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Hinata POV

"How could they leave me? Was I really that unimportant?" I rocked in the bed unaccompanied, holding in my snuffles robustly.

"Lalalala. Hm? Hinata-hime! Why does Hinata-hime seem so depressed?"

"It's nothing Tobi. I just, you wouldn't get it."

"Hm okay. Does Hinata-hime want to help Tobi make some tofu weenies?"

"Heh, nah I'm okay."

"Okie, bye bye! Tobi feels as though he has constipation!"

Subsequently, a bird fluttered its symmetric wings and perched itself comfortably on the window that allowed me to gaze at the outer world. The enchanting feathered creature twitched grievously while concurrently pecking on the window. I sighed and stood up. "What's wrong? Are you lost little guy?" I compassionately reassured. I slid the weirdly unfit able window out. "You shouldn't stay here. It's dangerous. Now fly off." I slung the critter away from the hide-out only to spot it fly back tediously.

"Tweet tweet!" It twittered exhaustingly.

"I can't understand you." I reminded smugly. It wiggled its leg signaling the note attached. "Ohh!" I excitedly detached it.

"Hm what is it Hinata-hime, un?" Deidara grumbled with his messy toothbrush within his mouth as well as the ones located at the palm of his hands.

I crumpled the note into my fist while releasing the bird. "I was just helping this bird from being trapped in here."

"Hum, do you have something in your other hand, un?"

"No, um when am I supposed to train with Sasori?"

"I don't know. I think he's out in the train field now. You should go, un."

I irked in relief, and carefully unrolled the feeble note. Hinata! It's Kiba! Stupid Naruto already left with Sakura, so it's just me and Akamaru who will save you! Try to get outside, so we can catch your scent :).

"Aww Kiba! He even put a smiley face!" I squealed, and pointed at the cute smiley face, though ended up smashing and rubbing it out.

"Hey, that bastard Sasori is waiting for you. You should hurry. He gets so damn impatient." A familiar gray-haired man reminded.

"Okay. Eh, who are you?"

"You don't remember this sexy bitch? I'm Hidan." The fabric he wore was the same of the Akatsuki.

"You seem too old to be fighting."

"HUH? Okay, I'll let that go since you're hot."

"Eh, sorry. You have gray hair so I thought you were old." His eyelid went into a stunned spasm until he jolted away silently.

Sasori POV

"What is taking her so long?" I inquired, and then checked my hidden watch for the 30th time; however the extensive wait was rewarded once presence finally appeared. "You're late."

"I got lost." She fumbled uncaringly then allowed her eyes to wander aimlessly hoping to find anything that could distract her from this event.

"Pay attention."

Leisurely yet keenly, she faced me with the natural monotony expression I expected.

"Show me what you can do."

She grumbled a tedious response that wasn't voluble for my ears, though I ignored it and let her continue her presentation. She preformed accurate hand signs, while closing her eyes to concentrate.

Hinata POV

Kiba? Where are you? It's such a pain to show him my own tactics to an enemy.

Rustle rustle. Eh? My eyes unwrapped from the blinding darkness and searched for the sound. Already, Sasori armed himself with his puppet, and as I presumed, the weapon blasted into the tree thickets along with the chakra lines trailing the toy.

"Kiba?" I shouted.

Oddly, fire shot out from the trees while the puppet retreated. "Hm? Who is this?" Sasori's eyebrow rose almost as puzzled as me.

"HUUHHH? W-what are you doing here?"

"Saving you." He answered.

"Hinata, who is this?"

"Sasuke Uchiha."

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