking the cast to explain what happened on the show!"

"Let's start with the Vets."

Trent looked over at his former teammates, Jonesy and Cody.

"First off, Jonesy, we all want to know... how did it feel for you guys to cross that finish line first?"

"It was the greatest feeling in the world, Trent! A beautiful locale to wrap things up, and some good friends to share it with! Not to mention one hundred Gs, baby!"

"Cody. Was there any point during the final challenge that you thought you guys weren't going to get to the finish line first?"

"Definitely near the beginning, when Courtney refused to eat those cockroach-filled jello shots. We lost the lead and never got it back until we got to Castoff Beach."

"Speaking of which," Emma said, turning to the Groms, "Groms, you seemingly had this won. But then the bottom fell out. Both of you clearly had a hand in that."

"In my defense," Kelly sneered, "I was trying to help Ty after that stupid sushi gave him food poisoning!"

"Sure, but you were the one who gave Ty water during the water puzzle part of the challenge. You would have had enough."

"Don't judge me, Emma. You would've done the same thing!"

"So? Maybe. But it doesn't matter because..."

"Because you weren't in the challenge? Sorry, but it did. You just want to admit it."

Caitlin raised her hand to put in her two cents.

"In my opinion, I think what Kelly did was very sweet. Even if it did end up leading to us losing."

"Speaking of, Caitlin... let's talk Hang for Your Life."

Caitlin groaned.

"At that point in the challenge, the Groms were still ahead! So, what happened?"

"Those rings, Emma. Those gosh darn rings! They were so, so, SO slippery! I couldn't get a good grip on them. They were all wet!"

Jonesy snickered. "That's what she said."

"No matter what I did, I just couldn't stay up there!"

"Do you know how long it took for you to clear that?"

"It felt like forever! I was told later it was at least half an hour! Ugh! It was the worst thing ever!"

Trent turned to Cody.

"So, man, what did you guys think of the final make-up of the team? Going into the final challenge, were the two of you and Courtney confident that the three of you could pull off the victory?"

"I liked our chances, I tell you that much. That being said, we probably would've been unbeatable if you were in it instead of me. Again, sorry for voting you into Castoff Beach."

"You don't have to apologize for anything, Cody!" shouted Sierra.

"It's okay, Sierra." Trent waved her off. "In the end, it was still up to me to beat Ty. And I didn't."

Trent looked over at Kelly, expecting her to be smug about Ty's victory. But she had an odd non-reaction to it all.


"What? Sure, I was happy Ty won because he was my teammate! But that's it."

Caitlin eyed Kelly suspiciously. "Wow. Is something up? That's, like, the first time you've ever passed up any opportunity to gush about how great Ty is! Did something happen between you two?"

Emma suddenly became giddy, doing a poor job of hiding her feelings, as she knew what was up.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"HA!" Jonesy exclaimed, jumping out of his seat and pointing at Kelly. "He dumped you, didn't you?"

Kelly nodded sadly. Caitlin gasped, as did most of the audience. Emma... got up and started to dance happily.

"That's right! That's right! Uh huh! Uh huh!"

She then stopped, realizing that not only was she being unprofessional, but she was also making a fool of herself. She blushed, then calmly sat back down and pulled the top of her shirt over her eyes.

"Somebody's happy about this break-up," Trent stated.

"If I didn't know any better," Caitlin thought aloud, "you're happy they're no longer together. That means... gasp... you've had a crush on Ty this whole time!"

"Don't say that!" Emma cried, her voice muffled partially by the fabric of her shirt. "All of Canada will know, including Ty."

"We're on TV," Kelly grumbled. "Of course he's gonna find out. Besides, it's not like it's a big secret. You openly flirted with Ty while the two of us were still together!"

Emma pulled her head out of her shirt to issue a dreamy response.

"I couldn't help. He's just too... too... too..."

"You can say he's 'The One,'" Caitlin told her. "That's what I'd do."

"Ugh!" growled Kelly. "Can we not talk about this? That happened months AFTER the show was over! If we want to talk about 'The One,' Cooke, why don't we talk about you and Trent?"

Caitlin's eyes went wide. Trent slumped down in his seat. Sierra clapped in response.

"Ooh, juicy! The one thing I don't know is what happened to you two after the show. Y'know, Caitlin, after you gave Trent your phone number? I saw that when I watched that episode. I wish I had thought of that. Say, Cody, maybe I should give you my number?"

"I already have your number!" Cody told her, exasperated.

Sierra gasped. "How? I never told you!"

"It shows up on my phone every time you call me. Every hour, on the hour, when we're not together. Even at night."

"Tee hee... you're always the dreamiest when you speaking slobbering gibberish at 4 a.m."

"No one cares!" Kelly snapped at Sierra, before turning back to Caitlin. "So, what's up with you two?"

"I'm kinda with Kelly here," admitted Emma, as she glanced at her co-host. "Did you two guys go on a date or what?"

Trent just sat there, twiddling his thumbs, while Caitlin nervously tugged at her shirt collar. Neither of them seemed comfortable about giving a response. Until, simultaneously...

"Nothing happened, we're just friends!"

They both then covered their mouths with their hands. All that did was make Emma, Kelly, and the audience want to hear more.

"Oh, come on!" Emma continued. "Caitlin, you were caught on film eying Trent. Several times! Plus, you gave him your number! A girl doesn't just give a hottie her digits without reason."

She then realized she had just called Trent a hottie, and he was sitting right next to her.

"And by that I mean hot in the general sense, not necessarily that I think you're hot. Which means to say you're not hot, but Ty's much hotter than you and why did I just say that last part out loud?"

Emma buried her face in her shirt in embarrassment once more. Trent just seemed confused about what to do, and Caitlin was not sure if she wanted to relive what happened that day. Not that it was not already replaying itself in her mind.

"I could tell you what happened," Jonesy spoke up.

Caitlin gasped, then put her hands together, pleading for her friend to not spill the beans.

"That is," he continued, "IF I CARED! HA!"

Both Trent and Caitlin breathed a sigh of relief.

"Their 'date,' whether they want to call it one or not, happened the same day Courtney flew to Toronto to see me!"

"Courtney flew to Toronto to see you?" Sierra repeated.

"Yep! I'm telling ya, the girl can't keep her hands off me. She SO wants me!"

"That's quite not I remember from our time in Key West," Trent said, finally talking again now that the topic of discussion had changed.

"Her lips may have been saying 'No,' but trust me. I know how she thinks, and in her mind, she was saying 'Yes.' She was just too focused on winning, that's all."

"That's funny," Caitlin said, though she was not laughing. "I seem to remember that day differently."

"Given you don't want to talk about you and Trent..." interjecting Kelly.

"We're just friends! SERIOUSLY!"

"Ah," Jonesy smiled. "That date was magical."

"That's not what our cameramen tell us," Emma spoke up. "We had some crew members there that day as well, filming clips for this very show, to catch up with some of our contestants."

Jonesy suddenly became a bit nervous. "Oh, yeah. I had forgotten about that."

"Should we show it?" Trent asked rhetorically.

Emma smiled. "I think people want us too. Right?"

She was practically begging for the audience to respond, and they did. Enthusiastically, in favor of seeing it. All except for...

"Hey! HEY! Hold on!"

Someone had gotten out of her seat and was heading to the stage. Jonesy screamed in panic as he ducked behind his seat. Sierra gasped as she recognized who was coming their way.

"OMG, it's Jonesy' RLGF, LOL!"

"What?" Trent looked at her funny.

"RLGF! Real-life girlfriend, duh! It's Nikki Wong!"

Sure enough, Nikki was stomping towards the stage, angry as heck. She had made it to the stairs leading up to where the competitors were all sitting, but Kristen and Kirsten had run over to block the way.

"Famous people only, Nikki!" Kirsten said to her.

"Yeah! You're not allowed to go up there!" Kristen shouted.

But Nikki was not going to be denied, and she growled angrily at them, which was more than enough to scare The Clones into getting out of the way. The crowd cheered as Nikki made her way over to Jonesy.

"This is getting good, folks!" Emma commented. "Nikki looks peeved!"

She and Trent slowly backed their chairs away a few hops, and the others on stage did likewise, leaving Nikki a clear path to her 'in deep doo-doo' boyfriend, Jonesy.

"Mother..." he said, his voice cracking in fear.

[End Act Two]

The show resumed with the camera focused not on the stage, but rather down in the dressing room, where Kristen and Kirsten had fled to after being scared off by Nikki.

"Wow, Kirsten, Nikki looks like she wanted to rip Jonesy's head off."

"I know, Kristen! I wouldn't want to be Jonesy right now. The poor guy."

"Say, where are we?"

They heard someone chewing in the background.

"And what's that noise?"

They turned around, and were surprised to see Lo sitting there, at a cart, stuffing a forkful of lobster meat into her mouth. The remains of an opened lobster sat to her left, while three fresh, unopened ones laid on another plate to her right. Lo stopped chewing when she realized that she was on camera with food in her mouth.

She then shrugged her shoulders, and continued eating anyway.

"At least they found Lo," Emma said in relief from the stage as the feed from backstage was turned off. "Good to know."

"Especially since now we can focus on a more gripping topic. Like Jonesy and Nikki."

Another chair had been found for Nikki, who was now sitting next to Jonesy with her arms crossed over her chest.

"You don't have to be here," Jonesy told her, as he sweated heavily.

"You know, Jonesy. I hate the fact that you've been dodging me every time I've asked about you and Courtney! Especially since the day in question she was in Toronto, you were double dating with me since that was ALSO the day I returned home for the first time after moving away!"

Everyone else in the theater let loose an audible gasp.

"I thought you were done with the gawking," Nikki said to Jonesy. "Then I find out you were hitting on Courtney! Ugh! What do you see in her? She's got a stick so far up her..."

"As your boyfriend," Jonesy cut her off, "I just want to say that it's not my fault! She seduced me."

"She SEDUCED you? I find that hard to believe!"

"Have you SEEN the way her hips sway when she moves?"

"Oh, what, so you like it when you watch her way walk away from behind, but you don't feel the same way when I do it?"

Trent winced. "Ooh. Jonesy just walked into a mine field."

"That's not what I meant, Nikki! I meant that she's got nice legs."

"Oh, so you're a leg guy now?"

Emma frowned. "Ouch. And he just stepped on one."

"No! It's just the way she carries herself! The way she played hard to get, as if she wanted to look unimpressed but when in fact she..."

Nikki growled angrily.

"And his remains just became scattered in the wind," commented Jonesy. "What a jerk."

"Oh," Caitlin said worriedly. "I don't like where this is going."

Nikki looked as if she was ready to burst. Trent and Emma needed to defuse the situation, and fast.

"Say," Trent spoke up. "Why don't we take a look at that video footage, shall we?"

"Um," Emma said in hesitation, "are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Of course! You want to hear the nine reasons why?"

"Not... really."

"Roll the footage, guys!"

In front of The Big Squeeze, Courtney had just walked up to the group with Jonesy.

"You guys remember Courtney, right?"

Jen huffed. "Yeah. I do."

Courtney walked over to make up with Jen. "Sorry about what happened in Florida. Nothing personal, right?"

"Well, I guess."

Jude gasped. "Don't tell me, dude! You're going on a da-"

Jonesy quickly kick Jude in the shin to shut him up.

"OW! Dude!"

"Not cool," an unimpressed Wyatt commented.

"Jonesy," Courtney shot him an odd look. "What's going on? I thought the reason I had to fly out here, in person, was that you wanted me to show you how to properly invest in your winnings!"

"What investing?" Caitlin asked from behind the counter. "He spent, like, half of it within a week after we got back! The only reason he hasn't spent all of it yet is because his parents made him put the rest in his bank account!"


"Oops! Sorry, Jonesy! I didn't mean to say that out loud! At least Courtney doesn't know she's here because you wanted to go on a date with her!"

"WHAT?" screeched Courtney.

"CAITLIN!" shouted Jonesy.

"Oops! I wasn't supposed to say that out loud, either, huh?"

"I'm spending nearly a grand round-trip, out of my own pocket, because you wanted to go out with me?"

"If that wasn't complicated enough," noted Trent, "then Nikki showed up."

"Oh, I'm so glad to see you!" Nikki said as she gave Jonesy a hug, and then a kiss on the lips.

"Me too, babe. So, what do you say we make up on lost make-out time?"

With that, Jonesy and Nikki walked off. Jonesy looked back at his friends, who knew what was going on but were not saying anything. For now.

Nikki glared at Jonesy.

"Look, Nik, I can explain!"

"But things didn't go as planned for the two-timer," Emma continued, somewhat impartially.

Jonesy and Courtney were sitting at a table at Grind Me.

"When are you going to get it through your thick skull that I'm not interested?"

"I dunno," Jonesy smirked. "Maybe I won't until you give me a kiss to show your intentions."

"A kiss, huh? You want a kiss? FINE!"

"What? Really?"

Courtney nodded. "Now, close your eyes."

Jonesy complied, closing his eyes, puckering his lips, and leaning forward. Courtney quietly got up out of her seat, grabbed a kiwi, dolled it up with mocha-colored lipstick, and then pressed it against Jonesy's lips. Jonesy grabbed a hold, none the wiser, and started tonguing it. Courtney quietly fake-gagged upon seeing it. Once he was done, she quickly grabbed a hold of the kiwi and tossed it over her head and into a nearby trash can, all before Jonesy could open his eyes.

"Wow! That... that was great! Only... I don't quite remember the back of your head being so pointy."

"Really? You thought it was great?"


"Even though you were actually making out with a kiwi and not me?"

"I thought you just forgot to put on lip gloss, that's all. No matter, I still see you dig me!"


Courtney picked up her medium-sized coffee and turned it upside down, pouring the nearly-full cup's contents completely into Jonesy's lap.


"This is the last time I'm gonna say it, Mister Clueless! I HAVE NEVER, EVER HAD THE HOTS FOR YOU! EVER!"

With that, Courtney walked out of the cafe. Jonesy was biting his lower lip and grabbing himself down there, as a tear leaked from his eyes.


A little later, Jonesy was walking up to Nikki, who was sitting in a booth at the Soft Rock Café.

"About time! Wait, what happened to you?"

She was pointing out how awkwardly he was walking.

"Um... I ran into a table."

"You... ran into a table?"

Nikki laughed.

"What? A guy can't run into a table?"

Back live, Nikki was laughing once more.

"I have to admit, that WAS a funny excuse."

"So," Jonesy started to relax a bit, "I take it you're not mad anymore?"

"I'm not mad at Courtney, because she convinced me she wants nothing to do with you."

"And what about me?"

"Well... I... I guess I'm not mad at you anymore, either."

Jonesy paused. "What? Really?"

"Yeah. I'm still not happy that you hit on her. But, I'm willing to forgive you. Just this once."

"Oh, Nikki!"

Jonesy wrapped his arms around Nikki in thanks.

"You're the best girlfriend ever!"

"You know it. And better remember it... I won't be so kind next time."

"Awwww..." cooed Emma. "You guys made up!"

"Yeah!" clapped Caitlin, in relief.

"That was the most beautiful thing ever," said Tyler, as he dried his eyes with his sleeves.

Next to him, Wipeout pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to Tyler.

"Uh," Emma lifted a finger, curiously.

"Where did you guys come from?" asked Trent.

"You need a few more panelists," Tyler said, "so we volunteered our services!"

Wipeout nodded. Emma was about to say something, but then she heard someone communicating with her in her earpiece - which both Trent and Sierra also heard through theirs.

"I'm being told we're out of time," Emma repeated the message aloud.

"NO!" screamed Sierra. "My time with Cody can't be over!"

"It might not be..."

Yet another person had appeared on stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen," stated Trent, introducing the newcomer. "The show's executive producer, Jacob Milligan!"

"Thank you, Trent," he said appreciatively. "Before we end this special, I've got one last surprise for you all. I want to thank you all for actually making it here, so... I want you all to look under your seats."

They all complied, and most of them - well, all those who were there at the start of the show - were surprised to find, taped to the underside of their seats...

"A plane ticket?" Caitlin said, holding it up.

"This is a one-way ticket... for LONDON?" gasped Cody.

"That's right!" exclaimed Mr. Milligan. "Trent, Emma, Jonesy, Cody, Sierra, Caitlin, and Kelly... you have all been invited to participate in the upcoming reality series, 'Fresh from England,' which takes you at to London to compete like Olympians, for a chance to see Olympians compete at the Summer Games!"

"We're spending the summer in London! EEEEEEE!" squealed Sierra.

Nikki, Tyler, and Wipeout lowered their heads in disappointment.

"I have three more tickets that I was going to give to Lo and The Clones, but since they can't be bothered to come out and claim them..."

Mr. Milligan proceeded to hand out those three tickets to Nikki, Tyler, and Wipeout.

"You mean it?" Nikki looked at the man for clarification. "We're going to London?"

"Alright!" Tyler pumped his fists up and down. "A chance for redemption after my burn out in Vancouver! Awesome!"

Wipeout started dancing in glee. Mr. Milligan exited stage right.

"Wow!" exclaimed Emma. "We're going to London for the Olympics! I can't wait for summer to get here!"

"Me too, Emma," added Trent. "Hopefully we'll have many more of our friends - and enemies - there with us as well! Until then, though, we're out of time!"

"I'm Emma!"

"And I'm Trent! Thanks for watching the 'Fresh Challenge' reunion! See you across the pond this summer!"

The audience cheered as the ten invitees to London began openly speculating on what to look forward to in only a few months time...

The End

Author's Notes:
So, not your typical reunion special, but it ended with a big announcement! That's right, folks, it's almost time for the Olympics, and the animated casts of Fresh TV are getting in on the action with the sequel to "Fresh from Canada," "Fresh from England!" And guess what, you control who makes the cast (in addition to the ten early entrants as shown in this special)!

Visit this link (www[dot]misterpoll[dot]com/polls/552491) to vote for whom you want to see in the show! All of the teenagers from "6teen," "Stoked," and all four seasons of "Total Drama" are eligible. Yes, that includes Season Four, even though as of this writing I haven't seen any of it. I tentatively will open nominations to that cast, but I haven't made a decision whether or not to guarantee their entry. If you nominate a character from that season, please make sure to avoid spoilers when explaining why you've chosen him/her.

The poll will only be open for a few weeks, or until I go a few days without receiving any new votes. Only I know how big the final cast will actually be, but still, if you want to see your favorite characters for sure, vote them in! I implore you, especially if you're a longtime reader of mine and are suggesting someone I would not normally consider on my own.

Also, don't forget to leave a review, and I'll see you in a few months for "Fresh from Europe!"