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Ghost Whisperer

Jeremy Gilbert came back from the world of the dead but he wasn't the only one. The witch's saved his life but was it for Bonnie's benefit or theirs.


They watched her while she held the boys face and started chanting, the rooms candles lit up with flames. She wanted to perform a life reversal spell, a spell far too powerful for a witch of her level. "She's not going to stop" One of them said to the others as Bonnie continued the spell and the ground beneath her began to shake. They had told her there would be consequences bringing back the dead but she didn't care.

"They never learn" Another one said as dust fell from the decaying wooden beams.

"The people in this town never stop" Said a voice from behind them. The witches turned to face the voice. "How nice of you to join us Emily"

"Have you come to rein in your descendant?"

"I didn't come here to stop her." Emily replied.

"What too you mean?" They asked confused. Bonnie and the man that came with her continued to talk but they were no longer paying attention.

"This is what I've been waiting for, an opportunity." Emily tells them. She watches as her young descendent cryied over Jeremy Gilbert's prone body. It was always a Gilbert she thinks and shakes her head.

"For what?" Another witch asks bringing her thoughts back to the present.

"To bring her back" She replies.

"Her? You don't mean…." They all ask in unison.

"I do, she is the only one that can stop this, stop him" Emily tells them and they all know it's true. Now that he had broken the curse she was only one that could.

"She's one of them, how do we know we can trust her." They ask.

"She has never let me down" She knew they were both different the moment she met them, especially her. They're trust had grown into a friendship she never thought she'd have with one of their kind.

"It is a two-fold spell" One of them reminds her.

"I know" Emily replies. "Balance needs to be restored and she is the one that can do it."

"Emily! Emily! I know your there, please help me" They all turn to look at Bonnie when they hear Emily's name.

Emily looks at her, knowing what she was doing was going to do would hurt Bonnie more than help her. But there was always a sacrifice that had to be made in order to bring someone back from the dead. She knew how Bonnie felt about Jeremy Gilbert before she said it. Those three words were exactly what they needed.

"Please, I love him"

Emily looks at each of them and they all bow there head in agreement.

Bonnie rocks back and forth holding Jeremy crying out for them to help, begging them. She cries out when the candles blow out and the ground stops shaking. "NO! no!" she says with tear streaming down her face. She feels Jeremy stir beneath her. "Oh my God!"

A slight breeze glides across his face, waking him. He felt a presence in the room with him. Then he hears a sound just outside his room. "Alaric" he calls out, he doesn't receive a reply. He moves to get up but it was difficult he felt even stranger than he did earlier.

He walks out into the hallway. "Alaric" he calls out again because he the presence was getting stronger and the only logical person would be Alaric since he said he was staying over. He peers over the railing.

He had that feeling you get when you're walking alone and it feels like someone is following you but when you turn around there's no one there. So he turns around and the hallway was in fact empty. The stairs creak beneath his weight as he makes his way down. The feeling that there was something following him around was getting stronger. There was tingling sensation running down his back as he reaches the bottom of the stairs. He sees Alaric sleeping on the couch and walks past him. He feels as if something was drawing him towards the kitchen.

"Jer" he hears from behind him and whips around, the hallway was empty. But he knew there was something there; he turns back towards the kitchen and sees her standing there glaring at him. "Anna?"

There was someone else behind him and he turns around again "Vicki?"