Love is enough, a poem by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Thank You or any of its characters.

I've dreamt of a life, away from here

Out of reality

But my dreams were always beset

By life's brutality.

I'm not rich, I'm poor

I'm nobody's wife, nobody's daughter;

But I know I can pull through

Because I've got a secret weapon you mightn't know about

I've got someone who makes me smile, makes it possible for me to do

All of these things, and more

And even when I feel like I could shout

I always remember, I am not alone

I am home.

In my own world, here

I am loved

And that is more dear

Than riches or anything else, on Earth or in Heaven above:

I am loved

That is enough

To make times that may be tough


So that I can see the way through as something tangible


So that life can be

Once more


For you and me

For us all.