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Prophet's Legacy

I am a walking prophet. I travel, converting- killing- for my god. He gives me strenth. He gives me pleasure in pain. He gives me immortality. He gave me His legacy.


"Hey! Get up, you lousy piece of filth. We don't have time to deal with you today!" The was a swift, sharp pressure to my side, and pain blossomed. I could feel bones bending from the force of the kick, and I think I even heard one crack in a way that meant it was fractured, if not broken.

"Ha! You really think that'll break me? Come on. I fucking enjoy the pain! Come on, you bastards! Make me bleed! I wanna see the fucking floor stained crimson!" My words escaped my lips along with a laugh that I'm sure sounded psychotic. These people don't usually come across fucking masochists. Well, they'll just have to get fucking used to it with me, huh? The look of fear and confusion on their pitiful heathen faces made me laugh even more. Then I was kicked. Again.

"The hell is wrong with you, huh? You're a prisoner! We're going to kill you, and you're just laughing?" Oh, how their voices waver and shake... I wonder how much more fear I can give them before they almost die of it?

"You really think you can kill me? A priest of the great Jashin? Try me. You heathens won't do a single fucking thing! Jashin-sama will let me sacrifice all of you! Your blood, mixed with mine on this floor will make him stronger! There isn't a damn thing you can do to me!" My voice was getting higher, the desire to run my scythe through them, through me, almost unbearable. I got to my knees, raising myself up from the ground. My lord's symbol appeared on the ground beneath me as I lunged at one of the guards. I felt his blood on my hand as I tore through the flesh on his arm. Bringing my hand to my mouth, I tasted his life-blood, taking in the bitterness of copper. My scythe was suddenly in my grasp and I plunged the blade through my stomach, relishing in the feel of my own life-blood flowing from my wound and meeting the floor with a wonderfully sickening splat. I felt coils of pleasure starting to wrap themselves around me, ripping a gasp from my lungs. I pulled the blade out of me slowly, loving the feel of it as it slid through and past my bones and organs.

The guards' screams surrounded me, sending horribly fantastic chills running down my spine. After I was sure that my sacrifices were dead, I stood, heading for the barred door. They really think this could have held me? Those stupid heathen bastards...

"Hey. I hope you fucking know that it's fucking rude to be following someone around." I didn't even waste my time turning around. Whoever the hell this guy thinks he is, he's gotta be damnably retarded to follow after a blood covered escapee that's holding a very large, very sharp weapon.

"It isn't rude if I was ordered to do this. You're going to come with me. Pein-sama wishes to include you in our ranks. Now hurry the hell up and stop wasting my time." The man's gravelly voice reverberated in my sternum, adding a new feeling to my already existent high.

"No, I don't think I will. Who the hell do you think you fucking are, trying to get me to go anywhere with you? I don't fucking know you, and you obviously don't fucking know me, heathen!" Everything got quiet for a while, the only thing breaking the silence was the lovely dripping of blood off of my scythe.

The next thing I noticed was that I was being pulled backward by some sort of thread.

"Just what the fuck do you think you're doing, you bastard!" I tried to struggle against the bonds to get loose, but that only made the threads cut into my already torn flesh. I let out a gasp as I felt my skin being ripped apart yet again, agains my wishes. Damn it! Why does pain have to feel so good? Oh yeah, Jashin-sama made it that way. Note to self, thank him for that if I ever die.

"As I said, this is an order, not a negotiation. You have no say in it. Now, come on." The man started walking towards the door at the far end of the hallway, dragging me behind him by his weird threads.

"Look, bastard, I don't fucking want to go and join whatever fucking group you're in, so if you could fucking let me go already, I'd fucking appreciate it! You know what, ignore that! I hope Jashin-sama lets me sacrifice you're crazy ass! I'm gonna make you fucking bleed and then I'm gonna paint every damn wall of wherever the hell you're taking me with your blood! You got that, you filthy fucking heathen?" I was shouting so loud that my throat was actually getting sore.


"How the fuck do you knw my damn name!"

"That doesn't matter. Now, Hidan?"

"... the fuck do you want, heathen?"

"Shut the fuck up so I can take you to the base."

"Fuck no! I'll shout as much as I damn well please! You hear that! This ain't fucking over, bitch! There's no damn way in hell that you're getting me to stop talking!" I think I heard him chuckle at that. Not he happy kind, but one that said I was in a shitload of trouble.

"Oh really? Well, Hidan, I think you might just be wrong about that."

"What the fuck do you mean, I might be wrong! There's no fucking way that I'm wrong! I'm always right, bitch! Always! Go dig a damn hole in he ground somewhere and rot in it, you crazy mother- mmph!"

"See? I told you that you were wrong. Now, shut he fuck up. You're coming with me and that's final. Understood?" He started dragging me down the hall again, not even waiting for me to answer- not that I could, anyway. He was fucking choking me with some sort of gag.

Oh, when I get my hands on him I'm gonna fucking kill him. Jashin-sama, please allow this heathen to become a sacrifice sometime soon.

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