So I'm sitting here in my daddy's office. I had a pretty good idea why I was here. He definitely did not look happy about what had happened. I don't know why he was so mad. I had done what he asked. But he looked like he wanted to call some agent in here and kill them. We were waiting for Noah Bennet to arrive before he would say anything. Bennet was daddy's right hand man. He like never did anything without Bennet. I think that they're like gay lovers or something like that. I mean both of his kids are adopted so he probably isn't having sex with his wife.

Bennet walked into the room. He had been observing me on my mission Now that I think about it, knowing that he had been watching me was kind of messed up.

"I can't believe that you did this." Daddy remarked. "This was not part of the plan."

"I did what you asked." I responded.

"I asked you to seduce him not have sex with him!" Daddy shouted. "Not only is there the fact that you're 17 and he's 26 but it completely compromised the mission. Did you forget that you were supposed to see how his power worked?"

So I had gone to the home Gabriel Gray. The first thing that I did was save his life when he attempted to hang himself. He didn't see that I used my lightning to cut the rope. When he woke up, he called me an angel and I then proceeded to get my flirt on. I didn't have sex with him right then and there but I came back a few nights later with a pie. The date started out pretty innocent but it turned sexy pretty quick after watching a movie. I was woken up in the middle of the night by Bennet and was basically told that I needed to leave.

"You know I'm starting to run out of patience with you, Elle." Daddy said. "I don't think that being an agent is going to be right for you."

"You're not suggesting that we lock her up in Level 5 are we?" Bennet asked.

Level 5 was the place where they kept all of the big baddies. I definitely was not one of those people. Sure my power was strong but I had great control of it. I would not go there.

"Do you have any other suggestions?" Daddy asked.

"I think she needs to get away from this place." The man with hair suggested. "What about your brother in Washington?"

Daddy's brother was not a big part of my life. I wasn't even sure that I remembered his name. He and his family weren't well liked by Daddy because they didn't possess any special abilities. I think that I might have only met them once. He had a daughter around my age but from what I gathered, he and his wife were divorced and my cousin lived with her mom.

"You know that might work." Daddy agreed. "Perhaps a change of scenery would be good for her. And maybe being in a place where it rains all the time would help control her power around water.

"Don't I get any say in this?" I interrupted. "Would it help if I said that I was sorry?"

"Sorry doesn't take back what you did." Daddy pointed out. Apologizing never did seem to help with him. You should be thankful that Mr. Bennet suggested the alternative of you living inside of a box for the rest of your life. But let me warn you if you mess this up, you will be going to Level 5."

I knew that I wouldn't end up in Level 5 because in all honesty, I could easily take my daddy if needed but I decided that I would go along with his plan. In case you care my dad has the power to turn these into gold. It's a nice way to generate income but really not that useful in a fight. Especially if you're up against someone who can shoot electricity at you from 410 feet away. I know that number because Daddy once took me to a baseball field as part of my training.

So I was supposed to ride on a plane to this place called Port Angeles that I had never heard of. My uncle, whose name turned out to be Charlie, lived in another place that I had never. From what I gathered it was in the middle of nowhere but if you lived my life, having some freedom in the middle of nowhere was better than having no freedom in the middle of nowhere. To be honest, I never really wanted to be an agent anyway. It was just something my daddy was forcing me to do.

What I did not like was being surrounded by people on the plane. I am usually not around a bunch of people, just a small number of people in the company facility. I also learned that I would be going to school. I had to watch some shows about high school to figure out what it was like. They consisted of 90210, Beverly Hills 90210, One Tree Hill, and Degrassi. What I got from it was that high school students apparently have a lot of issues. That and watch out for creepy looking teachers.

The plane eventually landed and I walked out into the airport to look for my uncle.

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