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Prophet's Legacy

Chapter Five

I felt his hands pressing down harder and harder, pushing my neck to it's limits, when all of the sudden the bastard has a kunai through my shoulder. Oh, how I love it when they fight back.

"Oh, Jashin, yes! More! Don't you fucking know that this feels great?" Kakuzu's red and green eyes widened at that, and I almost laughed at him. Almost, because he chose that moment to wrap a hand around my throat again and close his fist until I couldn't breathe. I seriously fucking think I'm in love.

"Really," defying everything, that hand got tighter around my throat. I think I heard something cracking. "This feels good to you? Then, what if I do this?" His hand let go, the kunai knife was taken out of my shoulder and thrown somewhere, and he just sat there.

"You fucking bitch. Did you have to ruin the best fuck of my entire life?" Yes, Kakuzu's the best fuck I've ever had. Let me put like this: gravelly voice, strong as hell, violent, clearly used to being dominant, and a bastard. Yes, Kakuzu is pretty much my dream guy- holy fuck, did I really just say 'dream guy'? Damn.

"Yes, I did. Now," his voice was the only thing in my head. I didn't notice how his hands had made their way back to my neck, or how they had a very firm grip. "I'm going to make this extremely fucking clear to you." He jerked his hands and I felt the rest of the bone keeping my head up break. Kakuzu got up off of me, put back on what clothes of his that I hadn't detroyed, and started to walk off.

"Hey! You fucking get back here! Fix my damn head, you bastard!" I couldn't see him. All I saw was blue from the sky. That bitch had literally ripped my damn head off! Ass.

"I might... but only if you understand one fucking thing, Hidan. There's no fucking way in hell that I'm ever being topped by some young brat ever again. Got it?" I know my mouth fell open at that. That bitch wants to top me? Well, I guess there are worse things out there, but...

"...Fine. Now put my head back on my body, damn it! And... what the fuck are you going to do about that? You're the fucking one that got me horny, so you have to get rid of it." Evil? Probably. But, then again... why else would I be asked to join an S-rank ciminal organization?

"I'll put your head back on, but take care of your own damn problems, idiot." Threads were re-attaching my head, and I was glaring Kakuzu's back.

"You fucking heathen bastard."

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