"You look beautiful," Merileth gushed as she pulled a few strands of Dulinneth's hair back into the delicate mithril hair clip Legolas had gifted her with. She stood back now to admire the effect. "Doesn't she, Galuves."

"Very much so," Dulinneth's mother agreed, kissing her daughter on the head, lightly, so as not to mess up her hair. "Stand up and let's see."

Dulinneth rose and spun slowly around for their inspection. The ivory satin gown her mother had sewn for her flared, shimmering faintly in the candlelight, as she moved. Tiny leaves worked in pale green thread adorned the neckline, the same design she had embroidered for the binding robe that Legolas would be wearing. The underskirt, a gift from Merileth, rustled softly beneath.

"Legolas won't be able to take his eyes off you," Merileth told her.

"I hope not," Dulinneth replied.

Galuves smiled at her daughter. "Come, your father is waiting. And so is your betrothed."

They stepped from the room and met Belegur in the living area. His green eyes were shining with pride, and he drew her close, enfolding her in a quick, gentle embrace. "Are you ready, dear?" he asked.

"My whole life," Dulinneth answered.


They were married beneath the large oak that stood in the clearing near the keep, with family and friends looking on. To Legolas, Dulinneth looked more beautiful than ever, her aura glowing brightly in the gathering dusk. As for himself, Legolas could not recall a time when he was both nervous and yet more serene. He was where he belonged, knew this was right and meant to be, but he hoped he would be a good husband to her. He knew she understood what a life with him meant, that their time together would always be measured against his duty to his father and their people, but he hoped to always make her happy. Most of all he hoped to always show her how dear she was to him.

Now they were dancing together, Legolas holding his wife possessively close. They were not the only couple on the floor but it seemed to him that they were. He did not even really hear the music that the minstrels played from the side lines. It reminded him of the first time he had danced with her, how he had felt her pull then, and been unable to resist it for very long, though not for lack of trying.

"Do you recall our first dance?" he asked Dulinneth now as they moved slowly together.

Her lips quirked up into a smile. "How could I forget? I thought it would be our last. Especially the way you dragged me off the floor afterward. I never understood why you did that."

"It wasn't what I wanted to do," he murmured, chagrined at the way he had behaved that night.

"What did you want to do?" Dulinneth asked.

Legolas stopped them where they stood. He held her gaze, then his eyes lowered to her lips. "This," he breathed, just before he bent his head and claimed them.

Applause erupted around them, and cheers, as he kissed Dulinneth there on the dance floor, but Legolas ignored them all. He was with his Nightingale, and all was right with his world.

The End

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Look for the first Legolas/Dulinneth story I wrote, Between Love and Duty, coming soon.