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Sasori POV

"Grandma Chiyo, what's wrong?" I asked. She didn't smile for days or show any emotion except anxiety. When I secretly observed her in her room, she seemed to pace around numerous times.

She sensed the worry in my voice as she focused her gaze onto my concerned, brown eyes. "Um, I think we need to go somewhere soon. It's a bit dangerous, but the Kazekage requested it." She mumbled.

I blinked. "I don't see what the problem is."

"Well I can't leave you alone. I don't trust anyone to watch you while I'm gone and this will be the first time you've gone out of your village" her eyes narrowed and stared at the ground. "I don't want you to get hurt…" she glanced up. "Again…" she added in such a hushed whisper I didn't catch it.

"Don't worry I'll be fine!" I held up my arms and flexed. "See I have muscles."

Grandma Chiyo chuckled a bit and nodded. "Alright if you say so. We will be leaving in about an hour. Start packing." I nodded and dashed into my room gathering clean clothes and other supplies. Excitement soared through my body. I have never been away from Suna and this would be the first time I have ever traveled before.

As we headed out into a direction I have never gone before, I glared around my surroundings, while Grandma Chiyo sighed and scanned the environment unsteadily. The replication puppets of my parents that I made a few months ago were carried into a journey-sized bag on grandma's back. I shrugged my shoulders. Was something bad going to happen? I asked myself.

We entered into a dark-like forest with unknown animals making ear-piercing noises. "Grandma Chiyo? W-where exactly are we going?" I questioned, trying my best to hold in my fear. We were leaping from random tree branches quickly. I made sure that I tried to not put much weight. Some of the branches were weak and couldn't take much pressure.

"We are going to the Leaf village. Be careful. They have well-trained ninjas. Some of them could even surpass my level of experience."

I stared at her in awe. I felt the hairs on my back stand up and my body shutter a bit. A smile appeared on my grandmother's face. "Don't worry, Sasori. If they get to us, I'll kill them and protect me with your life." Randomly, she took out a scroll that had the instructions of the mission. She stared at them with a serious look.

"Grandma, can I see" She shot me a fake smile and tossed the delicate piece of paper. I caught the paper without struggle and revealed the words in it. The mission said to kill the Heir of the Hyuga clan. My eyes widened slightly. I have never killed a person before. I blinked and returned the scroll back to my grandmother's delicate palms.

Finally we arrived to the village. Everything was so much more different. The buildings were made of different material and it was so much cleaner. The sandy ground I was used to was either replaced with mushy green grass or stony roads. I expected sand to usually get caught in shoes and become such a nuisance but this place was so different. As we both paused engulfing the scenery, I took my shoes off and pouring the sand out of shoes. I wouldn't usually do this since there was no point when the more sand particles would eventually end in my shoes again, but there was no sand here. When I slipped on my shoes, I noticed that my grandmother was several paces ahead of me as if she forgot me. I scampered to her side like a lost puppy to its worried mother.

"We will need to find a hotel fast before people notice we came from a different place." She stated not leaving her gaze from the unfamiliar scenery. Grandma Chiyo worried too much I thought. "Also we will be getting some clothes from here to change into." I looked up at her with an ungrateful look. I carried all this clothes for nothing. When she stopped, I bumped into her not noticing because I was too busy moping about lugging around useless junk on my back.

Grandma muttered various words and scoured her purse for some money. The sales man nodded taking out some oddly patterned clothes. I stood on my toes trying to see the clothes. He picked out a ridiculous costume and put it toward my view. "This would just look fabulous on him!" He shouted. I stared at him with a discontent look. After his statement I noticed his voice was very high-pitched for his age.

"Hey are you gay?" I snickered.

The man glared at him with furious eyes and a long vein appearing on his forehead. "W-what did you say!" He shrieked.

My grandmother put a hand on my shoulder giving me a disapproving look. "Stop. That's no way to treat such a kind man." She commanded then brought her attention back to the man. "I apologize, he says things without thinking" Closing my eyes, I scoffed and crossed my arms across my chest. "Um, could I have that and that" She pointed at two bearable outfits. I shrugged my shoulders; thank God my grandmother had some sense of taste I said to myself.

Once we finally left and paid for a room, I dived into my soft bed colliding with cold pillows. I clutched the covers lazily over my body. Traveling miles from one village was exhausting especially for someone his age he thought while snoring.

Grandma Chiyo rolled her eyes and lay on her bed. Unconsciously, she brought out the scroll and glared at it. She didn't want to kill this girl…

I warily forced my eyes to open and slow arose from the bed. I wiped the drool from the mouth and slapped it across the bed. Of course Grandma Chiyo was already awake. I was a bit of the lazy type.

I stood up trying my best to shake off my sleepiness. "Grandma, can I go take a walk?" I asked. She was fixing one of the puppets as she made a disapproving look. "I'll try to not kill anyone." I added.

She stared at him and sighed. "Fine. Be back here and don't get lost. Also, don't let your guard down. We don't know if someone is tracking us down or anything. Don't leave any trace or suspicions alright?" I nodded. She reached into her pocket giving me some money in case of an emergency. The money she gave could have last for weeks. I sighed knowing she wanted me to be extra safe.

I headed towards the door and glanced around my shoulder. "I'll be back soon. Bye Grandma Chiyo" I muttered. Then I left closing the door behind me.

Hinata POV

I had to get away from all of this. It was so scary. Every day I was tortured physically and emotionally, and mentally by my cruel father. "Why are you so weak, Hinata? You don't deserve to live." Each remark sliced through my skin like a brand new and sharpened kunai knife, ever so painfully with a burning finish. Even though it eventually healed, it would always stay as a terrible scar that would forever be shown on my fragile skin representing my unsteady, disappointing life.

When I trained with him, he never held back his feelings. His palms strike me as if he was battling a shinobi more powerful than himself. In his eyes, he knew I wanted to stop, but he never did. Whenever I fell to the ground, clutching my stomach and howling in pain he would just stare with his eyes filled with despise and hate.

My life was like this ever since I was old enough to stand up, and after years of bearing it, I couldn't take it anymore. Never again would I want to see my family. I sprinted through the thick forest, not caring if I got lost. I arrived to a stream with a waterfall. Tears streamed through her eyes. I snickered a shallow laugh. "My tears are just like the waterfall. So is my life…Crashing down continuously…" She smiled sickeningly.

Suddenly she heard a rustle. She spun around and swiftly flung a kunai knife directly where the noise came from. A puny squirrel scampered out with huge eyes. It squeaked a warning to its friends and crawled up to his home. I sighed at the thought it was someone else. "At least that squirrel has somebody that it cares about…and a home to get back to." I spat out. I went towards the bush to retrieve my kunai knife, but then I felt skin. Shock exploded in body as I screamed as a she felt a hand grab onto her. She fainted onto the mysterious figure unsure of what just happened.

Sasori POV

I roamed along the streets, trying my best to memorize where everything was so I wouldn't get lost. I sighed. Maybe I should train for a bit. I headed for the forest. Hearing a faint cry, I stopped quickly. "Someone is out there" I whispered to myself. I carefully tip-toed closer and saw a girl a little younger than me. She was near a noisy waterfall muttering words that I couldn't make out. I blinked and gasped in my mind when I saw tears dripping from the end of her chin.

She smiled and snickered. I blinked. Was she happy or sad? I hid behind a bush and moved a bit to get a better view. Unluckily the girl heard me and pitched a kunai at me. I put my arms in a cross to protect myself. Although it hit the ground near my foot as I gave a quiet but relieved sigh. A baby squirrel chirped out of nowhere and went to its brothers.

I faced my face to the girl again. She was saying more words with an obvious essence of sadness. Shockingly, she came toward the bush reaching for her knife. My eyes widened a bit as she touched my face and retracted it quickly. I grabbed her wrist, but she already fell onto me unconsciously.

Hinata POV

"W-what happened?" I asked out loud, while rubbing the bump on my skull.

"Are you okay?" A red-haired boy asked. I twitched, and after a moment of letting every come back to me I just decided to scream. The boy, who seemed a year or two older than me, winced at the squeal I made and plugged his ears with his index fingers. I blinked and bursted into tears. Immediately, I glared down to hide my tears. I expected for my vision to meet the ground, although instead I saw that I was sitting on the boy's lap. I blushed furiously as I frantically struggled to get off as soon as possible. I noticed that he was glaring at me. I gulped and suddenly my eyes met his. His eyes were a chocolate-brown that made me feel warm and protected. His face got closer as I stared at him scared of his next move. "Hey you know that thing?" He asked simply.

I blinked. "Huh?"

He looked from side to side making sure no one was there. He put his hand near my ear and whispered with slightly more volume "The thing!" He gazed at my face with a worried look.

"I-I don't know what that is" I shrugged my shoulders and stared at the river to rub away my tears. Surprisingly, his fingers gripped my chin, and pulled to make me stare at his face. I desperately wanted to explode into tears once again, not giving a care for how much he would judge me.

Once my tears descended from my chin, I felt something rub on my cheek and down to my chin. He was using his clothes to wipe away my awful tears. "Ano…you will ruin your shirt." I warned him.

He shrugged. "I don't care. I didn't like the dumb old shirt or that creepy sales man either" He glimpsed at my expression noticing my slight chuckle. As soon as I noticed he was eyeing me I stopped.

"Um…did you hear all of that…Before I tried to attack you with a kunai?" I inquired. He nodded as I turned away feeling my face burn up a bit. "You didn't have to help me. I am really too troublesome. At least, that is what my father thinks…" I peered down as I sensed raw liquid emerge from my eye, gradually blurring my eyesight.

My ear flinched as I detected an exhale erupted from his mouth. He split a palm-sized piece of clothing from his oddly patterned shirt.

Sasori POV

I sensed her glare and noticed she was staring at my ragged clothing. She didn't make it obvious that she disgusted the pattern. Another sigh escaped from my mouth. "It was the best looking thing at the store, yet it was still not even close to being attractive. It's not my fault that gay man who made it didn't know he made it so ugly" I unconsciously defended out loud. A chuckle slipped from her mouth as my face reddened.

"A-ano…" She stammered. "What was that thing you said before? You know 'the thing'" Her eyes practically told her how her life was lived. A life that was full of fear, loneliness, disappointment, and resentment.

For an unexplainable reason, I clutched her waist and brought her close, but not close enough to embrace a hug. Instead, I examined her face, making her feel awkward but I didn't notice her discomfort. As I finally acknowledged what I was doing, I abandoned the seducing pose immediately. I was about to do…'the thing'. I gulped, what had this girl done to me? Make me feel so soft and weak-like almost like tofu.

I paused for a while, letting my thoughts swirl around in my mind. "Um…why did you rip some of your shirt?" she mumbled making me snap out of my thoughts. I glanced down and remembered that I tore it off to attend to her tears. I slowly wiped them away. She turned an odd red. "T-Thank you…"

I nodded and threw the rag away as the wind dragged some place he didn't care about.

"Um…about 'the thing'. Um, I'd rather show you other people doing it" I said rather awkwardly.

I sprung up from my position. She just sat there and gazed at me confusingly. I put my hand out motioning her to take it. She did and gasped a bit when I harshly pulled her up. Unfortunately, she tripped in the process of getting up and we ended in an unusual state. My back was facing the ground while both her hands were in mine and she was on top of me. She squealed and panicked. "IM SO SORRY!" she apologized. She swiftly tore apart from me and vigorously brought me back to my feet and bowed a billion times.

"It's alright! It's not like I'm hurt." My hand unexpectedly urged me to grasp hers. Her eyes perked up and stared at mine. "Come on! I want to show you it!" Together we darted from branch to branch completely unaware that our hands were still interlocked.

Finally, we made back into Konoha's streets with both of us panting and still trying to catch our breaths. "Hey are you alright?" I asked.

She coughed a bit and nodded. "It's nothing" She gave a weak smile with her eyes closed.

Once our heart rates were back to normal, I pointed to our right. Our eyes both lay upon a couple giggling with each other and flirting. "They are about to do 'the thing'"

The girl watched patiently anxious for what was going to happen. There was a woman wearing a purple tank top with black short shorts. She also wore high heels and red nail polish. Her eyes were a pretty hazel and her hair was a soft brunette. The couple giggled a little more and their eyes met. Their lips clashed together as they passionately kissed each other.

"Isn't it weird?" I asked making her wake from her daze. Her attention was brought back to me and again our eyes met. I noticed that her eyes were different from most other girls. They were completely the shade of lavender and a tint of whiteness as well. Without even noticing we were close to each other like the couple we just watched, and out of nowhere, we did 'the thing'.

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