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Ghost Whisperer

Jeremy Gilbert came back from the world of the dead but he wasn't the only one. The witch's saved his life but was it for Bonnie's benefit or theirs.

Anna was pacing in his room; he had gone quiet after she told him that his current girlfriend is partially responsible for her death. He was sitting on his bed staring at his floor trying to make sense of it. Vicki was probably still trying to talk her brother but she didn't have time to worry about her. She needed to find out what's happened since she died, there was a reason she was here. "Jeremy" she says quietly walking over to him. She kneels down and places her hand on his knee and his eyes meet hers. "Where's Jenna?" She noticed his aunt was missing when they arrived here earlier and there had to be a reason the history teacher was sleeping on the couch.

"She's dead, Uncle John's dead, everyone keeps dying around me" he tells her. "And it's my fault"

"Jeremy...I'm sorry" she says sincerely. "They weren't your fault, none of this is your fault."

"But if I had done something...If I stopped them from taking you..."

"Jeremy, no don't think like that. There was nothing you could've done. He wanted me dead and he would've found another way to kill me" She wasn't expecting to hear about Jenna's death, John she was kind of happy about with karma and all but she liked Jenna. She didn't want to put Jeremy through anymore pain of having to relive what happened. If he was in fact of a medium then she had an idea, she just hopped he'd be up for it.

She stood inside the mansion shaking her head, those Salvatore brothers always thinking they are untouchable. She stretched her limbs this was a new experience for her and it took some getting used to. She heard noises on the upper level, they were coming down the stairs so she waited.

"Jeremy?" Damon asks when he walked into his living room. "How did you get in here?"

"The door was unlocked" Jeremy replies.

Damon nods his head and stares at Jeremy. He should've been able to sense him, but he was getting nothing. Was he still weak from almost dying? Damon shakes it off and walks over to the bar to pours a drink and downs it. "Did you want something?" he asks turning around to face him. Damon looks at Jeremy who was acting really strange, like he wasn't comfortable in his own body. "I know I'm an immortal and all but I really don't have all the time in the world to have staring contests with you"

"It's good to see your alive" Jeremy finally manages to say.

"Yay, me" Damon says dryly and sits down on the couch. "Werewolves, does the world really need them"

"You were bitten by a werewolf?" Jeremy asks.

The tumbler pauses on the way to his lips as Damon looks at Jeremy. The look of interest in his eyes didn't belong to Elena's brother.

"Jeremy? What are you doing here? Is everything alright?" Elena asks walking into the room.

"Wow, you are really are Katherine's doppelganger right down to screwing both boys"

Elena's too shocked to say anything so Damon rushes over and pushes Jeremy up against the wall squeezing his throat.

"This again. Really Damon? Don't you have any creativity?"

"Damon! What are you doing, let him go" Elena says running over to try and pry his hands off of her brothers' throat.

He was getting angry he didn't like whatever was going on. Whoever this was it wasn't Jeremy. "Who are you?" Damon bares his fangs.

He watches Jeremy just smiling at him, not even struggling to breath. Suddenly he feels himself being propelled backwards and smashed against the opposite wall. His throat was being crushed now. He stares into Jeremy's eyes struggling to pry his hand loose but he can't.

"I'm strong for a little thing, remember?"

Still struggling against the vice grip around his throat, he does remember. "Anna?" he croaks out.

Anna lets go of him and backs away. "Took you long enough" she says with a smile. She knows she didn't have to play around like she was but she liked being flesh and bone again. Jeremy was a lot taller than her and a male so everything was really different. She stood in front the bathroom mirror at Jeremy's house for awhile looking at herself. He really was very handsome, the Gilberts had good genes. And she figured if Damon figured it out on his own it would easier. When Damon attacked her in the motel room she wasn't even really trying. Damon didn't deal well with someone better than him so she pretended they were equal.

"So what you've moved on to possession?" Damon asks rubbing his throat.

"It's consensual possession" Anna replies. Emily told her if a host is willing then the possession will not harm them. When she asked him he didn't hesitate to say yes, when she asked him why, he said because then he didn't have to be himself. With all people he loves dying all the time he'll never truly be able to heal. And now that he has one foot in death's doorstep she didn't know if she'd be able to help him but she'd try.

"My brother said you can take over his body? How is that even possible?" Elena asks walking over to stand next to Damon.

"He's a medium" Anna tells her.

"What?" Elena asks surprised. "What do you mean?

Anna sighs. "He died and was brought back to life, but the thing with death is, it never lets you leave completely. You belong to it, you're tied to it. And because of that Jeremy can communicate with the dead"

"Jeremy died, when?" Elena says worriedly walking over to her. "Let me talk to him" she demands. Her brother died and no one told her.

"One death at a time, first I need to find out what hell has been going on since I died" Anna turns her attention back to Damon. "Who's been killing everyone?"

"You wouldn't know him" Damon tells her. He was a little upset when he saw John Gilbert stake her. For a vampire she was one of the less annoying ones but he didn't really trust anyone.

"I've been a vampire a lot longer than you, try me" She says. "I've hung around Katherine for a long time, longer then you could even imagine. If it has something do with her, then I will know about it." Anna tells him. She was getting angry and she didn't know if it was less threatening or more threatening coming from Jeremy's body. "Pearl was my real mother, Damon" she said in hopes that would get him to open up.

"She turned you?" He asks surprised.

"I turned her" She tells him "Now tell me who it is" She knew as soon as Jeremy told her about Jenna that she was killed by a vampire, but the question was which one. There are so many that hate Katherine.

"His name is Klaus" Damon tells her "And he's gone now" Anna backs away and puts her hand over her mouth. Damon had to shake his head because it was weird seeing Jeremy doing that. "So you do know him"

"What happened with him? She asks forcefully.

"I don't know" Damon says shaking his head. "He was trying to be some kind of vampire/werewolf hybrid or something"

"Did he succeed in turning, into a full werewolf?"She asks because that was most important question.

"Yeah, why does that matter?" Damon asks her. Anna smile widens then she starts laughing. He really wished she'd get out of Jeremy's body it was very disconcerting seeing her mannerisms on him.

She cursed herself silently she had grown careless in her quest to save her mother. She'd forgotten why they always had someone around her. "You thought they were so protective of me because I was younger, but that was never the case, Damon" she tells him.

"Then why?" he asks

"Because Katherine wasn't the only one Klaus was hunting" She tells him. "He needed me dead to become a wolf." She thought it was Katherine that had her killed, but Katherine would've wanted her around, Katherine needed her around.

"And that means?" Damon asks.

"It means I can control him"