"Welcome to another episode of Total Drama Cartoon Network Aftermath!" Geoff said, "I'm your host, Geoff."

"And I'm Bridgette!" Bridgette asked.

"And we're now the co-hosts." James said pointing to him and his sisters.

"And that's the walnut museum!" Jessica said pointing to the Peanut Gallery that included everybody voted off except for Ezekiel.

"And we a whole bunch of losers. We have…" Katrina said.

"Staci, B and Dawn from the Revenge Of The Island along with Owen, Heather, Flapjack, Ben, Mordecai, Duncan, Courtney, Izzy, Alejandro, Sierra, LaShawna and Harold!" Jessica said.

"Hold crap, she got 15 names right in a row." Katrina said, "It's the end of the world!"

"You know, my great great great great great great great…" Staci said.

"WE DON'T CARE!" Everybody screamed.

"Wow, so we have found out what has happened to Robin and Cody!" Geoff said. "They were kidnapped by Mandy and she used Grim's scythe to brainwash everybody into thinking that they were voted off."

"WHAT!" An enraged Sierra asked before running out of the door. Then Cow, Chicken, Kevin Levin and Rigby then had to grab her and restrained her.

"Good thins the KND found Cow and Chicken. We are going to need all the help we can get to hold down Sierra." Geoff pointed out.

"Well, I can't believe that Scott was able to get rid of both me and B." Daen said. B nodded in agreement.

"And how did Dakota get out of here again?" Geoff asked.

"She snuck around me and stole a hang glider." Rigby said.

"Did you know that my great great great great great great grandfather created the interviews. Before that nothing was really able to be on tv" Staci said.

"Will you shut up? " Courtney asked annoyed.

"But I want to her about her really great grandpa! He made so many great things" Ed said.

"Don't encourage her!" Heather snapped at the Ed.

"I'M NAKED!" Cheese said jumping onto Cree's head. "AND I'M A LADY!"

"Will you get out of here?" Bloo asked.

"NACHOES!" Fred Fredburger said not doing anything

"Forget this!" Eva said storming off.

"EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" Katrina said before picking up the Peanut Gallery.

"Plus, I only voted her off because she'll have a horrible accident on the island. " Dawn explained, "And B voted for Scott. Scott must have voted off B along with Sam. I also hope that the others can accept Mike with his MPD. "

"Okay, we have some audition tapes from a few people who didn't make the cut." Geoff said playing the first clip.

"Hey I'm Gumball Waterson. I want to be in the next season of Total Drama. But I don't want to tell you about why I should be in it, I think I'll let the people that matter most of me do that." Gumball said before showing a clip (it's from his promo, Who is Gumball Waterson)

"There you have it." Gumball said before leaning back into his chair and falling over knocking the camera.

"Okay, next we have some kid called the Brainfreezer." Bridgette read.

"Okay, watch, I can hit that girl from way over here!" Brainfreezer said pointing to Sissy. He shot his freeze beam, which would have hit Sissy unless she ducked to pick up and quarter. The beam hit a neaby window and hit the Brainfreezer knocking him back into the camera, breaking it.

"Hey there cute babies. My name is Johnny Bravo." Johnny Bravo said before flexing. "I should be accepted for this dating thing cause well I'm awesome! Plus, I wanna meet some sexy chicks!"

"Hey Johnny!" Said Suzy as she walked up to him.

"Beat it kid, I'm trying to go on this dating thingy application." Johnny said before turning to the camera, "Check this out!"

Johnny started to pose for the camera until he tripped and smashed into the camera.

"Greetings, I Mojo Jojo wish to be in your next season due to the fact that I have a high intellect even more higher than most humans, which makes me, Mojo Jojo, really smart and make me and evil genius!" Mojo Jojo said.

"Will you shut up!" Buttercup said flying in and punching Mojo.

"What am I doing here, again?" Lindsay asked as she walked out onto the stage.

"Wait, what are you doing here?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know!" Lindsay said, "Josh told me something about Total Drama Revenge Of The Island and I was sent here by Sweetmustache. Maybe I should get some new boots."

"Kay, it looks like we have run out of time and we have gotta go." Geoff said.


"I was never interviewed either, so shut it Princess." Duncan mumbled.

"Well, neither has me, Noah, Beth, Katie, Cody, Tyler, Alejandro, Ben, Flapjack and Mordecai, so shut up!" Sierra yelled. "Now, I will rescue you Cody!"

She then ran off. Suddenly, a stage light swung into the camera breaking it.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was on vacation on and I didn't have access to a computer.

Author Note's: Sorry for the delay. I didn't have access to a computer for a while. I just wanted to get this in before the next Total Drama : Revenge Of The Island Episode.