"Ha Ni what are you doing sleeping next to Seung Jo?" they asked.

"What?" Ha Ni answered confused till she saw the picture. "Crap Seung Jo is going to kill me,"

At the same time in Seung Jo's homeroom, Seung Jo's admirers had seen the same picture that had dropped on the ground in Ha Ni's homeroom on Seung Jo's mother's blog. It was stirring up gossip which started to spread like wildfire. Before too long Seung Jo had heard the murmurs around him about living with Ha Ni and the picture that was floating around school. Going behind two girls who were looking at a computer, he finally saw what the commotion was about. Upon seeing the picture, something in Seung Jo snapped. He had a large urge to barge into Ha Ni's classroom and harassing her, even though he knew it wouldn't look good to those who would watch from the side lines.

On Ha Ni's end, girls were all looking at her with a venomous edge but at the same time, they were all thinking that even if Ha Ni lived with Seung Jo it didn't mean she had a chance. Ha Ni on the other hand had her head on the desk with her two friends pleading to see Seung Jo's house.

"Why did this have to happen?" Ha Ni asked herself mentally.

Behind her, Joon Gu was staring dejectedly at Ha Ni. "First that Kyu Jong from Class B and now she's living with Seung Jo, how am I supposed to compete with that. Unless…the reason she's been avoiding me since she changed houses is because she's ashamed of where Seung Jo lives," Even though it was obvious to anyone who knew about Seung Jo's family that what Joon Gu was thinking was impossible, Joon Gu wasn't in his right mind. Yet this fact wasn't a surprise to anyone as Joon Gu was never in his right mind with anything that involved Ha Ni.

After the constant, unrelenting begging from her friends, Ha Ni agreed to show them the outside of Seung Jo's house once school ended. As they walked Ha Ni felt the presence of someone following her, someone who wasn't her friends. When they got to the gate, Ha Ni still felt nervous, even if Seung Jo didn't have the ability to throw her out, Ha Ni couldn't help but feel nervous that Seung Jo was going to appear behind them at any moment and scold her for bring people over when she was only a guest.

"Okay I've shown you the outside now can we go?"

"But we want to see the inside!" they both pleaded. Ha Ni was about to make a remark that they couldn't but Seung Jo's mother had come outside and seen them.

"Ha Ni what are you still doing outside? Oh are these your friends? They're so cute. Come on, all of you come inside," They all followed Seung Jo's mother but while they walked in Ha Ni couldn't help but think, "Seung Jo is going to kill me when he gets home,"

Mean while on a nearby hill, Joon Gu was kneeling, miserable and staring at Seung Jo's house. He didn't realize how much of a long shot it was for Seung Jo to live in a place Ha Ni would be ashamed of. Seung Jo's house was even bigger than his own and better in every aspect that Joon Gu could see. While on the hill, Joon Gu could see Seung Jo and Kyu Jong talk to each other. Seung Jo seemed to be grumbling to Kyu Jong who was listening calmly, nodding his head once in a while with a faint smile on his lips.

"I don't like the look of that smile." Joon Gu thought to himself, and as he continued to watch the two, the knotted feeling in his stomach got worse. His two rivals schoolmates had entered Seung Jo's house a place Ha Ni had entered a little while ago.

"I need to get Ha Ni away. I can't let her near those two, they'll take her from me!" With that thought in mind, Joon Gu went off to think of a way for him to make sure Ha Ni didn't live in the same house as Seung Jo.

Inside the house it became quickly clear that Ha Ni's earlier prediction about Seung Jo was correct. The moment Seung Jo came into the house and heard laughter, his eyes went straight for Ha Ni. They were as cold as ice and made Ha Ni shiver. It didn't help that Ha Ni could see Kyu Jong from over Seung Jo's shoulder not because Kyu Jong's gaze was intimidating but because it was awkward for her.

"You come to live in my house as if it was yours and now you're inviting your friends? What do you think you're doing?" Seung Jo interrogated.

"I was the one to invite them in Seung Jo, don't get angry at Ha Ni, it has nothing to do with her," Seung Jo's mother intervened.

"It's still your fault mother, take down that blog, it's…" but he was cut off by his mother who rebutted that there was no reason for her give up her hobby just because her son was angry at something she had posted. Frustrated, Seung Jo made one last frosty comment to Ha Ni about staying away from him before going up the stairs to his now shared room with Eun Jo. Kyu Jong stayed back for a bit before giving an encouraging smile to the group and following Seung Jo up the stairs.

Having watched the entire encounter with Seung Jo, Ha Ni's friends were starting to feel as if they had overstayed their welcome. They had known Seung Jo was a difficult person to get along with but they hadn't realized how much.

"Umm we'll be going now, talk to you later Ha Ni,"

"Don't let my son's words get to you; he's always been like that. Join us for a camping trip to the beach this weekend"

"Umm, sure, thank you…see you tomorrow then," Ha Ni's two friends bowed then quickly shuffled away.

"Don't worry about Seung Jo, Ha Ni. It'll turn out alright in the end,"

"Okay omma," Ha Ni answered but inside she wasn't confident about how this weekend beach camping trip would turn out.

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