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Two years later…

Dino Cavallone looked out of the window, admiring the beauty of the gardens outside. Spring has come once again. That would mean that Kyoya's birthday was next month.

Since that whole fiasco two years ago, Kyoya left Namimori and moved to Italy. Although she's too stubborn to admit it, she just wanted to be with him… and their wonderful children.

The twins were growing up fast, he would have to admit. It seemed like only yesterday when Dino was called to the Vongola Base in Namimori and was told of Kyoya's pregnancy. He chuckled as he remembered how he had crashed into the delivery ward, anxious and panicked about his precious wife.

He had never forgotten the scolding he had received from Dr. Kojima for his unglamorous entrance, either.

It was difficult deciding names for the twins. It was just too hard to decide whether they should have Japanese names or Italian names. However, since they were going to grow up in Italy, the choice was supposed to be obvious.

Kyoya, however, had insisted that they would attend Namimori Middle and High School when they were old enough; claiming that the Mafia School he had attended would only make her children as herbivorous as he was.

In the end, Kyoya had found the argument to be simply pointless and decided that the children would adopt an Italian name, since they were going to be growing up in Italy anyway.

Dante, their son, looked exactly like him, but had the shape of Kyoya's face. He may be the older twin, but he was the louder and more attention-seeking of the other. According to Kyoya, he'll probably have his father's personality when he grows up.

Elisea, on the other hand, was much more quieter than her twin brother, sleeping through most of the day and doesn't cry as much. Normally, she would only start crying when her brother started wailing. She was the polar opposite from her brother, looking just like her mother in all aspects.

Taking care of a child was not easy. Taking care of twins, however, was even harder.

Kyoya had insisted on nursing them herself, rather than hiring maids to handle the job like what other typical mafia wives do. Then again, Kyoya was no typical mafia wife.

Kyoya had proved to be a wonderful wife, lover and mother. She was patient and caring with children, a whole new side of her that Dino had never thought he'd see.

He knew it was hard for her to leave Namimori, the beautiful town where she grew up in and protected with all her might. They still made occasional trips back, usually for business, but sometimes they made leisure trips back as well. Not to mention the few days when Kyoya had to pay respects to her deceased grandfather and father.

Dino had learnt of Kyoya's family background from Miharu. Her mother had left home shortly after she was born, and her father, who did his best to raise his precious daughter, was murdered a few months before Kyoya's fourth birthday.

Despite growing up with knowing a mother's love, Kyoya had been the best mother any child could ever have. She may be strict in regards to discipline, but she allows freedom for her children to grow and develop at their own pace.

Seeing Kyoya and his beautiful children never failed to brighten up Dino's day. He always looked forward to spending time with his family after a hard day of work.

He had been delighted as he watched them grow up day by day. From the first time they had opened their eyes to the first time they started crawling to the first words they uttered, he and Kyoya had been there to witness those little things like the proud parents they were.

However, there is one thing that both Dino and Kyoya were very aware of: their children will never be able to escape the world of the mafia.

Since his birth, it was already decided that Dante will be brought up to be the next in line to inherit the position of Don Cavallone. As much as Dino wished for his children not to have any involvements with the mafia, it could only be a wishful thought and nothing else.

On the other hand, Dino wanted more children. However, he knew Kyoya was already having a hard time with the twins, so he didn't really dare to ask for her opinion. She might just bite him to death if he did.

Of course, that is only one man's opinion. She might want another one, but maybe not so soon.

"Papa!" A child's excited cry reached his ears as the door of the office swung open, followed by a blonde-haired toddler running into the room towards his direction.

"Don't run so fast, Dante; you'll fall again." Kyoya sighed as she entered, closing the door behind her. Dressed in her usual black kimono, she smiled to her husband as she carried her sleeping daughter in her arms.

"Papa! Papa! Up!" Dante held his arms up, signaling for his father to lift him up.

"All right," Dino smiled as he lifted his son up onto his lap. "How was your afternoon with mama? Where did you go?"

"We went ta' the gardens!"

"So what did you do?"

"We pwayed! An' I twipped an' fell."

" "Oh dear. Did you get hurt?"

"No! The snow was soft, an' Imma big boy, so I'm strong!"

"I see." Dino laughed.

A sudden yawn directed his attention to his daughter.

"Hello, Elisea. Did you sleep well?"

"Mornin' papa," The girl mumbled as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"Papa!" Dante tried to catch his father's attention before his sister did. "I'm hungwry! When's dinner?"


After dinner, Dino returned promptly to his work. The kids have their nightly Japanese lessons with Kyoya and he'd be done before they would usually be.

He peeked into the children's study, watching as his wife sat with their children, patiently teaching them her native tongue. He gazed lovingly at Kyoya, smiling as he watched her warm smile and gentle expression.

"Papa!" The children exclaimed at the same time, climbing out of their chairs and running towards their father. If it had been a race, the dark-haired girl would have clinched first place. Her older brother would be next in a close second-place.

"Papa! Hug?"

"Not fair Eli! Ya got one earlier!" The boy protested out of jealously.

"Because I asked, Dante." The girl replied smugly as she stuck out her tongue at her brother.

"Now now, no need to argue over me. Why don't I give both of you a hug at the same time?"

"Yay!" The two children cheered, giggling as their father scooped them up into his arms.

"You tuck them in," Kyoya told her husband as she walked past him. "I'm going to take a bath."


Tucking the children in was no easy feat, Dino had decided. Rather, it looked a whole lot simpler than it actually does when Kyoya does it. Maybe it's something that only a mother can do… though Dino bet that Kyoya's control over the kids had something to do with it.

Still, taking one hour to subdue a pair of noisy and absolutely hyper two-going-on-three year old toddlers was a little ridiculous.

Elisea had been the first one to fall asleep, but at the wrong place: she had fallen asleep on the floor right smack in the middle of the room. If Dino hadn't almost tripped over her while chasing Dante, he wouldn't have noticed at all.

Dante was an explosive ball of energy. Dino had tripped thrice throughout that hour and fell a lot more times when both Dante and Elisea had accidently bumped onto him and made his lose his sense of balance.

Eventually, the kids wore themselves out and decided to let their father accomplish his ultimate goal of tucking them into bed.

Rubbing the back of his neck absently as he shut the door of the room, he groaned in pain at the numerous bruises he had sustained from the falls. Walking down the hall toward the bedroom, he wondered if his wife would scold him for taking too long. However, he was somewhat relieved to find the bedroom empty.

It wasn't until after he had changed into his pajamas, settled down onto his side of the bed and was starting to get absorbed into a good novel when the bathroom door burst open.

"How was your bath?" Dino asked his wife as he shut his book, feeling the heat emitted from the bathroom.

"Good." She replied, crawling onto the mattress next to him. "Say, Dino…"

"Yes, Kyoya?" He smiled, turning off the lamp as he proceeded to cuddle his beloved wife. "What is it?"

"Would you be happy if… we had one more child?" She looked at him, her gaze pierced straight into his eyes.

"O-Of course I would but… why are you asking me now?"

Kyoya's reply was swift and simple.

"I'm pregnant."

Dino stared at his wife in disbelief. It was only after a few awkward seconds of silence that Dino was able to speak again.


"I'm pregnant… again." She repeated, as if to confirm his suspicions.

"I-Is that t-true, Kyoya?"

"You doubt me?" She narrowed her eyes, reaching up to pinch his cheek.

"No! I'm just in shock, that's all." Dino grinned, rubbing his cheek.

"Well, it's better than not telling you again, don't you think?" Kyoya retorted, raising an eyebrow.

"I agree; but I don't think you'd be able to hide it for long this time." Dino smiled, placing a quick peck on her cheek.

"Hmph," She pouted at her husband's gentle gesture, as if demanding for more.

"Yes, yes; I love you too," Dino laughed and leaned forward to capture his beloved's lips in a gentle kiss, as if reading her mind.

After a few… err, hot, steamy moments later, the happily married couple finally decided to rest for the night.

"I'm glad you told me, Kyoya." Dino murmured slid his arms around her waist as both of them lay on the bed, her back facing him.

"Yeah," She murmured in reply as the two fell into a deep sleep in the warmth of each other's embrace.


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