Valerie's P.O.V.

"You what?" I asked, confused.

"I want to be with you." Peter replied.

A thousand thought where running through my mind. Did he mean it? Or was this just stupid, cruel joke of his? Oh well very funny! Who does he think he is? Who does he think I am, an idiot? Certainly not!

"Look Peter I don't have time for your games right now, so if you don't mind," I said trying to step through. He grabbed my arm.

"No! Valerie, please just listen to me. Just for a minute!" he pleaded.

I sighed," Alright fine."

"I don't want to lose you, Valerie. These past few weeks with you not talking to me have been the worst of my life. And I know that people don't want us to be together, but I don't care! I don't care if they're so repulsed and disgusted by the idea that we found happiness and they haven't. I don't care about anyone else but you."

I was speechless," Peter…"

"And I know I'm being selfish by trying to convince you to be with me when you can have someone better, but the thought of not being with you, it's just, I don't want to…"

Slowly and gently, I stood on my tip toe and kissed him.

"I know. I feel the same way."

Relief spread through his face. He took my hand and smiled.

"We'll find a way. We have too."